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How Much is an Air Fryer | Air Fryer Buying Guide

How Much is an Air Fryer Air fryers make your work easier but in most cases, air fryers are expensive. But there are affordable fryers too! For getting the right one, you must have an idea of the price point. So, how much is an air fryer?

Here, we will discuss the price range of the air fryer depending on the type, features, technology, size, and a lot more.

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Difference Between Air Fryers

If you go on the base of the air fryers available in the market, you have to believe that all the air fryers in the market are the same. Yes, the process they work is the same. Before you get in to know how much does an air fryer cost, you have to know how an air fryer works.

At the very beginning, you must learn that the method every air fryer works is by circulating the hot air. By circulating the air around the food with the help of convection, the device will provide you a crunchy and crispy outer portion of the food.

In this case, it will also keep the interior of the food properly cooked, tender, and juicy! So, you get the perfectly cooked food with a better-looking appearance! But if you go through the price point, you will surely see that there are differences among the fryers. Some are highly affordable for you and some fryers are very much expensive.

Price of Air Fryer: Affordable Vs Expensive Air Fryer

We all love that the food we start cooking will be ready at our table within minutes. But when it comes to food like crispy chicken or chicken steak, perfection takes time. But thanks to the air fryers of these days, they can prepare food in half or less time than the stoves. In this case, the price is a fact!

So, do you know how much is an air fryer? The price point of an air fryer depends on so many factors. The five vital factors that vary according to the price are mentioned below.

Types of Air Fryer

The price of the air fryer depends on the type of the appliance! There are digital air fryers available in the market and there are also manual fryers. These devices include a timer for setting the adequate amount of time for cooking a specific food.

In manual dials, you have to turn the timer but in digital, you can check how much time is left too! While most of the Rotisserie air fryers are digital, the Russell Hobbs Purify ones have the manual one. The price of the manual fryers starts from $70 and goes up. And for the digital ones, you have to pay at least $140 to more.


In most cases, the expensive air fryers that are available in the market have more power compared to the affordable ones. So, you get your food cooked more efficiently than the budget-friendly one!

If you require more power and a faster cooking process, the expensive ones may help. If you have enough time to cook, get the budget-friendly ones. Depending on the power, there are available air fryers from $80 to $300.

Features and Accessories

Also, there are differences in the features of the fryers too. When you settle for a budget-friendly one, you will see that the fryers have only some specific feature. The more expensive the device, the more features, and accessories are added.

Such as, expensive ones include pull-out-trays or bowls added to the fryers. When you plan to cook a lot of items and want to feed your kids with something extra-ordinary every day, the high-priced ones are the gem.

However, at times, you do not cook food in your fryer much, and in such situations, the features are not very necessary for you! If you settle for the affordable appliances, they will cost you $70 to $200. For the additional technology, features, and accessories, you might need to pay $250 to $400.


On the other hand, the size of the fryer is also a fact when you decide on the price. The affordably priced air fryers that you can get are mostly small in size. The compact-sized ones are great for traveling too. Also, they are reasonable and can provide food for one to three servings. On the contrary, the high-priced ones are completely the opposite of the budget-friendly ones.

The little more money you pay is for the larger air fryers that can cook more food. The best part of the large air fryers is you can cook for one person and also, you can go for more people too. However, we recommend you to get the larger ones if you have a large family or you have parties at your home often.

If you have a small family, you stay alone or you travel a lot, the compact one can be a life savior. The good quality compact air fryers will cost you $100-$200 where the large ones for cooking more food will be available for $150 to $350.


Along with these several vital points, there are also some other factors on which the price point of an air fryer depends. One of them is the user-friendliness of the device. If you are a user of an air fryer already, you know how easy it is to use an air fryer. However, the luxurious ones might be a bit easier to use than the others.

These come with the presets for food like fried and chicken so that you require less effort in cooking. So, if you are new to this cooking style, you might prefer the luxurious ones. But trust us; both of them work the same! Almost all of the fryers will be available for you at $100-$300. For more user-friendly ones, you might need to pay some extra.

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Wrap Up

So, if you have checked the price of the air fryer we have mentioned here depending on the facilities, features, size, power, type, and user-friendliness, you can easily know which one goes right with your requirements.

Check them out and get one for your home! Also, let us know what you like about your air fryer! How much did your air fryer cost and what does it do for you!

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