Which One Should You Choose: Faux Wood Vs Wood Blinds

Buying blinds for your home is sometimes a confusing decision. Because there is an established argument known as faux wood vs wood blinds. Many people ask which one they should go for.

However, you can get over the confusion once you make a clear decision about the design and the materials. Because these two things are the most important factors when buying blinds for your home.

If you are also in a fix about which one to buy or still not sure which one has more benefits, I welcome you to this article.

In this article, I am going to discuss everything related to faux wood blinds and wood blinds. To come to a final decision this piece of writing can help you tremendously. Without lingering on, let’s get started.

Faux Wood Vs Wood Blinds:

Faux Wood Blinds

pros and cons of faux wood blinds

The name faux wood blinds simply means artificial or imitation wood. Though it looks like natural wood these are made of either a PVC/vinyl material or a composite wood material.

However, both kinds of blinds are constructed with slats. However faux wood usually has entirely vinyl/PVC made slats or slats comprising wood coats.

Wood Blinds

wood or faux wood blinds, which is better

Wood blinds or real wood blinds come from real wood. You will get blinds with outstanding looks. And the Feel you will have is organic, warm, and natural.

The whole decor will take a leap after using wood blinds. You will get awesome sophistication in your home or office. Many people love to buy hardwood blinds just to fulfill the feeling of sophistication it provides.

In most cases, the wood blinds look like hand-rubbed beautiful pieces of furniture. They have an outstanding outlook.

Wood Blinds Benefit

advantages and disadvantages of wood blinds

Do many people ask which one is better? Wood blinds or faux blinds? The answer is relative. Some people find faux blinds to be more comfortable than wood blinds.

On the other hand, some others may think wood blinds are far better than faux blinds. Whatever you may think, here are some benefits of wood blinds.

Offer An Attractive Look With a Warmer

No matter how faux wood blinds imitate the real wood blinds, you will never find a substitute for the real wood-made blinds. The finishing of a true wood is sensational.

Nothing can replace that. Faux wood blinds can just mimic the wood tones and the stains. However, faux wood cannot beat wood blinds in quality, look. The texture looks aesthetic if it is wood blinds.

Moreover, the warmth you will get from wood blinds is absent in faux wood blinds. The warmth is natural, elegant, and super smooth for anyone.

Best Fits for Large Windows

As the wood blinds weigh lighter than faux wood blinds, you can fit them on the windows. Picking wood blinds for windows is a great choice.

They easily cover the whole window. You can get a better outlook. Choosing wood blinds for your window will uplift your elegance.

Easy Operation

Because of being light in weight, you can easily operate the blinds. Sometimes, it becomes hard to drag the blinds from one side to another side. If the blinds are lighter, you just need to give it a little slide. The operation is super easy.

Better for Insulation

Another benefit of wood blinds is a better insulation system. You should thank the class for the wood materials. As this is made of genuine wood, it can easily absorb more cold and heat than faux wood blinds.

I think this benefit makes it more suitable for people living in areas where temperature swings regularly. You can expect better insulation for your home and office.

Some Other Advantages

Well, it is okay for you to think after all that discussion on Faux Wood blinds is much better than wood blinds.

Genuine Wooden blinds are the most modern and exquisite, everything being equal, and our quality is unequaled. You will get a guarantee of at least 4 years for real wood blinds.

Dissimilar to Faux Wood, Real Wood blinds have a few control alternatives. The manufacturers truly take as much time as necessary to guarantee you a better quality.

So that you can pick where your tilt and raise the rope are set. It’s just a little thing, yet it has any kind of effect. So on the vast majority of these blinds, you can pick the control design.

Faux Wood Blinds Benefit

disadvantages of faux wood blinds

Now you may be thinking that all the benefits have gone to wood blinds. Not exactly. If you give it a closer look, you will find several benefits of faux wood blinds as well.

Some of them are so good that you might change your decision to buy wood blinds. Here are some benefits of faux wood blinds.

Cheaper Than Wood Blinds

Well, this is not just a simple benefit. Having cheaper blinds to buy is an asset for many. Many people cannot afford to buy real wood blinds. So, they must have something cheaper.

In that scenario, faux wood blinds are the only option. No matter how this is the most noticeable advantage of faux wood blinds. The price is much cheaper than wood blinds. The people who live an economic life, they can go for this type of blinds.

Moisture and Humidity Resistant

Another important aspect of this blind is it is highly resistant to humidity and moisture. Yes, this is what faux wood blinds come up with. You can use it for a long time.

No matter which weather it is, they will last. Yes, durability is one of the most appreciated benefits of faux wood blinds.

They last longer than wood blinds. Because of is faux wood, it is safe from natural harm. You can use it roughly. Water, humidity, or any other natural harm-resistant blind is faux wood blinds.

You may think that natural wood blinds are more beautiful and smooth in look. But let me tell you that if you are searching for something that will last in harsh weather, then go for faux wood blinds.

Easy Cleaning

real wood or faux wood blinds

We all know that wood blinds are good for being easy to operate. However, faux wood blinds don’t stay far behind. They are easy to clean. After a regular break, you have to clean the blinds. So, it will be easier for you to clean if you are using faux wood blinds.

As they are water and humidity resistant you can clean the blinds using water. You don’t need to buy high-power cleaning to clean the blind. A simple touch of household cleaner is enough to get it clean.

Moreover, when you clean the blinds, they will not tear or damage which certifies faux wood blinds as durable and long-lasting blinds.

Do Not Warp or Crack

We often see that the blinds get warped or cracked easily. In that case, you can go for faux wood blinds. You will surely get more flexible blinds than wood blinds. As the blinds are heavy and hard to crack, they are more flexible. So the blinds will never warp or crack.

Other Benefits in a Nutshell

Faux Wood blinds are made out of 100% PVC plastic and are made to look like Real Wood. Faux Wood Blinds are less expensive than their Real Wood partners and are more supportable.

As they are produced using PVC, they are amazingly steady in their look – great in case you’re picking a plain shading brace, similar to white or dim.

Disadvantages of Faux Wood & Wood Blinds

pros and cons of faux wood blinds

The discussion of faux wood & wood blinds will be incomplete if we do not touch the disadvantages of both blind types. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the user to make a choice. So, I have accumulated some disadvantages from both blinds.

Disadvantages of Wood Blinds

disadvantages of blinds

The recoloring and distorting of Real Wood blinds sadly go together whenever cleaned incorrectly or whenever left presented to water (like in a restroom) the blinds may deform and recolor.

It’s truly tragic, so our best exhortation is to deal with your blinds. As the color may get mixed, so I suggest you buy faux wood if you need a plain color complexion.

Disadvantages of Faux Blinds

are faux wood blinds toxic

Well, it’s not ethical to expose an inconvenience that any product has. However, we consider these to be compromises you have to make while picking this sort of blind.

Albeit somewhat obvious, as for like (the same width and drop) Faux Wood versus Real Wood blinds, Faux Wood blinds are heavier. Not an issue except if you have a huge window or are needing to raise and lower the blinds every day.

Final Verdict

The above discussion has enough information to help you with making the right decision to buy the right blinds for you.

I hope I have been unbiased while providing information. It’s completely your decision which one to buy. However, both blinds have different kinds of benefits.

So the argument of faux wood vs wood blinds will hopefully come to an end. Both are great at their places.

However, some advantages and disadvantages make them worthy or less eligible blinds for you.

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