How To Use Electric Air Mattress Pump

Do you have an air mattress but no pump to pump it? Or are you just planning to purchase an “air” mattress, but have not yet decided which pump is better?

Or maybe the pump with which the mattress was equipped is out of order and cannot be repaired, which implies the purchase of a new device? If you are looking for the best air mattress pump, you should opt for an electric air mattress pump.

An electric air mattress is considered to be an exceptionally convenient product for filling the air in a mattress, as well as other furniture items (with air filling).

An electric pump does not require any effort during operation, so even a child can use it. In just a couple of minutes, you can fill the air in a large mattress.

Using this device, you can blow off the mattress, after which you can pack it in a small bag and take it with you to the sea.

The main feature of the electric mattress is that it needs a power outlet (voltage 12 V) for operation. This will be enough to ensure that it functions effectively. You can also use a small battery.

An air mattress pump is an essential item that should be in any home. It is required for those who have an inflatable mattress. It can also be used for other items, although more often the pump for an air mattress is used only to prepare the mattress.

Electric Air Mattress Pump

air mattress pump electric

In terms of operation, this type is most convenient. The inflation process takes only a couple of minutes. The dimensions of the device are slightly larger than that of its mechanical counterparts.

If the pump is planned to be used on a camping trip, you should make sure that the purchased model can work from a car lighter.

If, in places where the device will be used, there has to be a possibility to connect to the network (220V) or the car (12V). If this can’t work for you.

It is better to purchase a battery. The battery can withstand about 3-4 pumping cycles. It should be recharged frequently, that is, after 3-4 pumping cycles.

Filling a mattress requires a rather large amount of air, and it is practically impossible to do this with your lungs, so pumps come to the rescue.

However, pumping up an inflatable lounger with your hands can also be a rather tedious task. Therefore, electric pumps for mattresses are gaining more and more popularity.

An air mattress is a strong and reliable product, but improper operation can lead to rapid damage and the inability to continue operating.

Is a pump Necessary?

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Those who already own some piece of “airy” furniture know that inflating a single sleeping mattress, even light ones, is not an easy task.

After several inflations in such a “simplified” way, many owners begin to think about how to make the task simpler.

No need to worry as today, there is an electric pump that will make your work easier. Besides, not much energy is used in the process.

Basic Rules For Choosing a Device

Deciding on the choice of the pump for the mattress, you need to analyze several issues, namely:

• How often will the mattress be operated? • How big is it (single, one and a half, double)? • Where exactly will the item be operated – at home, outdoors, or on travel?

How Often Will the Mattress Be Operated

air mattress pump adapter

If you plan to use the mattress only occasionally, you can do it with an inexpensive device with low performance and with the simplest design.

Similarly, when you plan to use the mattress frequently (for example, during outdoor activities), pump it before every night and blow it off again in the morning, it is better to purchase a high-performance pump. Relationship between mattress size and pump model.

A low single product can be filled with air using a simple mechanical device. But the high double mattress is faster and easier to pump with an electric pump.

How To Pump Up An Air Mattress

How To Pump Up An Air Mattress

The easiest way to inflate an air mattress is with an electric pump. Electric pumps have limited power. The volume of blown air is 600 liters per minute. This power is enough to inflate a mattress. If you use a mechanical pump, you need to be alert.

The power of a mechanical pump is limited only by your desire to pump air. Such a pump can inflate an air mattress or an air bed up to a gap.

Be careful when using mechanical pumps. After inflating, the mattress should slip and remain slightly soft.

The Weight People To Sleep On It

Even using an electric pump, you should pay attention to the weight of people to sleep on it. If they are children or teenagers weighing up to 70 kg, when pumping with the electric pump, you can just wait until the pump doesn’t pump anymore, then turn it off.

You can use the mattress without further manipulation. If the weight of the people sleeping on it is higher, after pumping up, air should be blown off a little, to make it a little softer.

Remember, the weight of sleeping bodies will put pressure on the air inside, and the mattress will become stiffer.

To increase the life of the air mattress, it is recommended to lay a thick blanket or a dense blanket on top. This will contribute to a more even distribution of the load over the area of the mattress.

By distributing the load, you will extend the life of the air mattress, and it will delight you for many years.

Why Electric Air Mattress Stands Out?


The advantages of the electric pump, in comparison with other popular devices, manual and foot, are obvious. You do not need any physical activity, the device will do all the work for you and very quickly, in just a few minutes.

Thus, one can quickly inflate the mattress, and at the same time, not even a teenager or an older person can get tired.

With the lightweight, the mattress needs to be pumped up a little harder. However, with heavyweight, you should not pump it to the limit. Pumping within 85% is recommended.

When implementing the process of inflation, it is necessary to control the level of stiffness and elasticity. As soon as the folds disappear and the mattress becomes tight – the process can be stopped.

Electric air mattresses are usually directly connected to a 220V network, but this does not mean that in nature, it is impossible to use such technology.

Some models allow you to connect through the adapter of the car lighter. If you prefer to travel without a car, then you should pay attention to battery pumps or battery products.

An electric pump can be called the most convenient of all available types of pumps. An electric pump does not require the use of physical force.

Inflating a mattress occurs in a matter of minutes. Compared to other pump models, electrical pumps are large, but they are also very easy to take on a camping trip.

But, to use such a pump, electricity is needed. Today, there are electric pumps on sale that have an adapter for connecting to the car’s lighter. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a person to inflate a mattress with this help.

If there is no car, then you can purchase an electric pump that comes with a battery, which can be precharged at home and easily inflate a mattress where there is no electricity.

There are electric pumps that can run on batteries. But, they have their drawbacks, the pump will be short-lived. The batteries for such a pump are very powerful and therefore expensive.

More modern and technological models of units belonging to the category of electric will allow you to build a berth or a place of temporary rest in a matter of minutes since physical effort is not needed.

An air mattress with a pump can be put into operation by simply connecting the device to the network.

The device will not take up additional space because modern designs are equipped with built-in pump models. The main advantages of foot structures include the ability to operate away from civilization, where there is no access to the network.

We should not forget about the practicality and reliability of mechanical devices that can be used not only for pumping mattresses. The design is indispensable.

The advantage of a removable unit for air mattresses is that there is a possibility of using it for other inflatable products. The built-in pump does not have such advantages.

In the contemporary world, almost everything is changing. Everything is evolving at a faster pace. For instance, there is an electric air mattress pump that has now replaced the manual pump. It is very convenient to use, and no effort is needed for it to work—only electricity.

Since it is good to use this pump, you must know how to use it properly. With that, you will be able to inflate your mattress any time you feel like relaxing or when you are camping.

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