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4 Easy Ways to Fix Power Air Fryer Oven Rotisserie not Turning

Nobody ever said no to a power fryer if it is about healthy living. But what if you see your power air fryer oven Rotisserie not turning? What if the rotating basket is getting stuck? Is there any solution?

Yes, we have come up with some troubleshooting ideas for your Rotisserie Air fryer. Now, if it stops turning, you can fix it easily! And that without any additional mechanic charge!

Let’s learn how to do it like a pro and thank us later! 

Power Fryer Oven Rotisserie not Turning: 4 Easy Ways to Fix

Power Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven Troubleshoots

Method 1: The Connection

The first and foremost thing you have to check when you see the power fryer oven Rotisserie not turning is to check the connection to the device. Not only the Rotisserie but all the electrical appliances will never work if you do not have a proper electricity supply connection.

In this case, what mostly happens is the connection between these two is loose or not tight enough to supply electricity smoothly. Check if the plug of the power fryer oven is properly connected or safely inserted inside the socket of your main power supply.

If the plug is loose, the oven will not turn. Check the wire too. Sometimes, a loose wire can be the reason behind your device not working. Go through the connection and then reconnect it to be sure. Now, you have to get your hands on the reset button or the power button and press it to restart the oven! Your power fryer will work perfectly now!

Method 2: The Basket Disorder

Once you have checked the power supply and restarted the device, it should start working. However, in some cases, you might see the power air fryer oven rotisserie not turning even after the first method. In that case, there might be a problem with the rotating mesh basket of your Rotisserie fryer oven.

Sometimes, the mesh baskets are faulty. And eventually, this can stick up and as a result, it will not stay steady in its place. Instead, it will move more than it needs to. So, if your problem doesn’t sort out by checking the connection, you have to go through the mesh basket of your device.

Check it thoroughly and search for any fault in the basket. Take it out and try to find out the damaged part of the basket. Along with the outer side, you have to check the internal components too.

If there are any issues, you have to check the basket or fix it according to the manufacture’s rules. Once the basket is fine, you are ready to work with the fryer oven! Feel free to cook whatever you like!

Method 3: The Basket Items

Among the entire power air fryer oven troubleshooting ways, this one is the most common one for the users! Once you have checked the basket and ensured that it is in good shape, you have to look for what is inside the basket.

In most cases, the problem arises when you stuff your basket with a lot of food. When there is more amount of food in the mesh basket than recommended, your Rotisserie power fryer oven’s basket will find it tough to rotate. You might think that the basket is designed to fulfill it with ingredients. But you must know that there is a small motor added in the inner portion of the mesh basket.

When adding a lot of ingredients and fill up the basket to its brim, the rotating process will not work normally. In some cases, it is also common that the rotation starts and then stops in the middle giving brakes in between. If you see that the basket is getting stuck while turning, there will be a malfunction. And eventually, the food you are trying to cook will not be cooked properly.

Either the food will be overcooked or undercooked, it won’t be perfect. When the basket rotates, heat is provided to every inch of the food. As a result, it cooks from all sides! And if you see that the rotation is not working and still you try to keep cooking in that situation, chances are, you will end up with meals that are not evenly cooked and all your efforts will go in vain!

So, it is ideal to settle for a balanced amount of food inside the mesh basket while cooking. Never fill it up too much or overcrowd the bowl. If you do it, your fryer will not last for a long period.

Method 4: The Installation of the Basket

Now that you have checked the basket’s shape and the proper food distribution, you have to check the installation of the mesh basket in your power fryer. In rare cases, the arrangement is the cause of your Rotisserie fryer oven not turning.

When the connection or installation is loose, the turnings will not be natural. While installing the air fryer oven with rotisserie basket, you have to be extra careful. There are sides of the mesh basket. There is a place defined for both sides. The right side of your basket will fit into the Rotisserie slot. On the other hand, check for the Rotisserie shaft socket.

This is where the left side of your mesh basket will go in! Whenever you plan to cook something in your power fryer, the best thing you can do is cross-verify the installation or connection between the rotating basket and the fryer.

The firm placement will ensure you properly cooked food without any turning or rotating issues. You need only a few seconds to check it. Certify better performance with the proper connection from now on!

Wrap Up

If your power fryer Rotisserie oven is having issues with not turning or rotating, you can always go back and search for the solutions! These troubleshooting solutions mentioned here are the most common problems that occur when you deal with them.

Most probably, if you check all of the solutions, you will find a way to make the air fryer rotate properly. However, if you see that you are still having the issue, we recommend you to settle for an expert if you want the best for your fryer!

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