Harry Carry Knife – Experts Guidelines about Harry Caray

The knife name Harry Carry is a famous Japanese dagger knife. It is named after the Hara-Kiri from the Japanese samurai family.

Besides, as well it is so much famous, it is also quite infamous for an ancient incident. In the incident, some girls from the Japanese samurai families utilized the Harry Carry knives Dagger to commit suicide.

Nevertheless, it is quite popular regardless of the rumored ancient story. Because an Italian man named Harry Caray was always passionate about individual knives. He was a steakhouse owner and started using the knife in his shop as well.

Moreover, the harry Carry knife is admired highly because of its fancy visual of a tough fixed blade. So, come let’s know about the harry Caray knife and its sophisticated craftsmanship.

Harry Carry Knives – Classification and Craftsmanship

Harry Carry Knives

Well, these highly commendable knives are quite outstanding for their blade and handle workmanship. This particular knife is also very tasteful, not only for its sharpness and piercing ability.

But you can easily utilize it for a variety of heavy-duty processes. However, many people want to avail themselves of this masterpiece dagger, not to perform dangerous tasks.

The reason is quite simple and soothing, everyone wants to acquire this amazing Harry carry dagger as an antique material.

Therefore, if you buy it from some back-market antique dealers, it will be extremely expensive. On the other hand, if you get it directly from the manufacturer, it takes up a lot of months.

Even though there are a lot of knife lovers who do not like small blade knives. Those enthusiastic men will still make ways to get this aesthetic fixed blade Harry Caray knife.

Well, I can get you to know about two impressive Individuals harry carry daggers. These are the Swamp Rat HC (Harry Carry) bushcraft knife and the LT Wright Bushcrafter.

If you do not what a bushcraft knife is, then it is a high piercing ability knife for utilizing in the wilderness and for survival tendency tasks. So, let us get ahead and know about the quality and design specifications.

Bushcraft Swamp Rat Harry Carry Knife – Specifications and Features

Harry Carry Knife

Thereby, I’m going to classify some specific features and the craftsmanship of the Swamp Rat HC knife.

Size of the Swamp Rat HC

  • The overall body length is approximately 8.25 inched, the fixed blade length is 3.5 inches, which is fixed blade satin.
  • Besides, the thickness of the blades is 0.67 inches, and the material of this SR101 is stainless steel.
  • Further, the lanyard is 550 paracord accommodation and pokes out from the handle.

Fixed Steel Blade

  • Well now, I will learn about the type of blade, a 154 cm fixed blade of steel. Also, the blade steel is stainless steel, and downwards there is a logo of a swamp rat carved in with a laser.
  • Therefore, there is a feature forward toil in the downside of the blade to choke your forefinger on it for better handling. Also, a smaller toil at the top for placing your thumb, which makes it very comfortable to grip the knife in your hand.
  • Moreover, the spine swedge on top of the knife is sort of tapered and flat at the 90-degree angle, getting down right to the tip. Further, the tip grind is a standard convex enhancing its piercing capabilities, and on the surface, it’s the full flat ground blade.
  • Therefore, he is an excellent everyday carry fixed blade. It is a bit heft but not overly heavy, so you easily do piercing tasks and baton with it smoothly.

The Micarta Scale Handle

  • The maroon red and black canvas micarta scales on the handle. It has ridges milled into it providing a lot better grip than the layer micarta. Also looks very nice like skin, and in the handle body, there’re two standard open rivets.
  • In the downward backside of the micarta handle, there is a lanyard hole. It is just big enough to accommodate a 550 cord. Regarding the size of the HC knife, it is a perfect size.
  • Further, the rid get scales are cut out from the side of the lanyard hole to easily mount the lanyard.
  • Another thing you can do with the open rivets is that out a Paracord through the forward and rear rivets. That will create a guard from losing the grip while using it swiftly.
  • Lastly, there is a storage sheath, you don’t get it with the knife you need to buy it individually.

Bushcrafter HC L.T. Wright Knives – Classification and Features

Now, it is time to acknowledge the individual Harry Carry L.T. wright knives, which have a splendid piercing facility.

The Size Specs of Bushcrafter L.T.

  • The overall length of this Harry Carry L.C. Wright knife is 8.35 inches, and the sideways thickness is 3.35 inches.
  • Also, the whole angle shape of this knife is a 90-degree angle. On the spine or the dull edge of the knife, it angles up to 90 degrees.
  • Moreover, the figure of the knife blade and its body is thoroughly crafted for getting the best performance in stabbing or piercing.
  • Also, the 90-degree spine angle of the dull-side provides the perfect performance while you are striking on it.

The Carbon Steel Blade

  • Therefore, the heavy-duty blade in this HC knife is 1075 high carbon steel, which is quite tough than the other mineral steel.
  • Also, though it is less pricey than other high-end stainless, its piercing ability is no less, you will avail other benefits as well.
  • On the 1075 carbon steel, there is a two-part patina layer that protects it from rusting. The dual part patina is created from a special type of brown mustard and white vinegar.
  • The base layer of white vinegar and the upper part of brown mustard blocks the micro rust particles.
  • Lastly, it has the standard slightly round saber grind, which enhances the efficiency of doing baton and piercing highly.

The Micarta Handle

  • Now the handle of the L.T. Wright HC is a natural wooden color micarta handle. That has composites of many canvases and other particles.
  • Further, the micarta handle is quite a sturdy grip, as it has many layers of canvas. Also, the grip keeps on being stronger as you keep using it, even when it’s wet. You can easily, swiftly do the baton with this knife as you hold on to the tight grip.
  • Moreover, there is a forward toil on the upper downside of the handle for more comfort in having the knife in your hand.
  • On the handle body, it has two close rivets that particularly attach the blade and the handle altogether. Also, in the back there you will get a lanyard hole to accommodate 650 paracords.


What is Harry Carry?

Harry Carry is a kind of knife, that is named from the Japanese word ‘ Hara-Kiri’ that is quite known from the old times.

Are The Harry Carry Knives Handmade?

Well, the Harry Carry knives are precisely halfway handmade and manufactured. Some parts of this knife are specially handmade to secure the traditional quality and then machine adjustment makes it flawless.

Can I Buy HC Knives At a Cheap Rate?

To be particular, there are so many brands providing a good quality Harry Carry (HC) knife at a low price.

Final Thoughts

The Harry Carry also goes by Hairy Carry or Harry Caray is an amazing dagger knife. Every enthusiastic person, and also the people who work with knives, a lot prefer it.

In this regard, I provided some individual characteristics of two distinct types of Harry carry (HC) knives. That way, you are fluently able to learn more about this splendid tradition of handmade knives.

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