How to Use Liquid Sander Deglosser on Furniture

Liquid sandpaper deglossers are amazingly helpful to remove the previous varnish and prepare the furniture for getting the refreshing paint coat. Wood furniture is counted as the most essential and prominent household item at home. Wooden furniture demands extra attention when its cleanness is concerned. Painting wood furniture can be a fun part to give them a transformation, but sanding the wooden objects is really a difficult thing to do.

If your object is too intricate to sand and has detailed carves, then you must look out for another easy-going way to prepare your furniture for giving new paint. Because using sandpaper on complicated objects is not worthwhile. It is equal to making yourself tired and bringing in an uncomfortable situation.

You must step away from the idea of using sandpaper. In this regard, liquid sander deglosser is a simple and reliable option available to paint wooden furniture without sanding them.

How to Use Liquid Sander Deglosser on Furniture?

how to use liquid deglosser

Every time it is not necessary to rub the sandpaper on the furniture before the paint. Sometimes, you can skip this part. Instead of rubbing the sandpaper, you can merely use a liquid sander deglosser. This chemical solution is good at preparing the object for revising the paint.

But, if the surface of the furniture is uneven, irregular, peeling, or chipping, then it is not a smart move to skip the sanding part.

Let’s dig out more about how we can use liquid sander deglosser on wood surfaces.

  • Before starting off the whole process from vanishing to paint, some stuff will require for safety purposes. Arrange a disposable rag, gloves, and glasses for eye protection.
  • Once you are ready with your all equipment, give a thorough cleaning of that targeted object or surface. Before the application of liquid sandpaper deglosser, the area or the object must be clean and it is extremely important. The excess dust or debris means you won’t get desirable end results.
  • The second step follows the direct application of liquid sandpaper solution on the object or surface. For this, you will need a clean piece of cloth. Just pour the solution on the cloth and rub and wipe the object evenly.

You need to keep the rotation movement for getting the best results. Besides, you can use a spray bottle as well for deglossing. You might have to repeat this process for a few counts to wipe out the glossiness.

  • Now, your object is ready to build a better adhesion to its new paint. Apply a coat of paint and let it dry.

How Liquid Sandpaper Deglosser is Better Than Sandpaper? As far as re-vanishing the object is concerned, often people prefer liquid deglossers of great brands instead of sanding for certain reasons. For instance:

  • Liquid sandpapers are faster in function than sandpaper
  • Easy to use and makes minimal mess
  • A safe, secure, and reliable way
  • Good to use for large projects

What is Liquid Sander Deglosser?

What is Liquid Sander Deglosser

A liquid sander/deglosser is a solvent that is used for making the surface of an object rough and ready to re-paint. To remove the upper layer of fainted paint or gloss from the object, the liquid sander deglosser solution is applied and rubbed. The liquid sander deglosser is capable to work on both wood and metal.

Moreover, you will find two options, either choose liquid sander or sandpaper for vanishing. It depends on you to pick the right option which can be cost-effective and safer for you.

Why We Use Liquid Sander Deglosser?

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First, you must be clear about the job of deglosser. As it has proprieties that dull the previous paints, when we use a new coat of paint over it, it contributes to giving a vibrant look to the paint.

With the use of a liquid deglosser, you can protect your furniture and the paint from chipping off easily. For furniture, it’s a life-saver product and for you it’s a money-saver.

Using the liquid sander deglosser is a foolproof method that maintains the last of the paint.


Liquid Sandpaper requires minimal effort but gives better end results. Herein, we discussed in detail how to use a liquid sander deglosser on furniture. Essentially, it allows the object to grip the paint strongly and enhance lifespan. Therefore, it is important to use liquid sandpaper solutions before doing paint.