The Best Folding Knife Under 500

Talk about the best outdoor knife you can’t neglect the best folding knife under 500. Not only using these knives is easier but also work magnificently for hunting, cutting, and as a survival kit. Folding pocket knife or folding knife whatever you call it, but actually, people know it mostly as a pocket knife. The folding knife means those knives that have open measure & close measure and have a foldable design.

For example, you have a knife; while its blade is open, its sizes are 7-10 inches. When you fold the knife, I mean you put the blade in the handle; that is called a folding knife.

These knives have lots of specific specs such as tactical pocket knives, locking folding knives, survival pocket knives, and more. Above all, I think I was able to tell you about what is the best folding knife. In fact, after considering it, I arranged some folding knives as the perfect folding knives under 500. This whole knife review will deliver you authentic information and tell you specifically which knife will be perfect for you.

All over the world, there are myriad types of knives. Do you know how people put them in various specific categories? First of all, some people divide them for their shape and structure.

Secondly, some people divide them for their brands and features. But some people divide the folding knives by their prices. Indeed, this article is for every categorized person, because I’m going to detail about best folding knife under 500 features, brands, shapes, structures, and prices. Advantages & Disadvantages will be added below in every product so you can understand which one is more beneficial.

The Best Folding Knife Under 500

Our Top Pick
1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: 0.94 x 4.41 x 1.38 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: Taylor Brands LLC
  • Item Model Number: SWA24S
  • Country of Origin: ‎China

The brand “Smith & Wesson” is one of the most renowned & well-known folding pocket knife brands. If you ever take a demo of their knife blades, I think you know why they are so famous for their folding knife.

The first reason they become very successful is that they know how to treat a customer and their extreme-level blades & design. This Smith and Wesson extreme ops folding knife’s durability and tiny structure are quite favorable for storing, transporting, or various purposes.

Initially, I did a lot of hard work for specifying its features and components. Hopefully, you will find it beneficial.

The measurement is quite outstanding what it has, the overall dimension is about 7.1 inches (18cm). The actual blade length is 3.9 inches (7.9cm). It means you can cut any small fruits, vegetables, and meat comfortably.

For increasing your performance and comfier knife running, it comes with a pretty lightweight body. Its overall weight is about 3.5 ounces. Concerning durability, it has been passed every single step.

Behind the reason for its durability is a reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel figure. The whole body is made of authentic steel, carbon, and aluminum.

In fact, its handle is made of black color aluminum so it can be more enduring. Its handle works as a protective part. This folding knife handle is quite suitable for keeping the blade perfectly.

With only one finger flipper you can open it and because of ambidextrous thumb knobs, you can fold it smoothly. Extreme ops folding knives will not slip while using or folding. That means manufacturers assure safety protection while using or keeping it in your pocket.

  • Convenient to use and maintain
  • Easy fit in the pocket and transport
  • It has a perfect close and open measurement
  • Price is so affordable
  • The blade size is quite tiny.
Budget Friendly
2. Kershaw Clash Folding Pocket Knife

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎4.21 x 3.11 x 7.36 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎122 Grams
  • The Manufacturer: Kershaw Sporting Goods
  • Material: ‎Steel

Another folding pocket knife; which comes with an incredible shape & admirable performance. Overall, its features, looks, versatility, verities, and performance are very opportune to purchase and use. The majority of people use this knife for camping, outdoor lunch & dinner, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

Its features admire me a lot it will blow your mind too.

High-performance steel, attractive blade finish, secure locking system, fast deployment, one-handed flipper, convenient pocket clip, and durable handle are its organic features. I think it’s very complicated to find such a featured table knife like this.

3 types of color codes are available to choose those are 1605, 1605CKTST, and 1605ST. Kershaw Clash is a very trustworthy knife brand and their price are quite affordable for every kind of person. This multi-functional blade is 3.1 inches long and suitable for cutting short objects.

3Cr13MoV steel blade is added to this worthy folding knife. Its handle is made of bead-blasted glass-filled synthetic polymer for ensuring easy fitting, non-slip handle, and stable handle. Alternatively, you can call this knife a Liner Lock knife too.

For hardness and resilience, this knife blade contains a number of carbons. Indeed, for the blade’s unparalleled ability, you can apply heat. This admirable-quality chip-resistant folding knife blade can cut cardboard, roots, hides, hoses, vegetables, kindling, and vines easily.

Because the lower blade eliminates pitch momentum, it becomes a tactical hunting, camping, and survival knife to use. Also, it’s its controllability is quite efficient when slicing or cutting any objects or foods. For decreasing prevent fold back and wiggle its liner lock works very conveniently and faultlessly.

Overall, its safety-ensuring system is magnificently amazing and you won’t find an impeccable one like it. Whether you can consider it or not; it doesn’t matter. But I can assure you about its quality and performance.

