How To Use Resolve Carpet Cleaner Spray?

How to use Resolve carpet cleaner spray? Let’s go know about this article. Have you ever experienced having your whole living room carpet replaced with a cushy, polyester carpet that costs you much to install?

Or you have chosen a color that is just the lightest color, thinking that it will give your living room the illusion of a bigger space.

Only to find out later that you have made a terrible choice. Spills and stains are easily seen, and it create an awful effect on your carpet.

You have guests that are coming over and you noticed that the carpets have stains of wine spills and your pet peed at the very last minute.

There are ways to remove stains from your carpet, but it should be cleaned the soonest time or should be cleaned after it happens.

Not doing so will create a stain that is hard to remove as it already sets in your carpet. But with modern technology, producing products that help us with these worries are now made available.

Tips to Use Resolve Carpet Cleaner Spray?

Check surroundings

You need to make sure that no pets or children are playing around while you use the product. It may cause eye irritation to them, and inhalation is best avoided.

Make sure there is no open fan, or you are not in a windy area.

If you are to use the carpet cleaner spray for the carpet, make sure you don’t have any fan open that can differ in the product’s direction when you spray it. It can get to your eyes, or you may also accidentally inhale it. You should always look to your safety.



Before spraying the carpet, make sure you have vacuumed the carpet to remove loose dirt that can be removed easily.

At least 70% of loose dirt and dust can be suctioned with the help of a vacuum. The other embedded dirt is removed by the Resolve cleaning solution.

Check the carpet label

Before using Resolve carpet cleaner, you need to check the label of the carpet and check the code or sign from the carpet manufacturer. It is not recommended for velvet, silk, leather, or vinyl.

Shake the can before use

With every spray cleaning solution, it is a must to spray it before the initial use so that the solution will be mixed thoroughly for the most positive effect.

Spray from a certain distance

Hold the can upside down and about 2 feet above the carpet. Make sure you spray the foam evenly over a 3-foot square area without missing other stained or dirtied areas.

Use a colorfast mop or Resolve carpet brush

You need to work the foam into the carpet to let the solution work its magic. Use the two resolved carpet cleaner directions in spreading the foam with the colorfast mop.

If you are using a brush, you need to thoroughly brush the foam into the carpet and let the solution loosen the dirt and the stain.

If you don’t have any of these two, you may opt to use a clean cloth or small rug to spread the foam in the surrounding area of the spot you sprayed it on. This way, you are sure that you are spreading the foam on all surfaces.

Allow a few minutes for drying time

A good fifteen minutes may be enough to loosen the dirt and stain from your carpet. Make sure you let it sit for a certain time to make sure it is doing its work on your carpet. Not doing so won’t make the solution work that well.

Vacuum after drying

After the foam dries, it is now time to vacuum the area thoroughly to remove the dried foam, loosened dirt, and other dust particles. This will also enhance the effect of the Resolve cleaning spray.

Determine the cleanliness

Take another look at the overall carpet to check if you have missed a spot, it is better to be thorough so that there are no left-out stains that can ruin the look of your carpet and the carpet, eventually.

What are the types of Resolve spray for carpet cleaning and stain removal?

What are the types of Resolve spray for carpet cleaning

1. Resolve High Traffic Foam – cleans, freshens, and softens rugs, carpets, and more. The powerful cleaning solution can clean and remove stains, 3x more compared to simple vacuuming and dirt removal.

It can safely be cleaned while deodorizing the rugs and carpets. With a conditioning ingredient that will soften stubborn dirt and stains on your carpet, making it easier for you to remove it after a few minutes. Safe to use on nylon, wool, and most materials for carpeting.

2. Resolve High Traffic – Crisp Linen – Can remove dirt 5x better than using a vacuum. With a formulation that not only cleans but also removes odors from your carpet.

Will leave your carpet looking new and will also protect it from future soiling and dirt. You can use this formula to clean sizeable carpet areas and even on your upholstery.

3. Remove Ultra for Pet Messes Odor and Stain Remover – The product has a deep penetrating power to break down and lift stubborn urine stains.

It has an odor-stop technology to ensure that after cleaning, your carpet or furniture will have a clean, fresh scent.

4. Resolve Pet Expert, High-Traffic Foam- You can use this product on your carpet to eliminate pet urine, pet odors, feces, or even vomit.

They formulate the product to remove pet hair and dirt from your rugs and carpets. Ideal to be used in high-traffic areas such as area rugs, carpet on the stairs, and carpet in the living room, and bedroom.


With so many cleaning products to pick from in the market, we may get confused and have a hard time choosing.

Although there are reviews that are available online or maybe reviews from our peers who may have used the product, we are still unsure if it will work.

But the best thing is to try it and see if it will serve its purpose because finding out that it will work can make our lives easier in the long run instead of spending money on products that don’t do us any good.

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