Is a Folding Knife with a Blade Longer Than a Handle

To understand the concept of folding a knife with a blade longer than a handle, we discuss it in detail, as we know that folding knives are the knives that connect the blade to the handle with the help of a pivot.

It has a folded blade that can easily be folded when we want to open or close the knife. There was a safety lock in the folding knife which prevent us from any injury while closing the blade. It handles the movements of the blades.

How does Blade Work Longer?

A folding knife is a pocket knife, and it is easy to fold the blade while using it. If we want to make the blade more assertive, then it is adjusted according to the handle of the knife. A lot of adjustment is needed in the construction of folded knives.

You can create balance in folding knives so that it is easy to open and make them tight enough so that it is quickly closed.

Tightness is necessary so that when we close the edges of the knife, it is tightly closed with no difficulty.

Folding Knife with a Blade Longer Than a Handle Is Right or Not?

Folding Knife with a Blade

According to the knife maker, it is not acceptable to use longer blades in folded knives. I didn’t see any knife with longer blades than the knives.

Because a proper balance is required between the handle and the blades, the blades should be sharpened, but not too long.

There are also short and adjustable blades in the market. Short blades and fixed blades are too necessary. Fixed blades are easy to fix in the knife.

How locking helpful in using a folding knife?

Many locking mechanisms are helpful during the folding blade of the knife. Some mechanisms are the following:

The slip joint is also a lock that is present in many pocket knives. It allows the blade to fold when some stress is applied.

A liner lock is also a lock that is present in many knives. It is a side spring lock. The frame lock is also the best lock that easily folds the blades of the knives.

The button lock is present in mainly automatic knives. It has a small button for easy opening and closing of the knife. An Axis lock is also a more efficient lock that is present in most folded knives.

By its name you can understand it can easily fold the blades of the knives. Here are the following points:

Lock back in folding knives: In lock back there is a pin that is present at the top of the blade and prevents it to rotate clockwise. A hook that is present on the tangs of the blades engages with another hook that prevents the blade from rotating clockwise.

Balance of the knives: As we know, the balance of the knife is very important. It can be maintained if we add light-weighted blades to the knife. If the blades are too heavy and knives cannot carry their weights easily, then the balance of the knife is not adjustable.

If we apply large blades to the knives that are larger than their handle, it would not be safe for the folded knife. That’s why the balance between the blade and handle is disturbed, and you cannot use it well. Fixed blades are used that are easily set in the knife, and you can easily handle the knife.

Sheaths: Folded knives work longer because of their sizes, and folded knives do not require sheaths. While other non-folded knives are too large and need a sheath. Non-folded knives are not pocketable. Due to their large size, non-folded knives cannot be easy to carry. So that folded knives are easy to use and easy to carry in any way.

Fixed blades: We know that knives’ efficiency depends on the blades. If blades are not sharpened and not working well, then the knives’ performance is also damaged. If the blade size and length are too long or short for the handle, then there are a lot of problems in the adjustment of the knives. You can’t open or close the knife quickly. It can cause injury to your hands while opening or closing.

Proper blades are necessary for every folded knife because knives with proper and fixed blades are easy to carry and easy to handle. Its durability is also excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the giant folding knife?

The giant folding knife is named cold steel XL. It has large blades. The sizes of the blades vary day by day. And XL comes into the market in different sizes.

Are folded knives used in the military?

Yes, folded knives are too large, and they can be used for combat purposes. The folded knife, which is named KA Bar, is an efficient knife that is used by armed forces due to its efficient performance.

Why fixed blades are necessary for knives?

As you know, knives depend on blades. Fixed blades in knives according to the handle of the knife are too important because if the knife has fixed blades, then the knife performs well. We can easily use the knife with fixed blades.

Is it useful to use a 3-inch blade?

Yes, you can use 3 3-inch or less blades in folded knives. However, it is not looking good to use a sharpened blade knife in a public place. The 3-inch blade is right, and it quickly cuts light materials like wires and roofs.


To learn about folding knives with a blade longer than a handle, we see that blades are necessary for the manufacturing of knives.

Blades in the knives are not longer than the handle or not shorter than the handle of the knife. There are always fixed blades according to the handle.

There is always an adjustable balance between the blades and the handle. It also maintains the balance of the knife.

So always use fixed blades in folded knives according to the handle. Folded knives with fixed blades are too much proficient.

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