How to Sharpen a Knife with Another Knife?

A knife is an essential cutting tool for a basic household, and so on. As a knife user, you might be concerned that knowing how to sharpen a knife with another knife is a common issue.

We use knives for a lot of individual purposes, like in survival tasks and many more. Therefore, every kitchen contains a knife for cutting or chopping foodstuff and things.

The only intent of a knife is to cut down something difficult with bare hands or other equipment. It is precisely essential for a knife to be as sharp as a spike.

Nonetheless, a dull knife is pretty much useless to utilize for anything at all. So, how would you overcome this general issue about a dull knife in the most convenient way? That is to use another knife and sharpen it in the fastest and simplest way of all.

How to Sharpen a Knife with Another Knife?-  Easiest Basic Method with Steps

How to Sharpen a Knife with Another Knife?

Knives are the handiest tool or weapon for finishing all types of slicing, cutting, or stabbing. But if it is not completely sharp, then you cannot do any of the required tasks properly. Also, it will waste your time and energy while you are trying to cut something in vain.

However, it is quite common to have more than one knife in your workspace or in the kitchen. So we will help you learn about how you can sharpen a knife with another knife.

Therefore, you do not need to get out to buy another pair of the knife, since you already have some knives in the kitchen drawer. Hence, let us get ahead and start to sharpen the knives on another knife.

Things We Need to Sharpen a Knife in Another Knife – Necessary Materials

Although you already have knives near you, there is some equipment you’ll require sharpening your dull knife perfectly.

In this regard, before you start off get on the procedure and sharpen the knife. First, look below and get the things that are needed and are essential. Well, you do not need to worry that much as the equipment is probably in your home.

  • An Extra Knife Made Of Hard Steel–Heavy-Duty Tough Knife.
  • A Table To Secure And Place The Knives To Perform The Process–Table With Sharp Edges.
  • The Clamp To Lock The Position of the Other Extra Knife–Wooden Clamp.

So, now that you are really ready, you can go ahead to follow through the steps and sharpen your knife.

Step-by-Step Method to Sharpen a Knife with Another Knife – Simple Guidance

How to Sharpen a Knife with Another Knife?

At this moment, you are just one way away from getting your dull knife properly sharpened. We are providing you with a flexible, fluent, yet more efficient method.

However, you must need to be careful, and cautious enough, as you will deal with the knives. Then, keep this thought in your mind, and let’s get through the steps.

  • First, take another extra knife and check up on it, whether it is made of hard steel or not.
  • If another knife is heavy-duty and tough. Then go ahead to start the next step. If the knife is not hard enough, you need to acquire the better one.
  • Now, go to the table and put the knives and the clamp on it. Take another knife and attach it to the clamp precisely.
  • After that, set up the wooden clamp on the side edge of the table tightly. You can push and pull the clamp off the table to check if the setup is firm or not.
  • On the other hand, if you find it difficult to assemble the clamp attached with a knife on the table. Then you can first set up the wooden clamp on the table’s edge. After that, attach another knife to it.
  • You need to make sure another knife that is attached to the clamp is in the upright position. Also, be sure that the sharp edge of the knife is in the top direction.
  • Now take your dull knife, and hold it like you are going to flat some nuts by pressing with it. In simple words, hold the knife at the 0 or 180-degree flat angle.
  • Afterward, slowly rub the dull knife’s one-side edge on the top of the clamped knife. Now keep rubbing it in the roundabout way.
  • Then repeat the same spine and rubbing method on the knife’s other dull side. This will straighten and perceive the dull edges thoroughly.
  • Lastly, when you think that the edges are quite sharper than before, you can stop this.

Well, you may see in the shows that chefs always polish their knives by rubbing each other in passion. So, you also pretty much know how to sharpen your knife with another knife.


Can I Sharpen a Knife With The Household Items?

There are plenty of household items and equipment that you can utilize to sharpen a knife. However, the materials must be tougher than the knife itself to polish the dull part of the knife.

Will Sharpening The Knife Will Decay It?

To be precise, sharpening a full knife means you are getting rid of a portion of steel from its edge. Then the polished edge will become sharp and make it useful, so yes it decays the knife.

Is It Okay to Sharpen a Knife with a Rock?

In the past, many knife users sharpened the knife using a rock. The method of polishing the knife using a piece of rock is not very complicated as well.

Why Does My Meat Cutting Knife Become Dull?

When we use a knife for a long time, the sharp edges gradually turn round. That way, the sharp knife turns out dull for overtime usage.

Final Verdict

There are quite a lot of ways to sharpen a knife with another knife. But most of the process requires long-term labor, and sometimes it only worsens the dullness.

Therefore, we looked up here are there and tried all the successful ways to sharpen a knife. Then we figured out the best way to sharpen a knife with another knife.

So, we can acknowledge you to avail your exact and fluent way to sharpen knives.

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