Learn the Ways to Blow Up an Air Mattress with a Vacuum?

Are you comfortable with an air mattress? Let’s get introduced to how to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum. I know it sounds unbelievable, but you can use anything that blows air other than a pump to blow up your air mattress.

We use a hand or leg air pump to inflate our air mattresses, but it’s time-consuming. It would be better to learn some shortcut techniques; blowing with an air mattress is one example.

How to Blow Up An Air Mattress with a Vacuum

You need to follow some steps so that you can fill your mattress with air. Let’s know the whole procedure, along with some other techniques.

The Relation Between Air Mattress and Vacuum

how to blow up an air mattress with a pump

You can say an air mattress is the storage of air; it’s a bed that needs air in it. When you fill air into it, the mattress’s fibers enlarge, and you get a fluffy bed to sleep in. If you have guests at your place and need flooring, an air mattress is a good option.

On the other hand, a vacuum is an electric cleaner that cleans everything by sucking the air and dirt. You can modify the functions of an ordinary vacuum so that it blows air instead of attracting it.

Once you’re done with the modification, you can use the vacuum as an air-filler for the mattress.

How to Convert Vacuum Cleaner to Air-Filler

how to inflate air mattress with air compressor

Some vacuums have a switch to reverse the air direction. If you turn on the switch, the air will blow instead of sucking.

  • If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a switch, you have to follow some steps to reverse it. Keep the vacuum upward before the conversion that will help the process.
  • Slowly remove the dust bag from the cleaner. Be careful while removing it. If you are harsh on the bag, that may damage the rubber around it. If the rubber is damaged, you can’t reattach the bag with that.
  • If you have an upright vacuum, it will have the air reversing function in it. In that case, you won’t have to detach the plastic bag from the machine.
  • Plug the vacuum into a socket and turn on the switch so that you can blow air and clean the inside surface of the cleaner. As we clean our home with it, it can consist of dry dirt particles.
  • Keep your distance while you’re clearing the dirt of the vacuum. Elsewhere, all dirt will catch you, and you won’t like to get dirty, will you?
  • In the next step, your target should be air-tightening the vacuum. How will you do that? Cut some duct tapes with a sharp cutter and fill the blank space, which is the vacuum bag’s place.
  • Connect the air hose of your vacuum with the duct tape’s help; it’s not difficult at all. Make sure it has been airtight; otherwise, you won’t be able to blow up your air mattress.
  • Next, you should cut a water bottle’s bottom with a sharp knife. It’s necessary to seal the air hose well to make it airtight; now you know the necessity.
  • Use more pieces of duct tape to attach the bottle’s bottom to the air hose. Seal it properly, but make sure it’s easily removable as well.
  • Have you thought about what will you do with the rest of the bottle? Cut the bottle top with the same knife and remove its plastic cap after cutting.
  • Set the bottle top on the lips of the air mattress because plastic water bottles are friendly with every design of nozzles; that will help the blow-up process.

Follow the simple steps above and make your vacuum cleaner ready for pumping your air mattress.

The Process of Blowing up an Air Mattress with Vacuum

how to inflate an air mattress with a vacuum

Prepare your vacuum cleaner to blow your air mattress, and once you’re done, move forward to the mattress.

  • Find a switch to blow out the previous remaining air, if your mattress model has any. The new models of air mattresses have a switch to deflate the remaining air.
  • If your mattress doesn’t have a switch, look for a hole with a screw. That hole is the path for inflation or deflation. Open the screw slowly and let the air come out of the mattress.
  • Only opening the screw won’t help; you should wrap or roll the whole mattress tight. Rolling it tight will allow the air from each corner to come out through the hole.
  • Set the top of a water bottle with its head in the hole. The top of the bottle will help the nozzle of the vacuum to be appropriately set on the entry point.
  • Check if there’s a leak on the mattress, and if the mouth is air-tightened or not. If there’s even a small leak, you won’t succeed in blowing up your air bed.
  • Now set the nozzle correctly in the mouth of your mattress and plug it. Before turning on the switch, make sure the mouth is airtight.
  • Turn on the switch and start blowing into the mattress, but control the flow and pressure.
  • Once your mattress is ready for your sleep, turn off the switch and unplug the vacuum. Remove the nozzle and put the screw back in its place fast. Otherwise, the air will go out through the hole.
  • Remove the extra tapes and other attachments from your vacuum cleaner and reattach the dust bag with it.

Some Other Techniques of Inflation in an Air Mattress

  • If you don’t have a hand or foot pump at home, you can use an electric pump. They will fill the air in your mattress faster than your hand or foot pump.
  • A hairdryer is another remedy to this problem; you can blow air into your air mattress through it. Remember, don’t blow hot air; hot air is destructive towards the air mattress’s fabric.
  • You can use a garbage bag to fill the air as well, though it sounds a bit weird. Make sure the cits are clean before using; fill the air in the garbage bag and then hold it tight. Then, you can transfer the air from the garbage bag to the mattress.
  • A leaf blower is another substitute for the air pump in the case of an air mattress. But you have to keep patience, as the process is a bit slower than others.
  • A snow blower has almost the same functions as a vacuum cleaner. That’s why you can use your snowblower instead of anything else while blowing air into your mattress.


Now you won’t have any problem if guests come to your place or don’t have a pump machine. You know each step of getting a vacuum cleaner ready, and how to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum.

You can also apply other home appliances that function as vacuum cleaners. Knowing the easy hacks of home appliances is for you because that makes you an independent person.

Follow the tips for using a vacuum for air blowing; don’t miss anything. If you miss any one or two of the instructions, all your hard work will go in vain.

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