The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

Do you feel that your standard mattress is not comfortable enough and doesn’t support you enough at night? Either it is too firm or too soft and prevents you from sleeping well at night, especially if you like to sleep on your side.

If you are a side sleeper, then you need a mattress designed for your sleeping position. Fortunately, many mattress brands make this type of mattress as side sleeping is a popular way of sleeping among many people.

If you have a mattress that is too hard, then you will tend to toss and turn a lot as it is not comfortable. You may also wake up with aching shoulders and hips. If you sleep on a mattress that is too soft, then you will find yourself disappearing into it, and you will not be able to move around.

That’s why you need the best mattress topper for side sleepers with lower back pain. Unfortunately, many brands are making these mattresses and you might get confused as to which one is the right one for you.

Top 12 Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers With Lower Back Pain:

Let’s now look at the best one that made it to the list;

Best Overall
1. Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam
Key Features:
  • It’s supportive
  • Affordable price
  • Can regulate temperatures well

Are you one of those side sleepers who need to support the various pressure points when you sleep? Well, then this mattress topper from Sleep Innovations could be the answer. The Dual Layer topper offers extra comfort when your bed is not doing enough. It features gel memory foam, making it one of the most luxurious toppers for side sleepers on the market.

The Sleep Innovations 4-inch mattress topper comes with two layers: the cover and gel memory foam. The cooling aspect of the gel memory foam is one of this product’s main features. Apart from providing sinkable softness, the foam uses a technology that draws heat away from the body and creates the right temperature for deep sleep.

The mattress cover goes over the memory foam, adding two more inches of fluffy fiberfill. A few customers noted that squeezing the cover over the foam was a bit challenging, but it should fit snugly over the foam. The design is similar to a fitted sheet, so all you have to do is tuck the corners and enjoy luxurious comfort all night.

This topper is specially designed for people with back issues, providing the perfect balance between support and comfort. The two layers are neither too firm nor too soft and don’t retain heat for comfort. It comes in 5 sizes for twin, queen, full, king, and California king.

Sleep Innovations provides a 10-year warranty, which covers material defects. The topper is CertiPUR-US-certified for the use of safe materials. It has a reasonable price tag considering that you get a more comfy pillow-like experience.

High Quality
2. Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Key Features:
  • It’s firm to distribute weight and carry
  • The gel beads prevent overheating
  • Offers added comfort

Linenspa is one of the leading companies when it comes to high-quality mattresses. The brand’s main intention is to offer customers luxurious bedding that is inexpensive. So if you are looking for a little extra comfort without digging too much into your pocket, the Linenspa best mattress toppers might be an ideal pick for you.

The topper is 2 inches thick to provide additional firmness and comfort. For people with a more massive build, you can also get a 3-inch size (reviewed below) to get more cushion. Both sizes come in a variety of sizes so you can find what you need right now. This mattress topper is a little heavier than most other toppers, which is an advantage because it can stick on top of your mattress.

The topper also comes with thousands of polyurethane gel beads, which help to regulate temperature. The memory foam tends to retain body heat, which can affect sleep. The beads play a useful role in maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment for rest.

Most customers are satisfied with how well the material distributes weight to mold your body and alleviate pressure points. The foam is certified by CertiPUR US, which shows all materials used are safe. Overall, it does a great job of providing support and comfort, and it should feel wonderful to sleep on.

Best Choice
3. LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Key Features:
  • Excellent price point
  • Offers superb support
  • Available in many sizes

If you are considering softening up an existing mattress, then this Lucid Foam Topper can be a great addition to your sleeping arsenal. Lucid is a famous bedding company that produces foam products in accordance with the CertiPUR-US program that tests all products for harmful substances. The Lucid Ventilated Memory Foam offers an excellent balance between quality and comfort.

This is an excellent choice for people suffering from back and joint problems, especially when sleeping. The 3-inch topper is suitable for people with a larger build as it allows you to sleep in different positions without losing the soft feel. The specialized memory foam used is exceptionally receptive and comfortable.

This mattress can support the weight without compressing, thanks to the firm memory foam. Instead, it compresses fully upon contact and spreads the pressure to nearby cells. Unlike old foams, the memory foam used here adapts to your body shape and maintains the spine in the right position. Verified users said that sleeping on this topper feels like sleeping on a cloud.

