Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner With a Septic System?

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In this article, we are going to review all about toilet bowl cleaners that can be used with septic systems or not, some do’s and don’ts of septic systems, and how chemicals can damage your home septic system.

It is necessary to use a toilet-safe cleaner with a septic system. Septic systems are water treatment systems. After the wastewater passes through the septic system, it becomes environmentally friendly water that furthers onto the soil.

Keep in mind while picking up the cleaners containing toxic chemicals, ammonia, chlorine, or phosphate, negatively affecting your home septic system. The use of such cleaners can affect your septic system, cause costly maintenance, contaminate your drinking water, and cause unpleasant odors.

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner with a Septic System?

To get a real answer, we need to go through deep research and a clear idea of all those. So you will be able to be sure if Can you use Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Will toilet bowl cleaners damage your septic system?

Certainly yes! Remember, everything that you will pore down or flush down has the potential to affect your septic system’s lifespan badly.

Thus, it is necessary to avoid toilet bowl cleaners that are made with different kinds of chemicals. The reason is these chemical-based products can result in damage to your septic system with the high cost of maintenance and repair.

What do bleach and other harmful chemicals do to your septic system?

Your septic system has all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria through the system. Many bacteria are responsible for breaking down the waste properly. When chemicals get into the septic system, the chemicals kill the bacteria.

So when the chemicals kill these live bacteria, it causes the septic tank to build up with harmful chemicals with nowhere to go.

Now to make space, the grains, oils, solids, and grease are pushed into the drainfield. Here, you may feel the signs of slow flushing and drainage, which will result in heavy maintenance.

For further information on the cleaning of the septic tank, visit the following page septic tank cleaning.

Do’s and don’t of the septic system.


  • Try to use high-quality toilet paper that breaks down quickly.
  • Conserve a good amount of water
  • Remove all the growing branches, shrubs, or trees near the leach field.
  • To avoid the buildup of gases, run water regularly in the seldom.


  • Never use toilet tank tablets. The reason is toilet tablet tanks use highly antibacterial agents.
  • Never use detergent in higher quantities.
  • Never flush cigarette butts or sanitary napkins in the toilet.
  • Don’t flush things that are not easy to decompose.

Will, is it easy to choose a chemical-free toilet bowl cleaner for the septic system?

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner With a Septic System?

There are several brands of toilet bowl cleaners whose manufacturers are claiming to be the best. I have tested many, many toilet bowl cleaners over these years.

Instead of cleaning my toilet and leaving the bowl sparkling clean as they advertise, I end up being very disappointed with these poor toilet cleaners as my toilet is still dirty.

Besides bowl cleaners, I also have had no positive results with other toilet cleaning products, such as gels, liquids, sprays, and foaming cleansers.

After wasting a lot of money on them, I found some basic properties that you should look for in a chemical-free toilet bowl cleaner for your septic system.

How to pick a toilet bowl cleaner that works with your home septic system?

  • Pick a toilet bowl cleaner that is 100% natural and, of course, doesn’t contain bleach as stated on its label. This is the major motivation to try for a product of your home septic system.
  • The second thing is odor and fumes. Now pick a toilet bowl cleaner that produces no invasive fumes or toilet bowl cleaner, which leaves neither fame nor odor.
  • Now look at the primary natural constituent of the toilet cleaners you are going to use. The primary natural constituents, including cleaners, should be oil coconut, or any other natural ingredient. The reason is these ingredients are good for removing rust, mineral, and calcium buildup.


So the conclusion of today’s topic, can you use a toilet bowl cleaner with a septic system, is yes! However, only use a cleaner that has chlorine, ammonia, and other harsh chemicals.

Try to pick a toilet bowl cleaner for a septic system made of natural ingredients without any bleach or other chemicals.

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