How To Use Blow Dryer Comb

A blow dryer comb is an electromagnetic device used to blow hot air over hair. It enables control over style, and the shape of the hair, by accelerating the formation of temporary hair bonds.

The bonds created are vulnerable to water and in single contact with water or humidity; they will disappear.

The bonds can be improved using various stylish products or hairbrushes during the drying process. Setting hairstyles using a dryer comb has volume and discipline.

How To Use Blow Dryer Comb Properly


How To Use Blow Dryer Comb

The hair dryer was invented in 1890. Alexander Godefroy created the first model in France. He wanted to use it in his salon. The handheld dryer comb first appeared in 1920.

It was neither portable nor handheld; it could only be used by a person sitting underneath it. The handheld dry comb is used by professional stylists in the salon and in homes by consumers.

Hairdryers in the 1920s were heavy weighing at least 20 pounds. They had difficulties such as overheating and electrocution. This hair dryer was capable of using 100 watts, which made the time needed to dry the hair increase.

A hairdryer is from ceramic heating elements, enabling them to heat up quickly.

The dryers have a button that turns off the heater and blows the room temperature. This helps maintain the hairstyle the cold air created to make the air shine. Not only are blow dryer comb used for hairstyling but is used to treat head lice and prevent ear wax.

Since the 1920s, development has been made to improve certain aspects of the hairdryer. Some of these developments include:

  • Blow dryer comb is plastic made which makes it lighter
  • Portability Most blow dryers are now portable; therefore, it’s possible to blow out hair from home.

Focus on wattage and superficial materials have significantly improved the dryers.

Styling hair can make or break your style. A dryer comb is a tough call when it comes to hair straightening. You need the best blow dryer comb.

Traditional blow dryer comb leaves a sheen look Therefore getting a modern hairdryer requires so much knowledge on the dryers.

The beauty of using a blow dryer with a comb attachment is that it can dry towel-dried hair, thus cutting down on your styling time. the dryer has several attachments that are essential to understand before its use these parts include

Concentration Nozzle

The concentration nozzle changes the flow of the hair, coming hot and fast all over. The main work of the concentrator is to focus airflow to the area targeted for drying.

This concentrator enables the drying of specific sections of hair at a time. It allows the drying of the hair from the roots.

When using a hair dryer, remember to apply a heat-protecting spray first to avoid frying your hair. It is better to half-dry your hair before.

Hair that is around 70 percent dry requires a concentrator to direct the air to the chosen section of the hair.

It is possible to use a dryer comb at home. If it has a concentrator, direct it toward the root of the hair strand and dry it upward, this creates more volume.

The Diffuser Attachment

When using a dryer comb on curly hair, it is essential to maintain the hair moisture level. To ensure this happens, use oil serum before drying. The diffuser attachment creates curls.

To create curls, you need to lay these curls on the diffuser and then dry them using the lowest heat and slowest speed. You can then dry the hair upward to ensure you get to the roots of the hair.

The picks

The pick creates volume in the dryer comb. Shorter strands need shorter picks, while longer hair requires longer picks.


It enables you to have the hand brush and dryer in one place. It’s ideal for people who are less coordinated as it prevents one from holding one hand and a blow dryer in the other.

The following are ways to use the blow dryer comb

  • Attaching the combat the blow-dryer end to aid it in sliding.
  • Give hair life and smooth out curly hair.
  • Get a volume, comb your hair upward from the roots while you apply heat.
  • For smooth and straight hair, comb the hair down from the scalp.

There are mainly two types of blown dryer

  • The handheld blow dryer comb
  • Rigid-hood dryer

The Hood dryer has a dome that fits a person’s head to dry the hair. Hot air passes through openings around the inside of the dome. The hair has evenly dried. This type of dryer is in salons.

Correct blow-drying makes your hair look stylish. However, applying heat when the hair is dry causes damage. Moisture in hair helps keep hair strands nourished.

Excess application of temperature on the hair strands causes brittleness and dryness. The way you dry your hair depends on proper timing and the use of appropriate tools and products. The safest ways of drying hair include:

Towel drying

How To Use Blow Dryer Comb

Rubbing the hair with a towel may break and tangle the hair. It is essential to do it gently, starting at the ends, and going to the roots.

Choosing the hairdryer

How To Use Blow Dryer Comb

The best hair dryers have separate controls for both temperatures and speeds. It is crucial to allow the stylists to turn the heat down when drying the hair. If you need to spread the heat, then a flow diffuser is necessary. For those who want to dry the hair quickly, do not use the flow diffuser attachment.

Using the blow dryer comb

Hair drying should start at the back of the head, then toward the crown, and finally, the front part of the head. It is recommended to begin drying at high temperatures and gradually reduce the heat when drying. It will significantly minimize over-drying and hair damage.


How To Use Blow Dryer Comb

As hair turns dry, turn down the heat and reduce the speed of the dryer comb. Ensure that the moisture is not completely dried. It provides drying of the hair and causes dullness, brittleness, breakage, and splits.

Adding volume and body

For those with straight hair, it is advisable to turn your hair upside down after blow-drying, then use the blow dryer comb. Let your hair hang down gently use the comb to brush the hair.

  • Using the blow dryer comb has the following benefits
  • When used carefully and with the right setting, it smooths out hair giving it a sleek look.
  • Enable the hair to maintain its natural moisture
  • Enables blown air to each hair strand
  • Gives hair fewer tangles, which means less breakage.
  • Gives the hair a perfect style

To use the dryer comb properly, you need to know the various models of dryer comb. It requires one to be familiar with different types of hairdryers. this is vital in making the right decisions. Most dryers with watts exceeding 1800 are known to work best.

The following are some of the helpful hints to help you find the best blow dryer combs

  • Ionic dryers produce negative ions, causing a moisture trap that gives hair more body.
  • Ionic hair dryer’s comb is also known to dry hair faster, giving it a shinier look.
  • They banish static electricity, preventing a flawed mess of the hair.

The following are some of the types of blow dryer combs:

  • Solano top power ion 1875w
  • This dryer comb has two speeds and five temperature settings.
  • Vidal Sassoon ionic sensor touch 1875w

The ionic blow dryer comb has eight heat and speed combinations. It is automated such that it turns on when picked up and turns off when put down. It has a control touch button.

Ceramic Dryers

Ceramic Dryers are preferred because of the style of hair quickly, without any damage to the outer layer of hair. They are self-regulating and turn themselves down by sensing the surrounding temperatures. Again, they are essential for women who require little more power as compared to those with “normal” hair.

Quality Control

Blow dryer comb and other electrical appliances may be very dangerous if misused. Most dryer comb has enhanced safety measures. The heat has to be properly controlled to avoid burning the hair or the skin.


It is important to note that the dryer with comb attachment has a design that leaves the hair with the body. Blow dryer combs smooth hair out, eliminate curls, and keep the hair full.

A dryer comb can be applied to every type of hair, be it afro, curly, or even kinky hair type. It all depends on the proper use of the blow dryer comb.

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