The foam is breathable with a good ventilation system that controls the free movement of air. Whether you are just resting or sleeping at night, you will appreciate how well the topper adjusts to your body temperature. This is the ideal choice for those people who have issues with overheating at night.

Another benefit of the Lucid 3” mattress topper is that it integrates natural resistance to allergies. This is a great feature for people who complain of toppers that cause allergies. It comes with a 3-year warranty to keep your investment safe.

Best Comfortable
4. LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Key Features:
  • High-density foam
  • Has a ventilated design to regulate heat
  • 3-year warranty

Sleeping on a comfortable surface keeps your mind and body relaxed. This is one of the thickest mattress toppers, featuring a well-ventilated design that enhances the circulation of air when you sleep. The Lucid 4” mattress topper is designed to distribute the weight of your body evenly for extra comfort.

This well-built topper might be what you need to ease severe back or joint pain and enjoy better sleep. It’s suitable for side sleepers who want extra cushioning around their shoulders and neck. Besides, it will keep your body temperature perfect by providing a cooling effect thanks to its breathable design. This product is so effective, thanks to a unique gel formula that is extremely responsive and distributes weight evenly.

The queen size has dimensions of 78 x 58 x 4 inches with a density of 4.5 pounds. It is available in all standard sizes from Twin to California King. It’s safe to say that there is an option for any size of mattress you need.

This is suitable for anyone looking for both soft and supportive mattress toppers. The company stands behind the product by offering a 3-year warranty in case of any defects.

Best Seller
5. Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper
Key Features:
  • The quality foam provides excellent support
  • It’s light and breathable
  • Made with safe materials

The LinenSpa mattress topper is made to soothe pressure points and disperse your body weight evenly for a good night’s sleep. The Gel infusions are used to generate a calming feel with a ventilated design that keeps the temperatures on point. The memory foam used in this topper is CertiPUR-US certified to ensure all safety standards.

One of its unique features is the gel-infused memory foam that features open-cell technology that enhances the flow of air. As a result, it’s best suited for those who sleep hot and need a topper to sleep cool. The Linenspa 3-inch topper does more than cool you at night, it also contours the body to ensure proper alignment of the spine.

By adding 3 inches to your existing mattress, all the raised zones get the relief they deserve. The bed is also infused with a calming scent that should dissipate in 48 hours. It is built to last, and the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty that covers any defects in materials. It’s a worthy investment considering the price and the value you get.

Best Overall
6. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper
Key Features:
  • It provides relief and ultimate body-conforming comfort
  • TEMPUR material is durable, and thus this topper will serve you for a long time
  • The cover is machine-washable
  • It is versatile and thus can be used for different mattresses
  • It is made from hypoallergenic materials and thus can resist allergens and dust mites

Tempur-Pedic is a renowned brand and one of the largest providers of bedding and mattresses. The brand offers a variety of quality sleep products and bedding to its customers, including pillows, cushions, bedding, and mattress toppers. The Tempur-Pedic 3-inch Queen Mattress Topper is one of the top toppers offered by this brand. Made from TEMPUR material, this mattress topper provides ultimate body-conforming support for all side sleepers.

In terms of material and construction, this 3-inch mattress topper is designed to make you sleep better and more comfortably. This way, you can have an enjoyable sleep every night and a jovial morning without soreness and pain.

The unique construction of this mattress, which has 3 layers including the cover, the bottom, and the filling, delivers customized comfort. Its cover is made from 98% polyester, which means it is soft, flexible, and plush. This means you get maximum comfort from this topper’s surface. It is also resistant to allergens and dust mites, and thus safer for people with skin sensitivities and allergies.

The filling is made from TEMPUR material, a material considered to be the authentic memory foam that was originally designed for use by NASA.

This Supreme 3-inch Mattress Topper by Tempur-Pedic is designed to consistently deliver great comfort, irrespective of the mattress you put it on. This is majorly down to the unique TEMPUR material that is used for filling it.

This topper has a thickness of three inches, and thus you can rest assured that it will transform how your mattress feels.

