How to Clean and Maintain your Meat Grinder

Visitors are pleased to find an excellent delicious minced meat pie. The mincing of food can be achieved by using meat grinders.

A meat grinder (meat mincer) is referred to as a piece of kitchen equipment that is used for chopping or mixing cooked or raw meat.

Meat grinders can be used to grind vegetables, fish, or foods that are similar. However, we can discuss how to clean a meat grinder properly. Let’s go.

Did you buy a meat grinder having the intention of having healthy meat instead of preserved and chemical meat? Then you did the best thing as a meat grinder is an equipment that does that effectively.

It is a replacement for tools like mincing knives, for example, those that have been used in producing filling, minced meat, etc.

The minced food is placed inside the funnel. The funnel is usually set on the top of the grinder. After being placed, the substance advances on a plane screw conveyor.

The screw conveyor is powered using a handwheel. Electric motors can also be used. The hand wheel and electric motor both squash and partially mix the food.

The screw conveyor’s end has a knife that is installed. It is installed straight at the head of a fixed plate hole. The fixed hole is where the minced meat comes out.

Breadcrumbs or sausage casing are most likely produced after replacing the hole. After the retainers drop, it is possible for a change of the plate.

The fixing screw of the meat grinder is removed and disassembled for cleaning. Apart from a home motor or manually operated grinders, there exist butchery grinders. These grinders are used in the food industries and produce a lot of tons in a short time.

Best Way to Clean a Meat Grinder

Best Way to Clean a Meat Grinder

After a delicious minced meat pie with your friends, you are left wondering how to clean a meat grinder. It is not something to worry about as the tips under will help you know how to clean meat grinders.

Use bread to dry clean

The meat grinder, whether electric or hand-operated, has a feeder tube. Through this feeder tube, the larger nuggets of meat pass through and are eventually grounded. After which you should follow the steps below after the meat has been grounded:

  • Break slices of bread of any kind. This can also include stale leftovers. Cut the bread into bits that can fit in the tube.
  • Pass the cut slices of bread into the feeder. Pass it on a similar path passed by the meat.
  • Operate the meat grinder as customary. A bit of the oil is soaked up, and the moisture left by the raw meat previously ground.

Wouldn’t it be much better to follow the steps rather than cleaning the meat grinder with soap and water? Well, it’s not mandatory to use bread, but it is a safer way of cleaning.

Crumbling the machine

Crumbling the machine

Ever wondered how many parts a meat grinder has typically? Meat grinders vary among the different brands out there in the market. It will also depend on whether it is an electric or manual meat grinder. Some parts are usual in every machine. The parts are:

  • The blade
  • Plate
  • Meat tray
  • Feeder tube

You should make sure you have disassembled every one of these parts.

Soak the meat grinder parts

Soak the meat grinder parts

Using bread to clean the meat grinder might not make it 100 percent clean. You can soak the meat grinder in a soaker for an hour. The following are steps to follow when preparing the liquid being used to soak:

  • Look for a large bowl and fill it with warm water. The water should not be at a boiling point state but a state in which you can touch and not burn.
  • Add the detergent. The amount of detergent will depend on the various types out there. But the rule is it should be more than what you would put on regular dishes.
  • The final step is to submerge the separated parts into the solution and wait for an hour.
    The motor should not be soaked if it is electric, for it could cause a lot of damage and havoc.

The Authentic Cleaning

The Authentic Cleaning

After the soaking process comes the fun part – the parts being cleaned. It is not a complicated process, and the following steps can be followed;

  • You should look for a simple dishwashing sponge. Then wipe the grease and grimy parts. If the stains do not come out, you can then use a scrub.
  • Be cautious as you are handling the blade. The blade is very sharp and can bring significant cuts.
  • The next step is to rinse the parts thoroughly and carefully using running water.

Wizening and Storing

how to clean rust off meat grinder

Is it safe to just clean and not dry and store? For meat grinders, the process does not end here. Meat grinders can stay for long when you dry and store them properly. The following are steps you can follow to ensure the storage is done well:

  • Dry the meat grinder with a dry paper towel immediately just after rinsing the parts with water. It is imperative not to delay this process. Rusting rendering them useless can occur, and it’s best if avoided.
  • Use a spray of whichever cooking oil to coat the meat grinder’s parts once you have made sure all regions are arid. This will also help prevent corrosion on the grinder.-
  • The last step is to store each and every part in separate sealed bags. You don’t have to store those bags in the freezer. However, you can store them to fasten the process of grinding for the next grinding. This is on account of using cold blades.

Cleaning of the motor

The motor is supposed to be cleaned separately from other parts of the meat grinder. The cleaning is done in case you are using an electric meat grinder. The cleaning should be done using a damp towel or cloth.