  • This knife stands for liner lock pocket knife
  • It ensures the safety and quality of full performance.
  • Multiple colors are available to choose
  • Best knife for survival and camping intentions
  • In truth, I didn’t find any cons about it.
Editor Choice
3. Kershaw Link Pocket Knives

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎‎4.8 Ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎‎Kershaw
  • Material: Steel & Aluminum

Are you looking for a multiple-colorful, elegant pocket knife? Then you should consider the Kershaw link pocket folding knives. With multiple variations, its features and specifications are quite superior to other ordinary pocket knives.

Its shape and measurement are very suitable for storing, taking out, transporting, or even fitting in your shirt pocket. The majority of people use this pocket knife for camping, hiking, outdoor meal party, and hunting.

Also, it is one of the highly spectacular survival kits, which were recommended by world survival experts. Let’s turn to what kinds of features it has and how it works.

A total of 7 colors are available to choose from including black, deep gray, gray, silver, blue, aluminum colors, and more. It has a retractable steel blade, which is combined with carbon and chromium.

Carbon and chromium are adjusted in it so it can ensure its strength and corrosion resistance. Because of the Black Wash finish, if it gets any scratches or printing issues, it will not show up. The reason for its incredible looks and sturdy finishes, it became one of the most collectible folding knives entire the world.

Worrying about its safety? Don’t panic because it comes with a reversible pocket clip, liner lock, speed safe, and built-in flipper. These convenient master-class features will not let your knife do a horrible accident. In fact, the liner lock is so persistent that it can hold the knife perfectly in the handle.

The total close length is about 4.4-inches long and the open length is about 7.5-inches long. It is the perfect gear and accessories for scouting, hunting, and fishing particularly. Additionally, you can move the whole knife at a 360-degree angle. Its blades are so sharp that you can cut fish, steak, and any think tree with it.

  • Pretty smooth to use and maintain
  • The liner lock and built-in flipper brings the safety
  • Amazing and flawless measure for store
  • Multiple colors are available to choose
  • The blade size is a little bit shorter
Best Overall
4. Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.92 x 1.34 x 1.22 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎0.13 Kilograms
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Kershaw Sporting Goods

When it comes to finding the most exceptional and trendiest pocket knife, I think the Kershaw Cyro pocket knife will be the most popular one. Talk about its style is pretty supreme and praiseworthy. Its special looks are so unique and demandable.

Professional knife makers suggested this pocket knife because it’s hard to find any pocket knife without these eye-catching and durable structures.

The actual features include attractive blade coating, high-performance steel, fast deployment, secure locking systems, and more. Additional features you will get such as one-handed flipper, a durable handle, and an opportune pocket clip.

It is made of Chinese authentic steel, which is known as 8Cr13MoV steel. For hardness and retention, you won’t find a faultless one like this steel. It also ensures the edge and wear resistance.

Overall, this high-performance steel makes it affordable and budget-friendly. To make it attractive, Kershaw manufacturers use the titanium Carbo Nitride blade coating.

This coating finish is so thin and you won’t feel the coat when you touch it. Its blade is a little bit smaller than others, about a 2.75-inch steel blade, but it’s very sharp. You can use it for hunting, fishing, and a survival kit.

To increase your safety, it has a secure lock system that won’t let your blade open accidentally. It’s a frame lock that is tightly adjusted from blade to handle. Rust resistance and corrosion resistance handles are very supportive to hold it for a long time.

Indeed, its design and shape will adjust with your hand comfortably. Particularly, you can open it with one hand because it has a one-handed flipper system. One convenient pocket clip is added in the middle of the handle so you can adjust the knife tightly with your pocket.

Above all, it’s a very special and interesting-featured folding knife. Hopefully, this incredible folding and holding of the best pocket knife will be a worthy one for you.

  • It is a priceworthy and praises knife
  • One hand flipper enables
  • Rust resistance and corrosion resistance
  • A pocket clip is for adjusting the knife with a pocket
  • Its structure and shape is quite smaller
Best Lightweight
5. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions:‎ 7.87 x 7.87 x 11.81 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎7.1 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Snap-On Industrial Brand BAHCO
  • Material: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Warranty Description: ‎Limited Warranty: Snap-on Industrial Brands warrants that BAHCO products shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the usable life of the product.

Numerous people feel comfortable choosing a multipurpose knife set under 500 or the best single knife. The specific reason is they can use that knife for various intentions and whenever they need it. Besides Kershaw, Bahco is one of the renowned and well-known brands and manufacturers of tiny knives (Folding knives).

Their materials’ strongest and unique design is the only particular reason they got a huge worthy impression from all over the market, especially online markets. Laplander folding saw knife set provides quite significant cutting performance and is best as a survival kit.

Basically, in this set, you will get two items one is a knife, and another one is a folding saw. The knife will work for cutting foods, and meats. On the other hand, the folding saw will work for cutting wood or hard objects. 396-LAP general-purpose folding saw accurate blade length is 8 inches, and it has 7 teeth per inch.

This means you can cut any hard object more gently and effortlessly. 2444 multi-purpose knife comes with a holster for better performance. This saw is also generated with a safety lock, and you can lock it when it opens or is folded.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t a liner lock or frame lock system. Therefore, you have to lock it with a rope which is adjusted with its handle hole below.

