Best Proven Method for How to Build a Knife Grinder

For a long time, every time someone needed a knife, they had to make it by hand or entrust it to someone who knew how to do it.

Today, we have hundreds of stores at our disposal in which to buy all types of knives imaginable. So, the practice of making knives at home has been lost until almost completely disappeared.

But we say “almost” because there are still people with a purist spirit and a restless and creative personality who prefer to make homemade knives for the mere pleasure and pride of building what they need with their own hands.

From this content, you will know how to build a knife grinder without any expense. So, let’s start the tutorial.

Getting Know: How to Build a Knife Grinder

belt grinder for knife making

Regardless you pretend to manufacture hunting knives, kitchen knives, camping knives, hobo knives, or any other type you can think of; you will find several proposals or ideas that will help you carry out your plans.

Throughout the following paragraphs, we will show you some tips to make more original and useful homemade knives that exist.

You will see that the possibilities are almost endless and that, with a little effort and skill. It will not cost you anything to learn how to build the knife grinder at home.

How to Build Knife Grinder with a Cutting Disc

One of the most widely used methods for making homemade knives grinders is using a recycled cutting disc as the main raw material. Do you have a cutting disc that you no longer use because it is nicked?

Use it to make original and practical handmade knife grinders. And how do you make a knife grinder with a recycled cutting disc? Although you have an explanatory video below, we give you some notions that may come in handy:

  • Create a template with the shape of the knife we ​​want to make, and shape it on the cutting disc’s surface.
  • Use a grinder or circular saw to cut out the silhouette of the knife. You don’t have to be entirely precise at this point.
  • Now, using electric sanders, you have to refine the knife’s silhouette to the desired shape.
  • With the help of a metal drill, we will make two holes to attach the handle to the knife later.
  • We place the knife on the embers to temper it.
  • Once cold and sanded, we place the part corresponding to the handle on a beech woodblock, and we draw the silhouette to make the handle.
  • With the help of a saw and sandpaper, we will give the appropriate shape to the silhouette’s handle.
  • We make two holes in the wood, at the same height as the ones we made in the knife.
  • We apply glue or glue on one of the handle’s halves and fix it to the knife. We use two small metal bars to fix the correct position by lining up the holes.
  • We again the way with the other half of the handle, and we make sure to leave the whole set well fixed.
  • We cut the excess of the metal bars and sand the entire handle to be as smooth as possible and is pleasant to the touch.
  • Finally, we go on to sharpen the blade.

How to Make a Knife Grinder with a File

2x48 belt grinder

One of the most astonishing variants that we have found is the one that proposes we make knives with a file. Yes, yes, or you read that right. You can create a knife by hand from a file that we no longer use.

The process is not complex at all if we have the right materials and tools. It is enough to have an old file and the typical utensils to cut and sand the metal.

How to Make a Paper-Knife

how to make paper knife without tape

What if our son asks us to make him a knife to play with? We are not going to make you one with which you can cut or hurt other people … We have a much better idea:

Step 01: Make a toy knife for children using paper. On the Internet, we can find hundreds of proposals.

Step 02: In the form of web pages or videos, that focus on the world of crafts and that teach us how to make paper knives for the little ones in the house.

Step 03: Returning to the field of homemade knives that cut (to call them somehow and to distinguish them from the paper ones we have just talked about).

Step 04: we want to dedicate a small section to something that you ask us a lot: how to make knife handles.

Step 05: We have shared with you in the previous sections. You could see how to make a handle for a homemade knife.

You will agree with us that it is not too complicated, since it is quite sober and has simple handles.


how to make a paper sword that is strong easy

Leaf design: The first thing you will do is design the shape of the leaf on graph paper. You can be creative with the shapes, but without forgetting that, above all, it must be a practical and functional design.

Decide on the size of the blade, but keep in mind that the larger the size, the more steel you will need, and the more difficult it will be to work with. Design the tang (the part of the blade that connects to the handle).

The “full tang” design is the simplest, as it is the same thickness as the blade and the same length as the handle.

Prepare the tools: Try to get a carbon steel plate between 0.3 and 0.5 cm thick (we do not recommend using stainless steel, because it is more difficult to work with).

Final Verdict

Building a knife grinder is easy to make, but perfection is more important. We have got hundreds of messages about this knife grinder. In this article, we are attempting to cover all of the topics.

I hope you will answer your questions. If you have any further asked on how to build a knife grinder, feel free to knock us via email or comment below the post. Thanks for reading.

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