Pocket Knife: Is It a Weapon or Tool?

Presently, there are so many different types of pocket knives in the market. They look cool in appearance and are quite popular among people who like to carry them regularly. Now, there is a lot of argument regarding these knives.

The most common point of debate is that is a pocket knife is a weapon or not. It is very important to find the answer to this question. This is because it will help you buy the one that is suitable for your particular use.

Is a Pocket Knife a Weapon or a Tool?

Is a Pocket Knife a Weapon or a Tool

Considering the significance of this debate, we are here to share our viewpoint on this.  It will not be only about if it is a weapon or a tool.

Rather, we will share a thorough guideline about it. As you go through the content, you will get the answer to this question Is it a weapon or a tool?”

Pocket Knife-Definition and Meaning

A pocket knife, as the name suggests, is a knife that is made to carry in a pocket. Its design is such that it covers the needs of the user.

Overall, the size of a pocket knife is very small in comparison to the usual knives. It has a very small blade that folds into the handle structure.

It further reduces the size of the knife. It is not useful for cutting solid materials like words, but very handy for delicate items like vegetables, ropes, etc.

Types of Pocket Knives

Pockets knives are of different types, such as:

  • Everyday folding knives.
  • Army/military folding pocket knives.
  • Multi-tool pocket knives.
  • Fine/elegant pocket knives.
  • Stylish pocket knives.
  • Classic hunter pocket knives.
  • Traveler pocket knives.
  • Mini-pocket knives.
  • Wine-lover’s pocket knives.

There are so many more categories of this type of knife, but these are the most prominent among them. All of them have a different use in different situations.

The production of many new pocket knives is going on in today’s time with innovative designs, colors, uses, and structures.

Pocket Knife as A Weapon

Is a Pocket Knife a Weapon or a Tool

In a survey of the statistical Research Department in 2019, the participation of 2,652 respondents was made sure.

According to the results, almost 9 percent of males and 6 percent of females carry pocket knives as a weapon for self-defense. You can find further details about the survey here.

Well, this means that its use as a weapon is not very popular, but it’s there. Maybe because many new weapons are being made, and human beings are relying more on them right now. However, they are still in use to some extent.

There are two main uses of it as a weapon, for combat and self-defense. Let us learn that if these two uses justify that it is the pocket knife is a weapon or not.

For Combat

Unlike the special knives that work for combating, pocket knives have very small blades. The cut and stab with them would be very light if you try to use it for combat.

This is because they are made for cutting light materials only. Stabbing or thrusting is not something they are made to do.

For Self-Defence

In an emergency, when you feel yourself under attack, pocket knives always come to the rescue. However, keep in mind that it is only for an emergency when you use it to deal with the attacker for some time.

It can give your self-defense services in some cases, but we cannot declare their weapons on his basis.

Pocket Knife as A Tool

From the information given in the above section, we are sure that a pocket knife is not a weapon. So, what is it? Well, it is a simple tool. Here are the reasons why we say with conviction:

Utility Tool

A pocket knife is a utility tool. This means that you need to use it at home or in the office. For instance, you can keep it in your kitchen to peel the fruit and cutting of different vegetables. Other than this, you can make use of it in the garden as well.

You can simply cut the unnecessary branches of trees, and outgrown grass in your backyard. Overall, we come to know that it is no more than just a tool that helps you with regular chores at home or the office. Sometimes, it is also known as an EDC tool.

Camping Tool

You can do so much at a camping site if you have a pocket knife with you. For instance, you can cut meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Other than this, you can clear the space to create shelter for yourself by using this tool. It will help you remove branches and twigs to clear the space.

Also, if you hunt during camping, you can use it to remove the skin of animals and to remove the fish scales. So, all in all, it is a great tool for camping.

Emergency Tool

In emergencies like accidents, you can cut the seat belt to get out of the car quickly. Also, you can fend off the attacking animals at the camping site. In other situations, if someone attacks you, it can be a good option to deal with the situation until the police arrive.

You can also use it to open the bottle caps and break the glass where you need to. Also, use it to start the fire if you do not have match sticks. So, it is a great emergency tool that can help you a lot.


We are sure that you get the answer to the most commonly debated question is a pocket knife a weapon or a tool? From all the discussion above, we conclude that a pocket knife is more of a tool than a weapon.

As the purpose of manufacturing is not to stab someone, rather it is made for everyday use for cutting. So, we cannot declare it as a weapon for its occasional use for combat and self-defense.

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