How to Use Back Scrubber Brush?

Taking a shower is a regular everyday activity. I know you had one or planning on having one today. But let me guess, most of you probably forgot about a long brush’s existence in your bathroom.

I’m talking about the scrubber brush. You probably know how to use a back scrubber brush, but let me add some of my thoughts.

Tips to Use Back Scrubber Brush

wet skin brushing

Most of us, especially men, don’t plan ahead of our bath. We just go with the flow. Perhaps that’s why we stink more than ladies? (Just joking bros, don’t kill me).

But try to plan your bath and see the magic.

Let’s see how you can use the back scrubber to get squeaky clean. First, rinse the brush or loofah with water. Then pour soap or shower gel on it. Once the soap layer gets thickened, use it to scrub down those stubborn greases and exfoliate dead skin.

You won’t be able to reach every part of our back without a handled scrubber brush or loofah.

Now let’s see how to use different types of back scrubbers.

Cloth/ Pad / Sponge back scrubber

This type of pad or cloth scrubber comes with a handle at both ends. There are a few ways I take my bath. Let’s see if that makes sense.

  • I apply soap or shower gel, whatever is available on my body first.
  • I use both my hands to rub and keep allocating soaps all over my body.
  • Then I wait 2-4 minutes to allow the soap to thin out.
  • I take my scrubber brush and rinse it with a little water. Then I hold tight to both handles and scrub my exfoliates away.
  • I’ve found these steps more effective. And it’s applicable for all types of back scrubber accessories out there.
  • I call it “Personal Shower Tricks “. Yep, it sounds silly.

But I’ve seen my ways of showering cleanse my body as if I were in a bathtub taking a bubble bath.

Do you know that like a snake, we humans also shed our skins?

back scrubber for shower

But we don’t leave behind a single piece of dead skin shell. Our skin’s outer layer, known as the epidermis, sheds dead skin gradually.

So if you don’t scrub it off, then in time, it might trigger acne. If you still decide to leave it as it is, you could develop some severe back skin rash.

I’m not saying it’ll happen if you don’t scrub your back. But doing so will promote healthy back skin, and you can go shirtless to the next beach tour.

Please keep it in a colored box

  • Before we get to scrubbing, consider the following aspects for buying a shower scrubber.
  • How long and sturdy is the handle?
  • Does it have any loop at the grip end of the handle?
  •  If it’s a towel pad scrubber, how long is it? Is it an exfoliating back scrubber? Does it come with handles at each end? 
  • Is the grip comfortable?
  • Is the brush detachable and easy to clean?
  • Do you know the manufacturing materials? Is it harmful to humans?
  • Can you do wet and dry brushing with it?
  • Does the price justify the scrubber’s brush quality?
  • Do you want a standard or electric back scrubber? Or do you want a loofah on a stick?

Brush Type Scrubber

Since we’re discussing cleaning our backs, a brush-type scrubber is the best choice. You can use “Personal Shower Tricks“, or simply soak the brush with water and soap it up.

You can rub vigorously if the brush bristles are soft. But if it’s on the harder side, you could end up with some scratch marks.

(PS: I once got scrapped by my scrubber brush that looked like a nail scratch—wondering how I noticed that? I didn’t. My misses did. The detective work that followed afterward was long and frustrating. And the worst of it all, that incident never reached a verdict to this date.)

How about an Electric Scrubber Brush?

An electric scrubber is the same as a typical scrubber brush. It just works automatically. The brush rotates clockwise, so you don’t have to move your hands anymore.

Again the drill is the same as the electric toilet brush. Rinse it with water, soak it up with soap or gel, and place the brush on your back or somewhere you desire after turning it on.

Let the electric scrubbing begin.

Hey, I’m glad you are clean, but what about your scrubber’s hygiene?

Oh, come on, do we have to?

I think you should. Keeping your scrubber clean will protect you from bacteria and save a few bucks in the long run.

  • If you have a geyser (who doesn’t) or running hot water, wash the scrubber brush thoroughly with warm water after a daily shower.
  • If you have a hairdryer, blow the scrubber with hot air for 30 seconds.
  • Leaving the scrubber brush wet will result in fungus and bacteria build-up overtone.
  • Try changing your scrubber brush every three months. Don’t bet on your health to save a few bucks.

Most people suffer from rancid odors. There are three leading causes of smelly sweat.

  • Poor hygiene
  • Some type of underlying medical conditions
  • Dehydration

Sadly, the majority suffer bad odors due to poor hygiene. Remember what I said about dead skin build-up in the scrubber brush can lead to bacteria accumulation. The same happens to our skin if we don’t scrub, exfoliate, and clean them daily.

How Many Types of Back Scrubbers?

best back scrubber for shower

Your back scrubber type will determine how to use it the right way. Let’s find out how many types of back scrubbers are there on the market today, and which one you’re using now.

Single brush back scrubber

Let’s for the classic single brush back scrubber. If you’re buying this brush online, read the speciation first. Some prefer a hard brush to scrape off the dead skin. Thanks to their family inherited skin condition known as ichthyosis.

