Everything You need to Know How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer

Nobody likes to consume or waste a lot of oil when it comes to frying bacon! So, what’s the easiest option? Yes, an air fryer! Cooking bacon in an air fryer saves your pocket and satisfies your stomach! But many don’t know how long to cook bacon in air fryer!

Here, we will deal with the proper recipe for cooking bacon in your air fryer along with mentioning the perfect time and the temperature! Let us learn more about it!

 How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer

Step by Step Guide How to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer and How long to Cook

There are several recipes that you can use when it comes to cooking bacon in an air fryer. Today, we will share the easiest recipe for cooking bacon in a Rotisserie air fryer roaster!

Step 1: Cutting the Slices

Cutting the Slices
Cutting the Slices

First of all, you have to make the slices of bacon carefully. In this case, you can settle for thinner bacon or thicker bacon. However, keep in mind that thinner bacon requires less time to cook than the thicker ones.

In this case, we have used the thick slices and so, if you settle for the thin versions, cook for a few seconds less so that it keeps the balance. Here, we have cut the bacon into 11 slices of thick pieces to make our work easier. You can cut however you want!

Step 2: The Right Placement

How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer: The Right Placement: Step 2
The Right Placement

Here, we will divide the bacon into two different parts so that we can cook the half first and then cook the rest. Do not put all the bacon slices together inside the air fryer. Otherwise, none of the bacon slices will get proper hot air to get cooked perfectly. If you want perfectly cooked bacon slices, make sure you keep space between the placements of the bacon pieces. You can settle for six bacon slices first and then go for the other five in the next session of cooking.

Take the first six slices and place them inside the air fryer carefully. Certify that there is required space between the bacon slices and they are kept at the minimum amount of distance inside the fryer. Keep the other half aside so that you can cook them afterward. However, if you have a large 6 Qt air fryer, you can cook all of the slices in one batch. But make sure you keep minimum distance as we have mentioned earlier.

Step 3: Temperature and Time

How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer
Temperature and Time

After you have placed the first half of the bacon slices inside the air fryer, you have to start cooking them. But how long to cook bacon in air fryer!

Along with this, the timer is necessary here! If you are a newbie in air fryer cooking, you have to check and recheck the recipe book or follow our temperature and timer settings to make sure the bacon slices are cooked properly. If the temperature is too low or the time is too short, you might get undercooked bacon with no crisp at all!

On the other end, if you go with the higher temperature settings or settle for too much time, you might end up with bacon slices that are overcooked and too crispy! You don’t want to ruin your evening with wrongly cooked bacon, right? So, get the right temperature for your food first.

Here, we recommend you to go for 400 degrees if you want thicker slices of bacon to get perfectly cooked. At this temperature, the bacon will get adequately cooked without any complications.

Now that you are done with the temperature, you have to take a closer look at the time settings of the air fryer. If you are settling for thicker bacon slices, the timer should be set at 10 minutes. However, things will vary if you want thin bacon pieces. Go for a few minutes less if you have bacon slices in a thinner version. 7/8 minutes will be the perfect timing in that circumstance.

Step 4: Double Checking the Placements

How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer
Double Checking the Placements

As you have set the timer and temperature properly, your work is almost done. But just like the stove-cooking, you have to be careful with the air fryer cooking too! It is always an amazing idea to check the bacon slices halfway.

In this process, you will be able to learn if you need to rearrange anything to make it work better. We recommend you buy tongs so that moving the bacon slices and rearranging everything gets easier for you! Once you are done, you can start the air fryer wait for the perfectly crispy bacon, and enjoy the evening.

Step 5: Perfection Checking

No matter how perfect you are with the temperature and timer, there are times when you have to go for some additional work. You cannot cut every bacon slice equally.

Also, every time, the bacon slices are not equally thick or thin. In such cases, checking for the desired doneness is the best method if you want perfection! In our case, we all love a little extra crispy bacon slice.

So, go for an additional 1.5 minutes so that we can get the right amount of crisp that we desire. So, the total amount of time here is about 11.5 minutes. This is enough to provide you with additional crispy bacon for the dinner!

Step 6: The Next Batch

Once you are done with the first batch of bacon, you have to move forward to the next batch. Take out the previous bacon first and then get the other bacon slices inside.

Place the pieces properly as you did before. Make sure there is space for the air to move inside the fryer. Go through the same procedure and set the temperature first. After the temperature, decide the timer.

This time, you will know better about the timer because you have seen the previous batch to get cooked. So, set the time according to your experience and wait for them to get cooked. Once you are done, go through the additional time you love your bacon crispier.

This is a completely optional step. So, if you don’t want your bacon to be crispier, you can take off the bacon from the fryer then and there switching off the fryer!

Step 7: Cleaning Process

How Long to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer
Cleaning Process

If you are settling for only one batch of bacon, it is easier for you to cook, take them off the air fryer and then clean the fryer. But whenever you settle for several batches of bacon, there is a requirement of cleaning between the sessions. After you are done with one or two batches, you have to empty the grease that is gathered in the lower basket. If you don’t do it, the bacon might get darker or it might be tough for the air to pass. Make sure that the space is clean!

Wrap Up

So, you don’t need to get your hands on a lot of oil to cook your bacon anymore! Here, the perfect recipe for cooking bacon is included. Also, it is mentioned how long to cook bacon in air fryer!

So, all you need is an air fryer and get ready with your dinner! The process is easy and fun! Check the other air fryer recipes and enjoy the dinner just like you dreamt!

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