Now the knife’s whole length includes the blade, and the handle is about 9 inches. To ensure versatile safeties, it has two locking systems. One is its handle, and another one is a durable cover.

This cover is so strong that it’s hard for the blade to pierce from the cover. Consequently, you can say it is a two-in-one knife set that could be budget-friendly for you.

  • The two-in-one knife set it is
  • Budget-friendly and affordable to buy
  • Both come with large blades
  • Best for survival
  • Saw’s folding security isn’t very reliable
Best Design
6. Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎5.67 x 1.89 x 0.83 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎0.18 Kilograms
  • The Manufacturer: Cold Steel
  • Handle Material: ‎Fiberglass

If you are looking for an expensive but reliable folding knife, then have a look at the cold steel tactical folding knife. With some interesting features and sturdy materials, it is one of the most highly anticipated folding knives you would ever see.

A total of 6 types of colors are applied in a single knife and every color finish is very vivid. You will get dissimilar colors at the various points, including clips, spear, micro, tanto, and edge.

From military to law enforcement personnel and fire rescue crews to civilians, everybody is eligible to use this best folding knife for under $500.

CPM-S35VN steel is the major and primary material of this knife. This steel is tougher, stronger, and highly corrosion-resistant. The majority of people use this steel for their custom knives.

Persistence and an authentic G-10 handle bring lots of comfort to the knife handle. In fact, it’s a closing system and safety technology is pretty grateful. Strength, shock resistance, and its handle; overall these 3 features won’t let down your money.

Regarding the measurement and weight; its weight is about 5.3 ounces. The blade length is 4 inches and its handle length is 5.3 inches. Consequently, the whole knife measurement is about 9.3-inches approximately.

  • Good-looking and eye-catchy, designable knife
  • It ensures safety and security
  • Perfect measure for holding perfectly
  • It is shock and corrosion resistance
  • A bit costly to buy

What Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Knife Under 500

You can’t buy a perfect substance, instrument, or object without knowing about it. Information always does matter when it comes to buying any items. You can’t disobey the rules while choosing an item.

In other words, you have to consider some points before buying any kind of knife. You must consider the features and components before buying the best knife under 500 (Buying guide).

Blade material

Mostly, a folding knife is made of durable stainless steel material. Stainless steel ensures lots of general safety, durability, and sharpness. But you can choose other steel such as Chinese authentic steel, or German steel. Because of this steel is also reliable and works very significantly.


If you think a pocket knife doesn’t need to be sharper than other knives, then you’re wrong. Normally, pocket knives are used for survival, camping, and hunting purposes; and you can’t do these things without a sharper knife. That’s why try to make a simple demo of sharpness before you choose any folding pocket knife.

Lock secure

Folding knife abilities and disabilities depend on how to secure its lock system. Without lock security, it brings lots of accident chances, and sometimes it could create horrible trouble.

So, before you choose any folding knife, make sure it has a proper lock-securing system. Indeed, you can search for liner lock or frame lock types of knives, because these knife’s safeties are pretty admirable.


Like other individual knives, folding knife handles also do not matter. Handle brings the comforts and its shape depends on how it will work.

When its handle doesn’t adjust in your hand completely, you can’t cut anything smoothly. That’s why you have to search for a non-slip handle that enables knife or rubber handles.


Honestly, you know pocket knife demission is a little bit smaller than other knives. But you have to understand which knives could provide you with a perfect blade measurement and perfect handle size.

Before you purchase any pocket knife, make sure its blade size is between 3.5 4.5 inches. And handle size has to be 4-5 inches long.


Every time I am concerned about how can I find an affordable folding knife. Sometimes I purchase an unworthy knife because of a lower budget. You shouldn’t choose cheap objects every time because sometimes it causes you a lot.

But if your budget is under $100 then definitely these 6 effective folding knife articles are for you.


Stronger, persistent, or durable whatever you call it, but if your knife can’t able to deliver your heavy performance, then it will be money-wasting. For the most durable knife, you can select Cold Steel-Tactical Folding Knife and Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife. These two are pretty reliable to use for several intentions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why you should need a folding knife?

There are countless types of knives and a folding knife is one of them. A folding knife has lots of beneficial points and everybody must have one knife. You might question, why you should use a folding knife. In truth, it delivers convenient features like easy transport, sharpness, and pocket suitability.

Can you hunt large animals with a folding knife?

In truth, you can’t use a folding knife for hunting large animals. Ordinarily, a folding knife was invented for the military, so they could use it as their survival kit.

They use this folding knife for camping, eating, and other specific short intentions. But if you attach it to a large and heavy stick, then you can use it as a weapon for hunting large animals.

Does the military use a folding knife?

Of course, the military uses a folding knife. Every military must have a folding knife, and it’s a very straight rule for them. They use this for cutting rope, wood, food, and more.

Final Verdicts

So, I’m in the last section of this best folding knife under 500. I tried to clarify which are the most worthy and exceptional folding knives nowadays. Also, a proper buying guide and some essential faqs, hopefully, you will find this article beneficial.