How to Make Slushies with Juice in 3 Easy Methods

How to Make Slushies with Juice in 3 Easy Methods

The sun is up, and you are sweaty. On the beach, if you get a glass of smooth slushy, there can be no one happier than you. But do you know how to make slushes with juice?

If you don’t know, no worries! We are here to save you from the temperature by serving you with the best homemade slushy! These steps can save you from the sun, trust us!

Check out the steps and learn how to make slushes with juice!

Step by Steps Process for Making Slushies with Juice

If you want to know how to make slushies with juice, there are several processes that you can follow. Here, we will discuss three different methods that will help you make slushy in every situation! Check them out!

Method 1: Machine Slushy Recipe

If you are up for a glass of delicious restaurant-like slushy, the best idea is to get the slush machine. Get any frozen drink machine and it will work both for slushy and margarita! Today, we will discuss how to make slushies with a Margaritaville machine. Have a look!


  • Slush machine
  • Coldwater
  • Sweet Syrup
  • Flavor

Step 1: Get the machine

Before everything, in this process, you will need a slushy machine. Get the right machine for this process because otherwise, the slushy will not be the way you want.

In this case, the Margaritaville machine is amazing for making slushies. Try this one so that you can make other frozen drinks with the machine too!

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients

After getting the machine, you have to get your hands on the liquid first. Add the liquid to the machine. Then, you have to pour the water inside the device to make the juice.

After this, get the sweetener and mix it with the other two ingredients. Finally, add some chilled water to make it cold.

Step 3: Start the Machine

Now that you are ready with the ingredients, you can easily start the machine and get done with your slushy-making process! The best part of these machines is there is a cooling system added to them.

As a result, it helps the ingredients to cool. And so, you get the accurately cold slushy within minutes. All you have to do is start the machine and run it! Your slushy will be ready before you within 5 minutes,

Method 2: Blender Slushy Recipe

Slushie Blender Recipe

There are several processes for making slushes. If you don’t have anything in your house that you can use for making slushies, you can try to use the blender. Let us know how to make slushies with juice in a blender!


  • Ice: 4 cups
  • Chilled Water: 1 cups
  • Sugar: ½ cup
  • Frozen Fruit Flavor: ⅓ cup

Step 1: Select the Ingredients

First of all, make sure that you have the required amount of ice cubes in your freezer. You will need 4 cups or more ice cubes. When you plan to make the drink, take out the ice cubes for the process.

Also, the fruit you will be using in this process should be frozen. If you settle for the fruits at a normal temperature, you will not be able to get the perfect slushy!

Step 2: Put the Ingredients Inside

Now that you are ready, take all the ingredients and put them in your blender. First of all, take the frozen fruit flavor and add sugar. Here, you can change the amount of sugar according to your preference.

Add the ice cubes now. Also, the water you will use here should be chilled water. What else is going to make your summer better?

Step 3: Blend them

Once all the ingredients are inside the blending jar, you can start using the blender. All you have to do is blend them just the way you blend the other juices. It will take almost 2-2.5 minutes to make you a glass of chilled slushy.

Make sure that the speed is settled on high when you are blending. After blending, mix it with a spoon and check if it is perfectly smooth or not. If it is not yet smooth, blend it for some seconds more. When it is ready, serve it instantly!

Method 3: Instant Slushy Recipe

Instant Slushy Recipe

In this process, you can learn how to make yourself slushy instantly. We know this method is completely new to you but if you like frozen slushy drinks, this can be your life savior.

All you need is ice cubes in this process to make the mouth-watering slushy. Adding ice cubes with Kool-Aid, soda and juice will complete the whole recipe.


  • Ice cubes
  • Salt
  • Fruit Drink or Cold Drink
  • Sealable Plastic Bags

Step 1: Pour the Drink

First of all, you have to take the plastic bags on your hands and make space for pouring the drink in it, get your hands on the fruit drink or juice now. All you have to do is take the drink and pour it inside the plastic bag.

In this case, if you settle for regular plastic bags, the drink can easily spill out. So, we suggest you use plastic bags that have the facility of sealing so that you can seal the bags and can make your drink.

Step 2: Put the Bag inside the Bag

Now that you have poured the drink into the bag, make use of the other bag. Take the other bag and place the first bag inside this one. In short, put the bag holding the juice into another plastic bag to secure it.

Step 3: Add Ice and Salt

Here, you have to add some ice and salt to the outer bag. Make sure that you have enough ice cubes and salt for this process as this process will require a lot of them. Keep pouring the ice inside the outer bag and also don’t stop adding salt to it. Now that you are done, you have to seal the bag.

Step 4: Shake, Shake, and Shake

When you have sealed the outer bag, start shaking the bags with your hands. This process will not take over 3-5 minutes.

In this situation, keep both hands moving to ensure that the blending process inside the bag works perfectly. Once you shake, slowly, you see that the liquid drink is turning into a slushy.

Step 5: Serve the Slushy

After you have shaken the slushy for 5 minutes, you are done with the procedure! All you have to do is take the slushy out of the bag and serve it.

When you are taking out the inner bag, you have to be very careful. Do not spill the liquid out of the plastic bag. If you need more ice and salt, add them and serve the drink to your friends and family!

Wrap Up

All the processes we have mentioned here on how to make slushies with juice can be helpful for you in the summer times. Read them out and keep them in mind because nothing can be better than a cold glass of slushy in the heat of the sun!

Don’t forget to comment below on your process of making yourself slushy. What ingredients do you use? What machines do you prefer? Share them with us!

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