In case of grease sticking in the body of the motor, use a soaked towel with soapy water. Do dab the body carefully and make sure you don’t wet the wires or even the loose ends during the process.

Reusing Sealed Parts

Follow the following steps the next time you are using a meat grinder. Every part of the meat grinder should be placed on counters and:

  • Prepare a solution which is bleaching. You can prepare the solution using chlorine or just buy from the market.
  • Rinse the meat grinder parts using the bleaching solution or by using a spray
  • Before assembling the pieces back, do dry them thoroughly.
  • Smile and rind away from the fresh meat cook a hoop.

Blade caring

The blades will stay ready and sharpened for grinding if good and proper care is given. When using a meat grinder, you should handle it properly.

Due to this, your hands and fingers will be safe. It is also advisable not to rub down grinding plates and to cut edges. The connection between the blades and other parts of the meat grinder can make it dull.

With each use, the cutting blades become sharper. With time, it is advisable to sharpen them professionally. If that is not an option for you, then you can buy new cutting edges.

They can be ordered from the meat grinder manufacturers. A sharpening stone should be out of the picture if you are to sharpen the blades. The stones ruin the edges.

The best thing is to take the blades to the professionals if the need for sharpening arises. A soft cloth should be used to wrap the cutting blades to store them. The soft fabric will prevent the edges from rubbing each other and also keep moisture away.

Blades: Steel vs. Stainless Steel

The cutting edges are the most important and significant parts of the meat grinder. These parts are the ones to grind the vegetables and meat being put in the appliance. Which is the best cutting blade, steel, or stainless steel? The stainless ones are the better of the two.

Stainless steel has a higher performance than carbon steel blades. Stainless steel options can be beneficial, for they can last three times longer than carbon steel.

Carbon steel, on the other hand, does rust and corrode easily, making it disadvantageous. The stainless steel is not safe, putting it in a dishwasher.

Most days today, sizes of cutting blades include:

  • 2 1/8inches
  • 2 inches
  • 2  inches
  • 3 7/8 inches

The grinding plate should also be considered if you are making a change of the blades. Changing the blades will help prevent damage from occurring with the grinder.

Assembling back the meat grinder

After cleaning and storing the meat grinder, there comes a time when you have to use it again. You have to make sure all the parts are appropriately tightened and tightly.

Some grinders will come with a slight configuration difference, but all grinders have a general way. The following are the steps to assemble the meat grinder.

After making sure all the parts are clean and dry, check and make sure that the power code is not connected before you assemble.

  • The T link should be enclosed in front of the meat grinder. Then use a screw to tighten the link.
  • Insert the screw while pushing the bar in the link, rotate the bar, and ensure it goes to the back.
  • You should then add a four-leaf blade to the screw. Then push the flat side for it to face out
  • You should then place a round knife into the tip of the pushing bar. Ensure the knife edges are very flush, having the screw edges pushing the bar.
  • You should then attach the handle cap with the T link having been tightened.
  • Finally, add a stainless steel plate or food pans on the top, and off you are ready to use the meat grinder.

Eat exquisite, and stay healthy.

How good would it be if you were a hit at the next party you are planning? Meat grinders will give you that good feeling, and the food will be just perfect. Ensure your family is eating healthy foods any time you make nachos or meat pie or even pie.

We are living in an era of pollution and toxins; thus, it is essential that you eliminate chemicals. The elimination of chemicals will help and give you a natural and wholesome diet. The process of cleaning the meat grinder might seem like a daunting duty at first.

But to the contrary, it is a straightforward procedure to follow and a beneficial one. You just have to plan on which time would best fit into your schedule to do the cleaning. You should remember to clean the meat grinder; it doesn’t matter how much time is against you.

You might be short of time and use the meat grinder without cleaning it properly. This can be dangerous and health risks. The pieces left inside the meat grinder can bring harmful bacteria and affect your health in the long run.

Grinding the sausages or burgers can give you your meat results. They give you high quality. You can, of course, buy your meats pre-ground, but grinding your meat will provide you with a better flavor. It will also help you feel the real and fresh texture of your meat.

Meat in the butchery, having stayed for some time, will tend to lose its taste. The best thing is to grind your meat or chop it into the way you desire your food.

It is an unfortunate thing that most people do not consider maintaining and cleaning this appliance. Most likely, they end up buying new meat grinders a short time after purchasing the damaged one. The best thing is that all this can be avoided.

You and your family should take this holistic approach to life by following the procedures of cleaning the grinder. With the above approaches, you will know how to clean a meat grinder accordingly.

Cleaning a meat grinder will bring a healthy living, and a nutritious one since your meat will always be safe from bacteria. The meat grinder is becoming the required equipment in many homes these days. The good thing is that you can afford them as they are pocket-friendly.

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