Others prefer a softer brush so they can scrub down their back faster with soap. You won’t be able to feel the sturdiness of the bristles when buying online. But don’t forget to test it out if you’re buying from a local shop.

( Nothing unique, you might get muscle fatigue after prolonged use. Not recommended for those who get cramped on the upper body quickly. )

Double brush back scrubber

If you want to get the taste of wet and dry brush at the same time, pick a double brush back scrubber. Almost every dual shower brush features hard and soft bristles to rub your skin with soap and exfoliate dead skin from the outer surface.

A few dual scrubbers have massage brushes to feel relaxed after a workout session. Sometimes, I slowly groom my scalp while lying down in a bathtub. It helps me to relax and forget about my stresses.

( It costs a few dollars more than the single brush. Other than that, this dual brush back scrubber is pretty affordable)

(I’d get the dual brush over the single type at any time. It’s affordable and functional, and I want to have more of that special bathtub moment. )


Loofah is one of the most famous shower accessories used to reach those difficult parts of our body. Let me tell you a secret. You don’t even need to replace your loofah as long it stays intact. Unlike traditional brushes, loofahs are easy to clean.

Please use a cotton cloth to clean your face. Don’t use any type of brush or loofahs. Although loofahs are relatively cleaner than bushes, bacteria can still build up in their nooks and crannies.

Just pour some shower gel, shampoo, or soap and start scrubbing any way you like. Don’t worry about any scrapping on your skin. Loofah materials are relatively non-abrasive and act like a sponge.

You can buy loofahs with or without a handle. Since we’re trying to scrub our back, it’s better to buy one with a handle.

According to TeenVOGUE magazine, Natural Loofahs are made from dried gourds. So those who want to use organic products over artificial, natural loofahs should be on your shower essentials.

( Relatively higher price tag compared to other back scrubbers. If you buy loofahs without the handle, then it becomes more cost-effective. Because you’ll be getting at least three to six loofahs in a bundled price tag. )

(Loofahs are soft, natural, easy on your skin, and come in different shapes and colors. Loofahs with handles make those challenging-to-reach parts of our body more easily accessible. It’s an excellent back scrubber for those soft and sensitive skins. )

Natural Loofahs do not have anti-microbacterial properties. So using them week after week may result in bacterial growth and could cause harm. In that case, please wash your natural loofah with salt mixed hot water every 5-7 days.

Towel fabric exfoliating back scrubber

The title says it all. It’s a long towel fabric that is soft and easy to use. I like the handle at both ends to make back scrubbing effective. The natural cotton material is tough enough to scrape off dead skin and leaves you with smooth, radiant skin.

( Very affordable. You’ll more likely to get a loofah with the towel scrubber )

(It’s easy to use, thanks to those rope handles at each end. But most of the time, the towel makes little contact with your back skin. Things get more slippery if you’re soaked in soap. Not a pleasant scrubber for exfoliation. )

Electric scrubber brush

It’s a standard back scrubber that runs on a motor. The bristle rotates, leaving you relaxed in your tub. If the engine gets damaged, you can use it as a standard back scrubber.

The most electric scrubber has a dual-sided brush. One side has soft and long bristles, and the other hand has a layer of hard rubbery texture for proper exfoliation of your skin.

( A little more expensive than other scrubbers )

(it’s comfortable and easy to operate even for those who don’t know how to use a back scrubber)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I exfoliate my back every day?

Why not. As long your skin feels good, and you love to scrub your back, go for it. But clean your back no less than three times a week.

Try to keep the scrubber brush or loofah clean. And change it in 40 days.

Should I buy a brush or loofah?

loofah back scrubber for shower

Both are different in terms of how you can use them. scrubber brush has bristles, and loofah or padded scrubber has rough textures for scraping away dead skin and dirt. I’d say get both of them. Use the brush scrubber to clean your back and the padded scrubber for delicate parts of your body

Can I contract skin disease from a scrubber?

Yes, it’s possible. If your scrubber is old and not washed or dried correctly, It could host bacteria infestation. And if you have any cuts or bruises, those bacteria could cause a skin infection.

What do you mean by exfoliating back scrubber?

Don’t think of it as a different type of back scrubber. Every scrubber exfoliates to some extent. It helps get rid of dead and dull skins and slough-out flakes.

The type of scrubber will determine the extent of exfoliating. For daily use and soft skins, a cotton or sponge-based scrubber is enough. But you can’t do proper exfoliation without a scrubber brush.

Should I use a loofah for my back acne?

The skin on your back is rough and tough. A brush scrubber is perfect for exfoliation. However, if you have any noticeable and painful acne, scarring, or wounds, you should use a loofah with a handle.

Let’s grab the Back Scrubber for The Shower

You probably know how to use a back scrubber brush properly by now. Then get yourself the best back scrubber and start rubbing off those dead skin. And there are different models for everyone.

Those who have movement limitations due to injury, arthritis, or other physical traumas should get the electric back scrubber. Ladies try the loofah on a stick. And gents get the dual brush scrubber and make your skin squeaky clean.

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