Learn All About Military Issue Folding Knife

The U.S military issues a folding knife to every soldier because it has an important role to play. If you observe this knife, you will come to know that it is quite a strong and solid tool.

Also, the blade is very reliable, so many people feel attracted to it. The manufacturing company of these blades usually makes loads of them. People like to have an association with their forces, so they like to buy it from them.

Military Issue Folding Knife

Military Issue Folding Knife

It is great to know that there are even some small companies that are producing some of the military folding knives. They have a long track of selling them directly for military use.

Many categories fall under these types of knives, so we should have general knowledge about these knives before buying. It helps us buy the best one according to our needs.

Knives Issued to Military Service Members

We go through the website of every popular military knife manufacturing company website. It will let us know that they are selling multiple types of knives to different departments of the military.

These companies send the sample of their knives to military bases and hope that they will accept their product.

Soldiers face uncertain situations now and then, so they like to use the best quality folding knives. Their knife should fit all purposes and remain unfailing in every scenario.

Here are some of the most interesting and reliable military use of folding knives. You can search and find many military folding knives, but the list given below includes the top ones.

  • Ontario 490 M9
  • Ontario MK 3
  • Strider SMF
  • Ka-Bar
  • ASEK Knife

Steps to Buy Best Military Folding Knife

You can follow the steps given below to buy the best military folding knife for yourself:

Figure Out Your Needs

First of all, we need to figure out what our needs are. Keeping them in mind, we can proceed better with the buying process. The two main purposes of using them are to defend one’s self and to cut something.

Search Carefully

As you chose either of the above-given uses, start with the searching process. Keep in mind that you have to start the search from the official website of the particular folding knife you are intending to buy.

There are some retailers whom the main company authorize for selling their military knife, but not all of them are reliable.

So, try to get in touch with the services center of the chosen company, and get information from them for buying the product.

Consider Handle and Blade

Military Issue Folding Knife

At this stage, you successfully select the reputed and reliable company that manufactures military folding knives. Now your main concern should be the selection of the right handle of the knife. They come in different sizes, materials, shapes, and structures.

The military issue folding knives are either made of composite material, aluminum, G10, leather, nylon, rubber, or steel. No matter what material it is in your chosen one, the main thing to focus on is your hand’s grip on it.

If the material does not produce sweat in your hand and does not slip during use, you can buy it. In otherwise case, skip the knife even if you loved it.

It will be of no use for you as you won’t be able to use it for attacking someone or for cutting something.

Consider the Blade

Military Issue Folding Knife

People who like to only collect these knives as a hobby should not be worried about the type of blade. However, soldiers who want to defend themselves with military knives should take this factor into account.

For defense uses, it comes in very simple designs. The materials with which they are commonly made include:

  • Stainless steel.
  • High vanadium steel.
  • High carbon steel.
  • Thermoplastic steel.
  • Tool steel.

As the martial of blade affects so many attributes of a military folding knife, so you must consider it carefully. Here are some of the factors that it affects, and you have to keep them in mind while buying.

Rust Resistance

People use and store these knives under different environmental conditions. So, the material should be good enough to resist moisture, chemical, and salt damage. It is mostly in the form of rust/corrosion.

Retention of Edge

The edges of the blade play a role in cutting and attacking. Therefore, it should be made with a material that keeps it sharp for a longer time. In other words, it should not need frequent sharpening. This depends on the material that you chose, so buy carefully.

Blade Strength

Good material of blade provides great strength against damage, fracture, and breakage. So, if you think your users would need this kind of strength, then choose the material accordingly.

Comfortable Sharpening

The material should be easy to sharpen. It should not pose difficulty in the process, and also consume less of your time.

Ask for Guarantee/Warranty

As a buyer, you have the right to ask the manufacturing company about the guarantee/warranty of the product. You should be able to test it before buying.

Also, after buying it, there should be an option to return and exchange it if something goes wrong with it. So, do not skip this step, and always try to get this favor for at least a month. This time duration will be enough for you to check and use the product.


Other than just fighting, the military issue folding knives to its soldiers so that they can deal with uncertain situations. We are sure that you have learned the importance of this tool from above.

Also, we can imagine that it is an attraction for so many people due to which they even plan to join the U.S. military. Just keep in mind that it is for legal use only, and there are laws for abusive use.