Why You Should Choose the Chime 12 Inch Hybrid mattress?

The hybrid mattress is one of the most prosperous, exceptional, and best for comfort dear people who don’t want to compromise with their beds.

Actually, a hybrid mattress is made of memory foam, latex, and gel along with foam and comes with multi-layered beds.

Over 65% of people have an impressive interest in this superior mattress. 25% of people already owned this individual mattress for their beds. But its usable percentage is increasing day by day.

In the hybrid mattresses, Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress is a great addition. Chime is a particular hybrid mattress that has exceptional and characteristic features, specifications, and worthy performance.

Here’s everything you should know about Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress reviews. Stay with us!

Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

Top Pick
Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Product Specification:
  • Product Dimensions: 79.75 x 60 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎95 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Ashley Furniture
  • Item Model Number: M69731
  • Country of Origin: ‎China

Talk about an affordable and consummate mattress for a family or single person, probably you won’t find a remarkable and supreme mattress like Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress.

Not only does this mattress have high-quality and filtered specifications, but also you can use it for several purposes.

I will recommend you later about what purposes you can use it but for now, let me clarify to you about what types of features and components you can get from this extraordinary mattress.

From sizes to construction type, every single specification I will specify here in a very specific way. Therefore, let me start with the Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress reviews.

Size & Style

chime 12 inch hybrid mattress reviews

12-inch Ashley hybrid king mattresses are usable for verities types of families and beds. It doesn’t matter how many large or smaller beds you have, you will find several sizes of hybrid matters.

Chime mattress is available in multiple sizes such as king, queen, twin, and full. Interestingly, the Californian bed comes in dissimilar and unique sizes to other state beds. , Chime manufacturers decided to launch a California-style and size mattress.

A total of 4 accurate sizes are available in this mattress including 8-inch, 10-inch, 10-inches (2 foams), and 12-inches. Queen size total measurement will be 60 inches in width x 79.5 inches in height x 12 inches in height.

Consequently, whatever size bed you have, you can purchase any size hybrid that matters to your requirements.

Construction Type & Design

As I mentioned to you before, the chime bed mattress construction type is a hybrid type. Talk about its design, chime has a signature design by Ashley. Ashley is a very spectacular and certain brand from the entire fabulous hybrid mattress brands.

In its construction, there will be Viscose (53 %), Acrylic (11 %), Para-Aramid Fiber (5 %), Filament Poly (11 %), and Polyester (20 %). Overall, its construction type and design will be pretty comfier to use for you.

Maximum Loading Capacity

Considering the loading capacity is very crucial for everyone. For example, you are a heavy-weight person (200lbs) and if you choose a 150lbs weight capacity mattress obviously it will damage you.

Chime hybrid loading mattress maximum weight capacity 130lbs to 230lbs. For a double person, its weight capacity will be more than 250 lbs.

The Color

Ashley Chime 12-inch plush hybrid mattress king has two specific colors one is 94% white and 6% black (right on the mattress’s overall sides). Mattress color actually doesn’t matter a lot. The most particular reason is you will put the mattress cover on it.

Fabric Durability

The majority numbers of mattresses come with high-quality fabrics and last longer. Particularly, the Chime mattress is made of viscose and polyester fabric.

Opportunely, these fabrics could last for over 10 to 20 years. That means; you have to be worried about its durability because it’s super strong and lasts longer.

Certified Foam

In truth, it’s complicated to find any hybrid mattresses with certifications. Manufacturers don’t examine their mattress’s durability, usability, and structures.

As a result, those foams don’t assure comfort and supportiveness. The Chime mattress is very soft, cozy, and comfortable, and has sleeper foams. It passed a number of quality tastes and that’s why this mattress is known as a certified bed hybrid mattress.


Matters mean comfortability, indeed, we choose a mattress so we can get more comfortable sleeping I bed. Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress has gel memory foam, 680 individual powers packed wrapped coils, and durable upholstery grade comfort support foam.

Also, its smooth layers make it super supportive for dreamy sleeping. Overall, I hope you don’t have to compromise your comfort with it.


Actually, a foldable feature is very rare in mattresses. The majority of mattresses can’t endure and support the folds. If you fold an ordinary mattress genuinely its foam will break easily.

Conveniently, the chime hybrid mattress comes with this antique and opportune feature. In fact, the manufacturer will deliver it to you as a foldable mattress in a box.

When you open the mattress parcel you will find it as a foldable round-up mattress. Overall, I hope you gained a lot of information about the chime mattress and what components will get you from it.


No one wants to pay higher prices for a low-quality product. As for the Chime hybrid mattress, its price isn’t so expensive to buy. As a matter of fact, a Hybrid mattress is pretty affordable and budget-friendly.

It could cost you a total of 250 to 270 bucks approximately. Truly, I think this is a fair price to pay for the best comfier and pain-removal mattress.

Benefit and Disadvantages of Ashley Chime mattress 12 inches (Pros & Cons)

ashley chime 12 inch medium firm memory foam mattress

Normally, every single hybrid mattress has several advantages and as well as disadvantages. But Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress has more than 90% benefits instead of issues.

For your easy understanding, I will divide the whole pros and cons into two sides so you can observe carefully what benefit exactly you are going to have. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of a Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress.