Best Lightweight
7. POLAR SLEEP Mattress Topper King
  • Offers ultimate support and comfort for your standard mattress to help you sleep better
  • Has gel beads to dissipate heat. This prevents overheating.
  • Soft and contour to your body for spinal alignment
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US, which means it is safe

For side sleepers, there is a tendency to apply more pressure on the hips and shoulder area when sleeping. That’s why they require a softer mattress topper so that the pressure points can sink in a cozy manner into the memory foam.

This is exactly what this best memory foam mattress topper offers. What makes this topper stand out is that it is able to remember your body shape, and thus provide ultimate support to all your pressure points, all while keeping the spine in a straight line.

This ensures that you wake up feeling relaxed and without sore parts. Another factor that makes this mattress topper stand out is its ample thickness which ensures that you get ultimate support in your stomach area. This means it can also be used by stomach sleepers.

This pressure-relieving quality memory foam mattress topper is also great for spine alignment. The spine alignment feature ensures that you get ultimate support and relieves pressure points by distributing your body weight in an even manner across your mattress. All these work together to ensure you wake up energized and rejuvenated every morning.

This foam mattress topper is also gel-infused and ventilated to help regulate sleep temperature so that you can sleep comfortably. This together with breathable and lightweight memory foam facilitates enough airflow through the topper to prevent overheating when you sleep. With this topper, you can now sleep peacefully without having to toss and turn throughout the night.

In terms of safety, this mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified and thus has met all the safety standards needed for a memory foam topper. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the materials used to make this topper are of superior quality and do not emit harmful chemicals.

Best Value
8. Extra Plush Rayon from Bamboo Cooling Topper
Key Features:
  • It has a hypoallergenic cover
  • It is comfortable and soft
  • Offer a cool sleep
  • Features eco-friendly bamboo rayon

This mattress pad from ExceptionalSheets is ideal for side sleepers with old mattresses as they give the bed an upgrade and a modern feel. You can fit it on any mattress, regardless of how firm or soft it is. Usually, people get mattress pads to convert a firm mattress into a softer one or make an old mattress useful again.

This mattress pad does exactly that and also offers a comfortable and relaxed sleep surface that allows a sleeper to have enough sleep without having to toss and turn.

The mattress pad cover is made of a plush rayon sourced from bamboo. The cover is soft and aids in keeping your sleeping surface cool. The filling used in this mattress pad is hypoallergenic, which means they do not allow dust, dust mites, allergens, mold, and dander to penetrate the mattress pad. This makes this mattress pad ideal for people with allergy issues.

The revolt polyester fiber filling that is used in this mattress pad offers great comfort when you sleep. What’s more, the cluster fiber traps air inside to make the filling stay puffed up and prevent flattening after prolonged use. This not only gives your mattress an excellent look but also offers great support.

The cover of this topper is hypoallergenic, which doesn’t allow allergens, mold, dander, etc. to penetrate this pad.

Best Matrial
9. Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted mattress topper
Key Features:
  • It is durable
  • This pad is soft and comfortable
  • The ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality mattress pad
  • The cover is machine washable

This mattress pad will provide you with a great sleeping experience. It is made with polyester fiberfill that makes it feel fluffy and cozy. The top has a microfiber fabric that adds to its comfort.

With this mattress pad, you can upgrade and revitalize an old mattress, and change the firmness or softness to an extra layer of sleep.

Constructed with a beautiful diamond pattern design, the wall between the top and bottom layers helps prevent the polyester filling from shifting and clumping on the side. This ensures that they remain evenly distributed to disperse your body weight evenly.

In other words, this mattress topper cuddles you to your sleep thanks to its architectural design that promotes easy movement while also creating a cloud-like surface to your bedroom simultaneously.

What’s more, this mattress topper has a smooth grip skirt system that fits mattresses perfectly. Unlike most skirt systems, the smooth grip skirt system of this mattress topper works as a sheet, wrapping your mattress around.

Best Seller
10. LUCID Topper 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam
Key Features:
  • It is breathable for temperature control
  • Helps to extend your mattress life
  • Cost-effective compared to getting a new mattress
  • Offers neck and back support for spine alignment

If your bed is sagging or has become unsupportive or lumpy, it might be time to consider getting a mattress topper to take away the pains and aches your current mattress is causing, and this ventilated 2” memory foam mattress topper from Lucid 2 helps to solve the issue and relieve your pain of your pressure points.

