About Meat Grinder Knife – Everything You Need to Know

Having your own meat grinder knife is convenient because you do not have to chop meat yourself or slice each piece little by little so you can mix it with other ingredients you have to cook.

It is tiring to slice each meat and make it into a smaller portion. Think about two kilos of meat and having to slice it or dice it into small pieces with a knife that is dull and blunt.

It will take you some time to finish the task. We are lucky we have the meat grinder nowadays; it is so easy to use and can grind meats in minutes.

The slicing and dicing that usually take you an hour or two, we can now do it in seconds. The meat grinder has a knife that is sharp and it can grind many kilos of meat in minutes.

What are The Advantages of a Sharp Meat Grinder Knife?

The Advantages of a Sharp Meat Grinder Knife

Better for grinding meat: Having a sharp grinder knife can make grinding faster. The meat is ready in just a few minutes. It is more convenient when you are preparing meals and would like to have your meat grounded yourself instead of buying a ready set of ground meat in the market.

In reality, we do not know what they include in that ground meat – is it pure meat, or other ingredients are mixed with the supposed ground meat?

It is best for flavor: You know that you are grinding pure meat and we include nothing in there. Whatever you cook will have its full flavor and a real meat taste.

There is a better texture: Sometimes meat that is bought in the market does not have the texture you are looking for, sometimes the meat is soggy as if they ground it more than it should. By having a meat grinder at home, you can choose the texture of the meat that you like.

Top 5 Tips with Grinder Knife

Top Top 5 Tips with Grinder Knife

Keep it sharp: If you leave the blades of your meat grinder unmaintained, eventually it will dull out, and with repeated use can no longer grind meat. You need it sharpened. There are sharpeners available in the market. By sharpening the blade, it puts less strain on the motor of the grinder. Also, with a sharp grinder knife, its performance improves.

Buy a replacement blade: You can also buy a replacement if there is already a need for it and if the meat is no longer grinding as intended. Once the knife dulls out, grinding becomes a strenuous task and can even put a strain on your arms if you are using a manual grinder. With an electric meat grinder, if the knife dulls out, the grinding of meat isn’t as efficient.

Do not scrub your grinder knife with anything abrasive: When cleaning your grinder knife, use nothing too rough to scrub and clean it. This can also dull the knife. What you can do is to clean the grinder knife with lukewarm water, and some soap, and clean it using a foam or a small cloth. Keep it dry before storage.

Do not keep it soaked for too long: It is not advisable to soak the knife for too long if you want to clean it and remove meat that is left in the blade, you can get a toothbrush or any stiff plastic bristle brush to scrub off the left meat portions.

Again, do not use any abrasion on your grinder knife.

Take care of your plate: It is not just the blade that does all the jobs with grinding meat, the plate also plays an enormous part in meat grinding. The plate is the one with holes in it which is made of a flat piece of metal. The last grind depends on the size of the plate hole.

What Types of Grinder knives are Available in The Market?

About Meat Grinder Knife

Some manufactures have developed unique types of meat grinder knives. Some samples are the following.

  • Shear cut knives
  • Everlasting Knives
  • Triumph Knives
  • Weiler Style Knives
  • Wolfking Style Knives
  • Multicut Knives
  • Autio Knives
  • Solid Drop-Forged Knives
  • Unger & European Style Knives

What are the types of Meat Grinders?

About Meat Grinder Knife

  • Electric Meat Grinder
  • Manual Meat Grinder
  • Commercial Meat Grinders

Electric Meat Grinder


Clean and safe: Because of the ease of use, the grinding of the meat will take a few seconds and there is less meat exposure.

Ease of use: Since you only need to plug and pour the meat inside the grinder, it will not take too much effort to use this grinder.

High-power: You can grind meat faster and in high quantities.


Expensive: Since this is an electric model, you may need to shell out more compared to the manual grinders.

Heavy: The electric grinder tends to be heavy and you also need an electric outlet so you can operate it.

Manual Meat Grinders


Saves you on the electricity bill: Since there is no use of electricity, you will not spend more on electricity bills.

Affordability: Since this operates manually, the cost is not too expensive and will not hurt your budget.


It may take you longer to grind meat: Since everything operates manually, the grinding process will usually take you some time.

It can be strenuous: It can be tiresome for anyone to grind meat manually, sometimes the knife is dull which adds to the grinding difficulty. You are only using your arms to grind portions of meat and can be tiring after a long time.

Commercial Meat Grinders


We can use it for an enormous quantity of meat: We use this type in supermarkets, or groceries to grind batch per batch of a big quantity of meat. Fast to grind in just a few minutes. There are also different sizes of blades and plates available.

Almost always using electricity: This grinder uses electricity most of the time because of the need for fast meat grinding.


Need to have different blade sizes to maximize its powerful capabilities.


We are really at an age where everything is fast and quick. It is no longer the norm to do simple tasks manually because of the new technology that we have today.

We are indeed lucky to be enjoying these tools, gadgets, machinery, and advancements, as they really make our lives easier.

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