How to Prevent Bamboo Dish Rack from Molding?

The stainless steel dish racks are great, but the bamboo dish racks look even more rustic and beautiful. As beautiful as it is, you can get into serious molding problems if you don’t clean it properly!

At times, you see molding on your bamboo-made products just like the dish rack. And if already have such racks made of bamboo, you need to learn it beforehand!

Today, we will discuss how to prevent the bamboo dish rack from molding and take it back to the previous outlook once again! The method is easy, have a look!

How to Prevent Bamboo Dish Rack from Molding, Step by Step Methods of Preventing Bamboo Dish Rack from Molding

Step by Step Methods of Preventing Bamboo Dish Racks from Molding

Here are a few steps that can help you get rid of the molding from the dish rack that’s bothering you! Take a look and thank us later!

Step 1: Prepare the Sink

For this step of how to prevent the bamboo dish rack from molding, first, you have to get your hands on your sink and start filling it. Instead of cold water, in this case, you have to rely on hot water.

If the temperature of the water is high, you can easily remove the mold and get the bamboo disk rack just like before! So, start filling the sink with hot water.

Step 2: Make a Mixture

Now, you must know that water alone cannot take off the mold. So, some additional products should be added to increase the power of water. Here, we are using dish soap.

Dish soap is as great in cleaning the bamboo rack as with the other dishes of your house! Liquid dish soap is easy to mix with water. Add two teaspoons of the liquid cleaner into the water.

It’s your time to mix it properly. Keep in mind that the combination of these two should be well-mixed so that every part of the water gets in touch with the soap and helps you in proper cleaning. Once you get to see a sink full of soapy water, you are ready to step on the next stage!

Step 3: Scrub it off

In this step, you have to hold the dish rack made of bamboo and place it inside the sink full of hot soapy water. Once you get it in, the soapy water will make the mold get loose. In this place, you have to start cleaning off the mold.

For cleaning it, you have to use a scrubber. Take the scrubber and start scrubbing every part of the bamboo dish rack. Make sure you go through all the narrow and tapered spaces of the dish. There are places where the water won’t reach unless you help it.

So, a brush can be an amazing scrubber in such places. Take a small brush and go through the small spaces thoroughly. Scrub off the mold on the body of the bamboo dish rack. Keep doing it until you see the whole dish rack free from visible mold and spots.

Step 4: Rinse the Rack

Now that you have scrubbed the dish rack with a brush and taken off the mold, you have to clean it with water. Use clean water to rinse the dish rack. Make sure you repeat the rinsing process so that there is no soapy water left and your rack is properly cleaned.

Step 5: Make another Mixture

If the molding is new, the previous steps will be enough to get rid of them. But in rare cases, even after doing all the steps previously mentioned, there will be mold remaining on the bamboo dish rack. For such stubborn mold, you have to go through this step.

For this, you will need a spray bottle with a nozzle to spray liquid. In a bowl, take one cup of plain water first. Then, you have to add vinegar to it. White vinegar works amazingly against stubborn molding. Add more or less three tablespoons of white vinegar to the water.

Once you are done, pour the whole mixture into the spray bottle that you kept aside. Shake the bottle to ensure that the mixture is properly mixed.

Step 6: Spray it

As the mixture is ready, you have to hold the spray bottle and start spraying. Take the dish rack made of bamboo and start spraying the mixture on its body. As much as you can, be even.

The corners and small spaces require a little more spray so that the liquid can get inside. Spray the whole bamboo rack and it is time to wait. Letting the mixture sit is necessary.

This will make sure that the remained mold is getting off your dish rack. You have to wait for about 10-15 minutes and let it rest for this while.

Step 7: Wipe it off

Once the spray mixture is set on the dish rack, you have to take it off. All you need to do is wipe the mixture off. In this situation, you will need a paper towel for taking off the remaining liquid on the surface of the dish rack.

Start wiping the dish rack with a paper towel. After you are done wiping it, it is time for the rack to get dried. Do not use a hairdryer or any additional method for drying it.

The bamboo rack should get air-dried accurately. Once it is dry, you will see that the bamboo dish rack is exactly looking like a new one without any molding! That’s what you wanted, right?

Step 8: Clean Regularly

For regular cleaning, make sure that you are using white spores and mildew. The mixture of these two will clean the bamboo dish rack regularly. For scrubbing, you must get your hands on a soft bristle brush.

After doing it, get a cloth and dampen it. Your work is to wipe off the whole bamboo dish rack with this damp cloth. This method will help you if you want to keep away mold for good!

Also, after using this method, don’t forget to add three coats of polyurethane if you remove the mold. These methods are enough to keep the mold miles away! 

Wrap Up

Bamboo dish racks require more cleaning sessions than the other dish racks like over the sink dish rack because these racks grab a lot of dirt and mold. However, the above-mentioned process will surely get you rid of the molding within minutes and you won’t be asking how to prevent dish racks made of bamboo from molding anymore!

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