How to Fix Your Peeling Cabinets of The Kitchen

Cabinets can be made of plastic sheets laminated onto a core of the MD Fibreboard, like common laminate cabinets. The appearance of wood cabinets can be easily imitated by both regular laminates and thermofoil cabinets but is quite popular because of the lower costs.

However, this expense saved is a result of the possibility of delamination of any laminated wood product and the very thin sheet of PVC material used for thermofoil production is particularly vulnerable to being peeled.

Your kitchen cabinets are peeling to get rid of the problem. Here you will get all the information and the important instructions to fix the peeling cabinet of the kitchen.

The Difference Between – Wood, Laminate, and Thermo foil Wood.

Fix Your Peeling Cabinets of The Kitchen

Whenever the cabinets are laminated or furnished, you might face delamination. It is not rare for hardwood furniture that is laminated to a sturdy core of wood after a few years to start peeling.

Usage of water touch or humidity can cause peeling of the problem with your cabinets in the kitchen.

The same happens to plastic laminate, which may also detach and isolate the layers of plastic connected to the MDF core material in your cabinets.

However, thermoset cabinets can be highly vulnerable to delamination sometimes. Thermofoil is a thin film from PVC that is applied in both the vacuum and core of the MDF.

Along with the short-term integrity of the bond between the thermofoil and MDF, this bond may fail over the long term because of its usage.

Thermofoil is a much thinner and cheaper substance that is much more vulnerable to my kitchen cabinet peeling than either a wood or a laminate film can be.

Repair and Replacement Options for Your Cabinets

While it is always easy to fix the delamination of wood furnaces or regular laminate cabinets, it is difficult to determine with thermofoil cabinets, especially in cases where kitchen cabinet peeling is widespread.

But still, some useful techniques can guide you to fix your cabinet problem. Either you can go for the repair option or choose for the replacement of the cabinets.

People can try to fix if your thermofoil cabinets display localized damages based on either one or two cases or in areas where the heat or humidity is continuous.

You can consider completely removing and replacing your cabinets or the installation of a new front door and drawing panels if this is a kitchen-wide issue according to your kitchen.

When the cabinet boxes are in fine condition but the doors of the cabinet peel, the safest bet is to buy new doors for your cabinets.

If you are still thinking of fixing it, there is no use in attempting to patch my kitchen cabinet peeling, cabinets if the MDF itself is bulging, or in anything other than a fully flat and smooth situation.

Unable to sand off, plug, or otherwise make warped MDF flat. You can easily repair thermofoil with only a few basic tools and supplies.

A Simple Instruction to fix, My Kitchen Cabinets are Peeling

Pull Back the Thermofoil Sheet: Have an assistant hold the MDF’s heat sink down. Make sure you don’t pull too hard or with an acute angle so the old thermoset will split or snap.

Scrape: Scrap off the MDF core with dry cement.

Apply the cement: simply use a disposable single brush to cover both the thermofoil and the main top of the MDF with contact cement. Please ensure contact cement is added at the edges of the repair site. The coating of both surfaces with contact cement is important.

Wait to Press and make sure you do not press back to the MDF center immediately. The directions on cement show how long you have to wait before all materials are pressed together. It is normal to dry for approximately 15 minutes. They must be dry or adhere to each other’s surfaces.

Press Together: Push together the two products. Hold it constantly for about an hour. It made the job between two flat pieces of scrap board fixed in place by timbers of soft materials as protection on the face of the thermo foil.

Clean-up Option: it should separate Excess contact cement from the edges of the repair patch, then softly rubbed to ‘pill’ it with your fingertips, and then remove from the rubbery parts of the contact cement.


It’s quite depressing to see you peeling off cabinets, isn’t it? But there are many more solutions that are available where you can go to solve the problems behind it.

Here you will find the basic instructions you can go for to fix your kitchen cabinets that are peeling. To fix it there can be two options: either you can choose to repair your own by going through some steps or you can easily replace your cabinets with the newer ones.

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