In terms of thickness, the Lucid mattress topper has a thickness of two inches, which means that it will add enough support to your existing mattress, What’s more, it is not too thick to fit into your existing sheets. The two inches are great for adding softness that was missing in your already too-firm mattress. It offers you the support you need for soft contouring to keep you well-aligned during sleep.

This mattress topper is made using a premium memory foam material that has incorporated open-cell technology. The open cells help to prevent this memory foam from sinking into the area where you normally sleep. All the materials used are safe as this product is certified by CertiPUR-US, an independent lab that checks performance, emissions, content, and construction. This memory foam also has ventilation that promotes cooling to ensure you don’t sleep on a too-hot mattress.

You are advised not to launder this mattress topper. That’s why you should include a mattress cover or mattress pad that protects against burns and spills. Therefore, get a mattress protector to help maintain the integrity and quality of this mattress topper.

Best Budget
11. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Key Features:
  • It reduces motion transfer throughout the bed
  • Conforms to the size and shape of your body
  • Comes with a polyester cover
  • Relieves body pain thanks to its sizeable thickness

The Best Price Mattress was formed to help customers get affordable mattresses, bedding, and toppers while still maintaining quality. This budget-friendly mattress topper is one of their best models and can improve the appearance and softness of your bed.

This model is designed to contour your curves, especially if you are a side sleeper. The 4-inch mattress topper has 1.5 inches of memory foam that is designed to ensure even weight distribution and offer pressure relief. The cover, which is made of a polyester mesh, can be removed easily thanks to the zipper to ensure easier spot cleaning.

What’s more, manufacturers have infused green tea into this foam, which adds a relaxing scent to your bedroom so as to reduce stress and promote fresher air that improves your sleep experience.

This mattress topper also has an aerated design to cool the mattress if it gets too hot. In terms of motion transfer, this foam is designed to absorb vibrations that normally travel across the bed as people move around. This means that if you share a bed with others, you will not disturb them when they are sleeping.

Best Design
12. Queen Size 3 Inch Thick Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper
Key Features:
  • It has 3-inch support and conforms to your body. This adds comfort.
  • Memory foam helps redistribute weight and thus reduces pressure on pain points
  • Has a gel-like feel and is thus comfortable
  • Safe materials

You can instantly make your mattress more comfortable and supportable in the sagging areas by getting this best bed topper from Memory Foam Solutions.

It is made from polyurethane and has non-toxic chemicals that make it viscous, thereby increasing its temperature sensitivity. This bed topper is firmer and reacts to body heat thus enabling it to mold itself to the body shape and its contours.

Made by a recognized brand that is known to make luxurious plush mattresses, you can rest assured that this mattress topper has met all the quality and safety standards.

This product is made in the USA and is certified by PURGreen, which means that it has met all the CPSC and EPA standards.

These are the top 12 models that you can choose from if you are looking for the best mattress topper for a side sleeper. Let’s now discuss several things about these mattresses;

What To Look For In Mattress Topper

Making a perfect choice for a mattress calls for a consideration of different factors. Here are things you should look for in a mattress topper;


Toppers can either make your bed softer or firmer. You should consider your existing bed and what is most likely to complement it. If you are not sure whether to get a topper that makes it feel firmer or one that makes it feel softer, you are advised to get one with a medium-firm feel.


You should look into the thickness of your existing mattress and imagine how it would feel if you added several inches to it. You should also consider your bedsheets and whether or not they are big enough to cover a thicker bed, that’s if you don’t want to get new ones. If you are heavier (over 200 pounds) or have sharp pressure points, you may need to consider getting a thicker topper as it will offer more cushioning for a relatively long period.

Foam density

It is also helpful to consider the density of the foam. A foam with more density is normally more durable. If you are planning to use the topper often, this factor might not be relevant. Remember that a foam that is denser weighs more, which can be challenging for you to move it around.

