All You Need to Know About Using a Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are convenient appliances that most people love to have in their kitchen. Food lovers can now use this equipment to make work easier.

They are not only found in kitchens but also groceries and butcheries. Restaurants, too, are finding this device very useful. One thing with a meat grinder is its efficiency and fast way to grind your meat.

When it comes to buying a meat grinder, you need to know the basics first. In addition to that, you must know how to use a meat grinder. This is one area that most people do not take seriously.

There are some things that you might not be doing correctly. Some of these mistakes can make your grinder faulty, or the meat might not turn out how you wanted it to be.

When it comes to this, there is a lot you need to know, especially the kind of meat to grind, why you should grind your meat, and how to do it.

How to use meat grinders? This is a question that many people ask themselves. If you are looking forward to grinding your meat in the comfort of your kitchen, then you are in the right place.

Using a meat grinder is something that many people are not conversant with. It is not hard to use a meat grinder, and only simple steps are required for one to understand how to use meat grinders.

Meat grinding is something easy that should not worry you, so long as you have great tips on your fingers.

How To Use a Meat Grinder: Step By Step

Having this knowledge is essential. Every meat grinder owner should know how to use a meat grinder.

Step 1

meat grinder electric



Plug the power socket of the grinder. Ensure that it does not have any water that can create a short circuit. Put the meat into the feeding bar and push it towards the grinder. If you have a meat grinder, you should already know where the feeding bar is.

Step 2

how to use electric meat grinder

The meat will be pushed into the blade, and when the power is on, the grinder will grind the meat. Place a bowl on the ground where the meat will fall after being grounded.

Step 3

how to assemble electric meat grinder

If you want this meat to have an even more excellent texture, you can grind the meat twice. Repeat this process until when you feel you have the right texture you want.

Step 4

After you are done grinding, disconnect the appliance from the power source. Never forget this every time you use the appliance. Always remove the appliance from the power source.

Step 5

After you are done with the grinding, always ensure that you wash off the remnants of the meat so that your appliance can be clean.

Dismantle the machine, wash and let it dry off. You can, at times, oil the screws so that they do not get stuck every time you want to use them.

Such an easy process, right? As said earlier, it is not hard to grind meat. After the grinding process, you might be asking about the dos and don’ts before and after grinding the meat. So here are some of the things you should always have in mind when grinding meat.

Keep everything cold

Do not grind warm meat. This is because it will produce fat and will have some cooked texture. The meat will also be dry. It is therefore advisable that you place the grinder and the meat in the freezer for some time. The meat should be cold until when it’s time to grind it.

Another pro tip is that if the meat is for making sausages, you need to use one bowl with ice and another one on top of it with the ground meat to keep it well chilled. The meat will be great for sausages; you can be assured that the sausages will turn out great and smooth.

The good thing about keeping the meat chilled is that there will be no oil extracts. You, therefore, will not have to worry about one oil remnant on the grinder and the meat looking so oily, thus losing its taste at times.

How well do you have cut the pieces of meat?

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It is recommended that you trim your meat well. If you do not do this, your meat might have smears. Smearing at times is brought about by meat that gets stuck around the cutting blade.

They get stuck since they have not been properly trimmed. Therefore, ensure that your meat is cut adequately before you can put it in the grinder.

This will ensure that you get exceptional and smooth meat. What is smeared meat? This one is a bit fat than the other pieces of meat.

This is something that you should look out for when you want to get smooth meat. Some grinding machines have a reverse function.

If your grinder has this function, you can reverse this process, and you will see that the smearing will fix itself. Repeat the reverse process until you get the type of meat you want.

If the machine does not have this function, you can disassemble the machine, clean it, and start the process all over again.

Keep the blades sharp and the plate clean.

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Ensure that the grinding blades in the machine are always sharp. This is one of the parts of the equipment that requires a lot of attention.

Imagine using blunt blades to grind your meat. What results will you get? For sure, it can be frustrating and equally annoying.

Always look forward to sharpening the cutting blades in the grinder. If you do not know how to sharpen the blades or you see it as much work, you can buy more replacement blades. You will be able to get excellent results when using a sharp blade while grinding.

