Gun Vs Knife – What Is The Difference, And Which One Is Better?

We all want to use the less dangerous weapon for self-defense. It is much easier to carry and handle a knife in comparison to a gun.

Other factors like the location and situation also help folks realize their ability to use either of them. Either you win or lose depending on your skills and expertise in using the self-defense weapon that you own.

The gun Vs knife comparison, and learning about the main differences, can greatly help with the final purchase of either of them.

Gun Vs Knife: 

Gun Vs Knife

To be properly skillful in self-defense, we should learn about relevant weapons other than just the skills. For instance, you know the gun and knife differences, and how one of them is better than the other.

This knowledge will help you buy the right one according to your needs. Also, you will be able to make better use of the weapon as you know its functions, working, etc.

Here we will compare knives and guns, and conclude which one is better for which type of people and under what circumstances. In the end, you will be able to conclude their differences, and which one is better than them.

21 Foot Rule

can a knife beat a gun

According to the 21-foot rule, the opponent takes time to use a gun when the distance is 21 feet or fewer. When the person with the knife is closing in, it puts intense pressure on the one having a gun.

In the Minnesota University research study, the 21-foot rule was taken into consideration. According to them, when an attacker twirling the knife moves forward, it can still create huge pressure on the opponent. Even if the distance between them is more than 21 feet.

Many Law Enforcement bodies in the United States of America advocate the use of edge weapons like a knife.

Tactical Deployment

Many people are of the viewpoint that the tactical deployment of a gun is easier and quicker than a knife. Well, it is nothing but a myth that we need to break. A gun can be effective only if the target is right in front of it. Also, it needs to set the position before firing.

However, in the case of a knife, you can never miss the target. There are different ways to deploy it correctly for attacking the opponent, and it is not possible in the case of the gun.

Exact Target

gun vs knife self defense

In animated and movie scenes, we usually see that the opponent gets under the attack of a gun fir easily. However, in real life, this is not quite possible with a gun.

When someone is moving close to you at a very fast rate, then your senses make you do two actions. Your hands will first try to fend that attacker off while the other one will reach out to the pocket.

It is not possible to take out a gun as quickly as possible because you are under intense pressure. Let us suppose that you get the chance to take out the gun and fire with it.

Even then there is no guarantee that you could target well. As a result, you will be defenseless as the attacker is now at your head.

In the case of a knife, you can target easily from a distance. Also, by running toward the opponent, you put great pressure on the other person. So again, the knife is a better weapon option than a gun because of target accuracy.

No Ammunition

You do not need ammunition in the case of a knife. There is no problem with running out of bullets and reloading them with something that makes it work.

However, in the case of a gun, you never know how many bullets you are left with, and what you will do after all of them are fired.

Therefore, a knife is better in this situation as well. It does not need any such formality to work. This is a great gun & knife difference that explains to you the level of its utility.

Easy of Learning

Almost every one of us knows how to use a knife because we use it regularly for slicing and cutting things. It is very easy to learn even if you do not already know its use. When we buy a gun, we have to put so much effort into learning the skill of firing.

However, learning the knife fighting skill costs less, and tactics are way easier than the gun. You will take less time and effort to master knife fighting, so it’s always better to get your hands on this weapon.

No Warning, Just Action

In the case of a knife, no sound can warn the receiver. You have to do the action of throwing it on someone who threatens you.

It will do the rest as it digs into their body. It is great in situations when you have less time to think about the situation and need to take action.

However, in the case of a gun, the sound of loading can alert the opponent and you can miss the target.

So, you can better buy and learn the knife fighting skill rather than losing time, money, and effort on the gun. They are better for use on the battlefield only.


It is important to use the weapon according to the situation. Maybe you try to use the gun in a knife fight and harm yourself rather than defending yourself.

So, it’s better to know the gun Vs knife differences to choose the right use at the right time. From the above information, we can conclude that a knife is a better weapon than a gun in terms of handling and use.

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