Importance Features of Buying the Best Mattress Topper

However, there are many reasons to choose a mattress topper. Here are the top 5 reasons;

  • Mattress toppers protect your newly purchased mattress from dust, stains, allergens, etc. Also, it prolongs the lifespan of your mattress.
  •  A mattress topper can be a perfect solution to a mattress that is too soft or too firm. Often, people believe that they have found an ideal perfect mattress firmness only to realize a few months into their purchase that the mattress is either too firm or too soft. Buying a mattress topper solves this problem. If you get a mattress topper that adds a certain degree of firmness or softness to the mattress can ensure total body support and great comfort.
  • If you have an old mattress, a mattress topper can prolong its lifespan. This saves you from the need to purchase a replacement. Of course, this is a temporary fix, but it will help you buy some time.
  • If you have purchased a low-quality mattress, you can buy a mattress topper to lengthen its life a little bit and compensate for shortcomings. Purchasing one that adds a degree of firmness ensures that you get enough body support.
  • Lengthen mattress life considerably. Keep in mind that softer mattresses are just softer pads added together, and thus cannot be replaced when they outlive their usefulness. However, by adding a topper, you will protect it as the topper will take the brunt of the wear and tear the mattress surface could have gotten.

However, most people prefer to sleep on their sides that are beneficial for human health. But, it is quite important to balance the whole body weight during sleeping. Therefore, mattress toppers play a vital role in spinal alignment and relieve pain from pressure points. Moreover, a good mattress topper offers a comfortable and breathable environment to absorb all tiredness and refresh the body.

I hope that these reasons have convinced you more to get a mattress topper.

What Are the Types of Mattress Toppers?

Mattress toppers come in different styles and materials. Let’s discuss each type to give you a better idea of the options available for you;

Latex mattress topper

These mattress toppers tend to be pricier, but they offer great support and ultimate comfort. Made from natural latex topper that is obtained from the sap of rubber trees and produced in two processes, these toppers are quality.

They are excellent at providing pain relief and comfort as they cushion your body. They are therefore ideal for keeping your whole body aligned. These toppers are also durable and excellent, and not as hot as memory foams.

However, they are quite heavy to move around and can be pricier.

Memory foam toppers

Best Memory foam mattress topper is the most popular choice for both mattress toppers and mattresses. A premium memory foam mattress can be expensive, but you can get a memory foam topper to enjoy the same benefits it could have offered without breaking the bank.

A memory foam topper offers a relaxing surface to sleep on and also great support as it conforms to your body. You can get them in different densities depending on the firmness you need.

On the downside, these toppers have a strong smell at first but it tends to dissipate after some time. Also, it tends to overheat.

Wool toppers

These toppers are made of natural material (wool), and thus pricy. They are soft and comfortable to sleep on and also durable. These toppers are ideal for people with allergies.

On the downside, they do not offer the same cushioning as memory foam toppers.

Feathers or goose and duck down toppers

These are softer and more luxurious toppers and are known for their softness. If you are sensitive to allergens or need a firmer topper, this may not be the right option for you.

They help reduce motion disturbance and are durable.

Cotton and polyester toppers

Most mattress toppers and pads are made from cotton, with others made from a mixture of polyester and cotton. They vary in price but are generally affordable. Also, they are easier to clean than most other materials.

On the downside, they may not be as durable as other types of toppers such as wool, memory foam, and latex.

Egg crate

These types of mattress toppers have little bumps, hence the name egg crate toppers. You can get one made from quality memory foam or basic foam. Price ranges but avoids going for overly cheap egg crate toppers.


If you want to get a memory foam mattress topper, here are the benefits to expect;

Relieves pain

One of the advantages of using memory foam is that they are ideal at relieving pain and discomfort on pressure spots. If you have joint pains or arthritis, these mattress toppers can offer help. It cushions you and distributes heat across your body.

Reduces motion disturbances

Memory foam mattresses also reduce motion disturbances. When you are using a memory foam mattress topper, you will less likely to feel your partner moving. This means that even if they normally toss and turn before they sleep, you will rarely notice. This makes them great for light sleepers.

Reduces allergens build-up

Another great advantage of memory foam mattress toppers is that most are hypoallergenic. This means that they have a dense structure, which helps reduce the number of allergens in your mattress. Dust, mold, and other known allergens cannot find your way into the mattress as this topper shields it. This makes them ideal for people with allergies.