The plate and blade should always be a priority after you have done the grinding. You can sharpen the blade each time you grind meat.

The plate should always be clean. You can get sick if you do not clean the plate each time after use. The plate is made of a material that will tarnish if placed in the dishwashing machine.

Therefore, the best way to clean this is by hand cleaning. Use hot soapy water for this so that all the remnants are cleared off. After this, use a towel to dry the water too.

Every time you do this, you will be guaranteed that you will not get any sickness from using unclean appliances.

Food lovers worldwide who love grinding meat can now use this equipment to grind their meat with easiness. It is very easy to use, and you are only required to grasp the basics, and you will be good to go.

People grind meat for various reasons. If you are not sure as to why you should use a grinder, then here are some of the reasons you need to do this;

It is the safest way

Sadly, people love duping people. They tend to sell you the meat of an animal that you did not request especially for the canned meat. It is sad, but it’s the truth. In such circumstances, the only person you can trust is yourself.

Do not allow anyone to grind the meat for you. Take the initiative of grinding the meat by yourself. This gives you extra assurance that you are only feeding on the animal that you wanted and not something else.

The meat texture

When the meat is preserved for very long hours, it might undergo oxidation. It will lose its original taste. It will also lose the moisture it has.

This will be different if you grind your meat. It will have the original taste and texture of the meat. It will make you even more eager to eat that meat.

Preserved meat, especially those in supermarkets, tends to lose its original flavor. But when you grind your meat by yourself, the texture will be preserved. You will love the smell and taste of fresh meat rather than already ground and preserved meat.

Cheap in value

Have you ever bought preserved meat at the supermarket? You will agree that it is costly, especially if you purchase it from time to time.

This is money that can be put to other uses once you get a meat grinder for yourself. Imagine the number of dollars you can save just by getting a grinder rather than buying the preserved meat in supermarkets, which cost a fortune.

It’s the new trend

Are you someone who loves being up-to-date with new trends? Then getting a grinder is what you should do. Most people have meat grinders and are loving the great work it does for them.

They enjoy original tasty meat made just from the comfort of their homes. They do not go out when they want to eat meat, especially when it’s raining. If you haven’t joined this club yet, it’s time for you to join it and get the benefits.

Size option

When buying preserved meat, there might be a limitation to the sizes you get there. Some of these might force you to take two or more cans just to get the right quantity and amount that will feed your whole family. This will, of course, increase the price more.

With a meat grinder, you will be able to grind just the size you feel will be okay for you. This will dramatically reduce the cost of what you would have used in the supermarket. Why not use that extra money to treat your family out for dinner?

Now that you know the reasons why most people have meat grinders, it is good to know the precautions.


Before you can do anything with the meat grinder, ensure that the area you are working on is clean. Also, ensure that the meat grinder is clean as well.

Ensure that all its parts are in place to avoid any inconveniences. Clean your hands as well. This will ensure that the meat will not be contaminated in any way.

It is good to note that the meat grinder comes with different grinders that give different results. It is therefore upon you to choose which grinder you would want to grind for the best results.

Insert the proper grinder beforehand. When you are sure that everything around you is clean, you can now proceed to the next step.

Meat should not have any bones

The meat that you choose for grinding should not have any bones or skins. If the meat has any bones, it might damage the meat grinder.

Better still, you will not get the required results for the meat, therefore, for you to be able to get the best results to scrutinize the meat thoroughly and ensure that it does not have any bone or skins.

After you are sure of these precautions, it is time to get into the meat grinder for the deer process.

What to do if you want very fine results

If you are looking forward to getting outstanding results, always ensure that you grind, starting from the most significant pieces of meat to the largest. Ensure that you grind them twice for them to become even finer.

Repeat this process, and gradually you will have even finer results. By doing this, you will be preventing smearing and as well as getting very fine meat, especially for the sausages.

Final Words

How to use a meat grinder? This should be a question of the past if you have these great tips. It is not hard to use a meat grinder. By following the above steps, you will have an easier time grinding your meat.

Apart from that, ensure you grasp all the precautions regarding the grinding procedure. Note that you should clean the appliance after use and remember to store the appliance in a safe place.

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