Ultimate Guide To Sharpen A Paper Cutter Blade

Blades of inferior quality produce a poor-quality product. Selecting an appropriate cutter blade is of utmost importance. Make sure to buy the cutter blades from a manufacturer who has a good reputation and experience.

The blade used in the cutters usually gets dull and needs a sharpening to be used again for making neat and accurate cuts.

Some people just replace the blade to save their time or some people even don’t know how to sharpen the blade. How to sharpen a paper cutter blade?

Different methods are employed to sharpen the blade and we will discuss all possible and easy methods that can help you sharpen the blades.

Techniques: How to Sharpen A Paper Cutter Blade?

how to sharpen a large paper cutter

There are various techniques to sharpen paper cutter blades. Some of them are-


Individuals who try not to contribute a couple of bucks to get a grinding apparatus to make the sharpening task faster use this strategy. With fast crush wheels turn, you can without much of a stretch sharpen the blade using the bench grinder.

You should be more cautious with this technique because the wheels turn and eliminate the steel rapidly. In this way, if there is any mix-up or scattering of the point while crushing, you will destroy the edge.

If you utilize a hand-held rotary tool, it will limit the danger while furnishing you with better command over the edge.


Your cutter’s cutting edge is a lot like a blade aside from its length, and it tends to be sharpened on a whetstone or grindstone.

The significant contrast is that a cutter blade is typically slanted on one side and level on the other, so you’ll have only one side to sharpen. Utilize a big stone so that you can draw the whole sharp edge across it on each stroke.

Every blade is ground to an exact point, which is difficult to recreate while sharpening manually.

Stroke the blade across the stone more than once, until it’s glossy and sharp to the touch, at that point sharpen the Converse side to eliminate any burr before supplanting or replacing the blade.

Wear defensive goggles while working to shield your eyes from sparkles. It would be better in the event that you pick a high-coarseness size to sharpen the blade. Test the sharpness by cutting an item.


how to sharpen a guillotine paper cutter blade

If you don’t want to do sharpening at home, you can approach an expert to do it for you.

If you have done nothing like this previously, then a professional would help you get the best outcomes.

In many towns and metropolitan zones, there are various sharpening administrations you will discover. Some tool shops likewise offer this service as well.


In the wake of choosing a decent quality blade, it is similarly significant that the blade is kept sharp consistently. A dull paper blade is a pointless waste, particularly in a serious market.

It should push its way through the cutting material and, when dull, needs dependent upon three to multiple times more power than a sharp paper blade.

A dull blade expands energy use, wears the paper shaped rashly, and drives up other creation costs because of mediocre work.


The paper-shaped administrator must know when a paper cutter’s blade change is important. So, the operator should be experienced and expert to perceive the indications of a dull blade quickly.

It should be kept in mind that if the surface to be cut is more abrasive, then the blade needs to be changed more often.

Whenever signs like decreased cut quality, material surface appearance, change in the sound of a knife, or other signs show up, the operator must be able to detect such signs immediately and then take action accordingly.

How to Sharpen Rotary Paper Cutter Blades?

Overlay the piece of foil a couple of times and simply cut away with your unpolished dull rotational shape, stopping a couple of times to test it out on your texture scraps; till it begins cutting ceaselessly your texture as well. You will wind up with this and a practically new rotary cutter!

How Often to Sharpen the Rotary Blades?

It’s ideal to transform it each time you start another venture. On the off chance that you are utilizing a heavier texture in your undertaking, you may have to transform it more often. A sharp edge will make your turning cutting simpler and more exact.

How to Sharpen a Fiskars Blade?

Sharpen the Fiskars blade utilizing the sharpening stone or sharpening steel, and substitute the blade from side to side while keeping a 15-degree point. With a roll sharp, just push the blade through 15-20 times in the two directions.


Though sharpening the paper cutter blade appears to be very simple, there are a lot of factors that should be considered while sharpening your blade.

A few things to consider are: If it’s your first time and you do not know how to eliminate the blade from the shaper, before endeavoring further, examine the guidance manual about dismantling it.

There are different sides to a sharper edge, like slanting and angled sides. Don’t sharpen both sides; only sharpen one side. Hold the blade at the right point to effectively sharpen the edge.

It’s prescribed to hold it at a point of 20-degree but it can vary depending on the situation and how you carry the blade. To sharpen the blade consistently, keep a uniform weight with two hands.

Whenever you have completed the sharpening, hone the opposite side of the cutting edge to fix its twisted edges.

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