How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

We should understand that the use of the knife as a weapon other than self-defense is essentially a terrorist attack cycle. However, while living in a harsh world where we can come across violent attackers, self-defense is crucial.

Also, not everyone can own a gun because it is illegal, so a knife of pocket-size can be of great use for can save your life in such situations. You can avoid the attacker if you have the right knife, and you know how to use a knife for self defense correctly.

Knives for Self Defense

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

Unlike other weapons like a gun, carrying a knife is very easy. Also, its use simply allows you to defend yourself until you get help from people or the police.

It does not give deadly injuries to attackers, so it is an amazing option. At least you save yourself, and the attacker gets caught or runs away when the fight finishes.

Here we will learn how we should choose a knife, and how to use a knife for self-defense.

Tips to Choose Best Knife for Self Defence

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

It is not easy to choose a knife that is going to be used as a weapon. There are so many types, styles, and sizes available in the market right now.

But here are the main things that you have to consider before buying a knife for self-defense. You will be able to buy the best one, for sure.

  • The sharpness of the knife blade.
  • Length of the blade, and grip.
  • Curves of the blade.

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

It is not easy how to use a knife for self-defense. But here we will share a few points that will make it simple use simple for you. You will learn skills about how to target the attacker, and how to combat the damage.

Learn Human Anatomy

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

The first and most important skill to learn in knife fighting for self-defense is the human body. The use of gum is very simple in comparison to fighting knives. This is because they target the center and then shoot quickly.

However, in knife fighting, there is nothing like this. You have to spot a vital organ of a stabber or attacker, and hit hard enough to give an injury. For this purpose, you have to get closer to the attacker, which is a great threat to your life.

For instance, a person gets stabs in the back more than 20 times. However, you can expect that person to survive and recover. This is because all the attacks were in the flesh, and not a single one damaged any vital organ.

So, if you want to use a knife for self-defense, first learn human anatomy. It will help you attack better and defend yourself better as well. The location of arteries must be very clear to you.

You can use this information to attack at the right place and save yourself from the attack of the opponent at sensitive areas of your body.

Right Grip

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

Learn to grab the knife correctly because it will improve your self-defense. The better grip you have on the knife, the greater will be your ability to fight.

If your grip is right, then you can make better use of the knife, and reach further with it. Also, it will allow you to act quickly to the attacker.

If the blade is in an upward direction, then the forward grip is great. However, if it is in a downward direction, then handle it with a reverse grip. The reverse grip is stronger as you can stab the attacker with greater strength with this position.

In this situation, you have to be careful about one more this. As you go closer to the attackers, the fight becomes more and more dangerous.

So, any situation can arise during this time. We recommend you to learn both grips so that you can fight well for the safety of your life.

Practice Disengage

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

Another skill that would be of great help to you in such a situation is how you end the fight. Try to end it as soon as possible because you have to save yourself at any cost. Also, if the attacker is backing away, then you should respond positively as well.

If you do the opposite, then you will be the aggressor in the fight, not them. In this situation, your attack will not come under self-defense. Therefore, you have to stop the attack as soon as the threat from the opponent is over.

Experts recommend that every person who carries a knife for self-defense should first take professional training. Knife fighting instructions from experts will help you a lot in ending the fight at the right time.

Other than martial art centers that offer knife fighting training sessions, you can look up to military classes as well. Both of them have a lot of experience, so they give expert training classes.

Stop Bleeding

Finally, after the fight is over, you have to learn how to stop bleeding from wounds. Surely, you do not end the fight without getting any stab. So, you must know how to stop bleeding. It will keep you alive and in your senses for a longer time.

Until professional medical care is available, you will survive without losing consciousness and blood from your body.


You should know how to use a knife for self-defense because you cannot use it carelessly. If you know this in dept, you will prepare very well for self-defense.

Also, you will be able to buy the best quality knife for yourself. Thus, you will be able to use it to save your life. We are sure that the above information is good enough for you to get this benefit.

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