Although these types of mattress toppers are beneficial, they have their downsides;

They tend to be heavier

The dense foam of these toppers is an advantage and a disadvantage. The high density makes the mattress heavier, and thus difficult to move around. This means you might need help if you are moving it out of the mattress all by yourself. Modern memory foam is advertised as lighter, but it is because they have only a few memory foam layers.

Can be too hot

Another disadvantage of memory foam toppers is that they tend to retain a lot of body heat. This means that in warmer months, the sleep might be uncomfortable due to overheating. Therefore, if you live in warmer climates, then you may be forced to get dehumidifiers to make your nights comfortable. You can also get open-cell memory foam as they are designed to keep you cooler.

Although memory foam toppers have their downsides, they are the best mattress toppers.

A Complete Buying Guide: The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers With Lower Back Pain

Mattress toppers add more cushioning to your standard mattress, especially if it has lost its plumpness. If your mattress is too firm, a mattress topper can make the sleeping surface considerably soft. It also extends the lifespan of a mattress, thereby making it a cost-effective alternative to buying a mattress.

With a lot of brands and types of mattress toppers, you must have a formula for choosing the right one. Here are the key points you should consider when buying the best mattress topper for side sleepers with lower back pain;


Just like anything else, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a quality mattress topper. Buying a mattress topper is all about considering your needs; not buying the most expensive topper your wallet can afford.

Plain egg crate foam toppers, as well as some cotton and polyester toppers, tend to be affordable. Wool and memory foams can be quite pricey, with latex even pricier. Weigh the options based on the discussions in the section on types of mattress toppers to know what is best for your price range.

Firmness, level of support, and pain relief

If you need extra support for your back and limbs, then latex and memory foam toppers are the best. They are good at holding your body shape in place and supporting your natural posture. They help with spine alignment.

Comfort and softness

Different materials offer varying levels of softness and comfort, and thus you should be able to get the ideal level of comfort that you need. However, comfort is relative, and thus what someone terms as comfortable may not be ideal for.

If you prefer a topper that molds to your body, then memory foam or latex suits you. If you are more of a person who likes naturally soft material, then cotton toppers will suit.

Density and thickness options

Toppers tend to be 2-8 inches when it comes to thickness. If you need to upgrade your aging mattress, weigh more than 200 pounds, or are a side sleeper, you may go for thicker options. This means latex and memory foam are the best for people who need thicker toppers.

Besides thickness, you should also consider density. Memory foam and latex mattress toppers offer the right comfort for your body.

Noise reduction and body heat retention

Latex and memory foam are great at reducing noise disturbance when your partner is turning and tossing. Therefore, if you are a light sleeper, these two may be the best option.

Body heat retention

Latex and memory foam tend to retain most of the body heat. This means that if you are in an area with a warm climate, you may need to go for those with gel cooling or ventilation.

Also, you can go with down, wool, or feather toppers as they provide considerable warmth yet reduce heat.


Some materials are better at reducing allergies than others. Therefore, it is important that you go for toppers that are resistant to mites, mildew, mold, and bed bugs.

With these factors, you will be able to choose the best mattress topper for a side sleeper.


Should I get the best mattress topper for back pain side sleepers or mattress toppers for side sleepers that will help reduce pain?

Well, if you have back pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain, the best mattress topper for side sleepers with lower back pain will help reduce your pain as it distributes body weight evenly. Many people have reported that their pain reduced considerably or even went away after purchasing a mattress topper. By distributing weight and aligning your spine, especially when you sleep on your side, you will feel relieved after some time.

Are mattress toppers suitable for people with above-average weight?

Many toppers, not all, are ideal for heavy people. If you have considerable weight, go for a mattress with high-density materials or a memory foam topper that is more than 2 inches.

What type of mattress topper is best for side sleepers?

Well, there are many brands making mattress toppers, but I have reviewed the best ones. All the models on this list are great. You just have to choose the right one.

Final Thoughts

Quality mattresses can be pricey, but mattress toppers can help compensate for a low-quality mattress economically. Also, even if you have an expensive mattress, you can buy a mattress topper to protect it and prolong its lifespan. Mattress toppers also make old mattresses usable again.

All the above mattress toppers that I have reviewed are great and worth the money. I hope that the lengthy guide has enabled you to pick the best mattress topper for side sleepers with lower back pain that suits your needs.