How To Use Septic Toilet Paper?

When you use the restroom in public places, some signs say not to throw used septic toilet paper inside the toilet bowl because they confirm that it causes blockage in the plumbing system. In your home, it is the same issue whenever a family member throws toilet paper inside the bowl instead of throwing it in the garbage bin. Eventually, this toilet paper will clog the plumbing and will cause you to spend more on repairs. This is not delightful news for any homeowners because its repair cost is out of budget and causes stress.

Although there is a clogging solution that can be bought in the market, it is not a 100% solution to plumbing issues. It only sometimes works for a slight clogging problem and cannot be used for anything serious. We are talking about years of restroom use of toilet paper throwing in the bowl and there is no easy way out.

How To Use Septic Toilet Paper

Are There Available Tips When Using Septic Toilet Paper?

How To Use a Toilet Brush for Septic

There are some tips we have listed for you, and they are the following. Please read on.

  • Use it sparingly. If you will use toilet paper, use it sparingly. Some users will keep on rolling an enormous ball of toilet paper instead of just tearing a few sheets. Be mindful when you are using toilet paper. You not only save money doing so, but you are also lessening garbage in your restroom.
  • Throw it in the garbage bin. Even if it says that it will disintegrate in water, there is no harm in throwing the used toilet paper in the garbage bin instead of the toilet bowl cleaner. This way you are throwing your garbage in the right place than taking chances of throwing it in the toilet bowl without knowing its results.
  • Check before buying it in bulk. Even if the packaging states that the toilet paper is safe for septic tanks, you cannot rely on that alone. What you can do, if you buy just a few rolls, is check it on your sink if a few pieces will dissolve in water then you are safe to buy more. But if there are residues or small particles left of the pieces you soaked in water, then look for other brands. Such particles will add up in a few years and eventually will cause clogging in the septic tank.
  • Stay away from toilet paper that has added elements to it. Some toilet paper adds lotion or a softening solution while they manufacture the product. Plain toilet paper already adds worries to homeowners if it is safe for flushing. Don’t further add to your problem.
  • If you can find recycled toilet paper that also dissolves in water, this is your best option. Adding recycled toilet paper on top of septic tank-friendly toilet paper is a surefire way of best advertisement. It can’t hurt for you to buy this toilet paper since it is eco-friendly, and they make it 100% recycled material. Although some are more expensive than others, they will benefit you in the long run.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. A septic tank should be cleaned and maintained. With the years of use, it is a must-have for professionals to check on it. If there are issues you will face eventually, having professionals check on them early on is the best solution to prevent future problems. The usual inspection of the septic tank should be every three years and must be pumped every 3 to 5 years.

What are the Best Toilet Papers Available In The Market?

Toilet Papers 

Here are samples of toilet papers you should go for

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper – dissolves and breaks down 4x faster. This septic-friendly toilet paper is absorbent, soft, and comes in unscented rolls.

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper – made from top-quality ingredients, and clean fast. This toilet paper is thicker, stronger, and highly absorbent. You also do not have to worry about chemical additives as it is free from perfume, dyes, and is paraben-free.

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper – safe from chemicals and any other additives, easily dissolves in water, and does not compromise the quality. Highly durable, that is just perfect for home use, RV use, outdoor activity, etc.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper – 100% eco-friendly, and made from organic material such as bamboo, and sugarcane. We consider it made from sustainable materials instead of tree-based ingredients. Safe for flushing and gives you the softness that you want. Hypoallergenic, chemical-free, fragrance-free but full of excellent quality.

What Not To Buy In Toilet Paper?

How To Use a Toilet Brush for Septic

Toilet paper that you should avoid are the following

Quilted – they use adhesives in this toilet paper, and it means it will also take longer to dissolve.

Scented – the addition of fragrance or even lotion to toilet paper is no good. It is another unwanted chemical that you need not be added to your toilet paper.

Triple, quadruple, or toilet paper that is too layered – the thicker it is and the more layers there are, we can assume that it takes longer to dissolve in the toilet bowl.

Laced with chemical – read the packaging of the toilet paper you will purchase, you need to keep in mind that those with a paraben-free or chemical-free sign are better than no sign on the packaging.


We are now in a world that relies too much on plastic and other chemically produced products, and it is hurting our environment. The simple responsibility in using toilet paper can be an enormous help when done by many people.

Using septic toilet paper responsibly is one since it will easily dissolve in water, and even if it goes into anybody of water, it will dissolve quickly, and there is no worry of it adding to the garbage that is piling in our environment.