  • Chime mattresses can easily suit any air pressure, humidity, & ventilation
  • Especially it is made for affluent sleep and pain-removing purposes
  • It’s a pressure-relief functional mattress
  • The Chime hybrid mattress is a noise-free mattress
  • Its overall edge support is too admirable
  • Easily foldable and foam is very flexible
  • The price is very budget-friendly and inexpensive
  • It is made of technical construction and certified foams
  • After unboxing, it will take 72 hours to remove its packaging odor.
  • Those people who have allergy problems could face trouble with it.
  • Over 230lbs weighted people can’t use it

Why You Should Buy Chime Hybrid Mattress?

ashley memory foam mattress queen

Basically, there are myriad types of immense and prodigious mattresses, so why do I prefer, the Chime hybrid mattress instead of others?

Chime isn’t an ordinary mattress brand, its reliable features, admirable technology, and comfort are the reasons I’m choosing this mattress for review. Its outstanding performance and multiple uses help it to hold a strong position in the market.

I don’t know how much to sell chime hybrid mattresses in a year worldwide, but I can provide you with information about the online demands of this hybrid mattress.

Only Amazon sells this mattress over 40,000 pieces. Can you imagine that? Of course, it’s a huge number, and it happened because of its smoothness and budget-friendliness.

In my consideration, its total positive rating is 4.7 out of 5.0. Overall, I think these reasons are enough to tell you why you should purchase and choose this chime hybrid mattress rather than others.

Chime Hybrid Mattress Compatible with all Bases and Frames

Because it’s a foldable chime hybrid mattress, it is compatible will multiple dissimilar bases and frames. You can apply this mattress on a box spring bed, traditional bed, platform bed, or adjustable bed, and also you can keep it on the floor.

You can’t use any ordinary mattress for several purposes. However, the hybrid is a characteristic mattress that supports various uses.

So, it doesn’t matter what type of bed, base, or frames you have, definitely, it is easily compatible with every bed.

Chime 12-inch Hybrid Mattress Maintenance and Cleaning

Obviously, you must have knowledge about how to maintain a mattress and how to clean a mattress so it can perform well and last longer.

Over 40% of mattresses do not last long because of improper maintenance and less cleaning. But you’re clever enough to understand it, that’s why you’re still reading this section. Here’s how you should maintain and keep clean your hybrid mattress.

  • Rotate or flip the hybrid mattress every 6 months.
  • Don’t let the kids jump on it regularly, jumping could damage the springs
  • Use a fatted mattress sheet, it protects the mattress better than any sheets
  • Always try to keep it dry and clean it regularly
  • For cleaning, use baking soda then such the soda by your vacuum cleaner
  • It is better to provide sun heat to your mattress every 1 month
  • Check the matters up regularly, if possible

12 Inch Mattress Vs 10 Inch Mattress – Which one is better and why?

Concerning 12-inch mattresses Vs 10-inch mattresses which one is the best, actually, it’s a little tough to explain which one you should choose. Both mattresses are better to use, but it all depends on who is using them.

For example, single-person beds have small-sized structures instead of king-size beds. That means; it makes sense to use a 10-inch mattress for your single bed. But when it comes to king-size, queen-size, or duplex-size beds, obviously a 12-inch mattress will be immaculate for you.

A 12-inch mattress comes with better firmness and thickness than a 10-inch mattress. Also, 12-inch matters have more spring, coal, and extra foam than 10 inches. So overall, I think you choose a 12-inch mattress over 10 inches.


Can I fold the Chime mattress?

Undoubtedly, you can fold the chime mattresses are you wish or require either. Chime mattress has very flappable, flexible, and unbreakable foam.

That’s why; it won’t break if you fold it for any reason. Another reason for its foldability is it has super Flexi coal, durable springs, and multilayers. Above all, we can call the chime mattress the best for folding.

Where I can find Chime 12 inch hybrid mattress?

Nowadays, product selling has become totally online-based. Myriad people think shopping from the market or outer shop is a little bit arduous and effort-full. As for, online shopping platforms earn huge potential.

Talk about where you can find a chime 12-inch hybrid mattress, without any hesitation, you can purchase it from well-known online stores. In this case, particularly Amazon, eBay, and Walmart will be trustworthy options for buying this mattress.

How long a Chime mattress could long last?

A well-branded mattress could last over 8-10 years. Chime mattresses could long last for a minimum of 7 to 10 years and a maximum of 12-15 years. But you have to maintain it utterly and as perfectly as possible.

Try to keep it dry and clean regularly. So, if you want to sleep on it for 3650 days then there has not alternative except take care of it.

How long does a chime mattress take to expand?

Chime mattresses take an average of 4 to 6 hours to expand woolly. As a concerned you before that chime mattress will come as a foldable mattress.

That’s why after unboxing it, you have to let it expand for a minimum of 4-5 hours. In 6 hours, it will be fully expanding. In my suggestion, don’t use it for 6 hours before it expands totally.

Is Chime-branded mattress worth buying?

In truth, I literally take lots of people’s recommendations about chime-branded mattresses and 99% of people provide positive feedback. That means I can say yes, buying a chime-branded mattress will be worth it for you.

Final Verdict

It’s time to fish this amazing and amusing article about chime 12-inch hybrid mattress reviews. If you are still reading this article, then thank you very much for providing your precious time with us.

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