How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder Easily?

How to remove the toilet paper holder? Let’s go now, Taking off an old toilet paper holder can daunt many who see it as a problematic task especially if there are screws that have to be removed, or if it is attached to the tiles, and sometimes these septic toilet paper holder attachments are hidden and cannot be removed easily.

Sometimes you need the necessary tools such as a screwdriver, which can be an Allen wrench and pliers.

Also, some of these toilet paper holders are easier to install than to remove. There is also the danger of damaging your wall if you don’t remove them correctly.

Other homeowners, though, need to remove the toilet holder not because they damage it, but because the wall needs to be painted on, and the toilet paper holder is in the way. Some of them need to replace the holder to blend in with the new color scheme of the house.

Ultimate Guide to Remove Toilet Paper Holder:

How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder Easily?

What are The Distinct Types of Toilet Paper Holder?

  • Toilet paper holder attached with glue
  • Recessed toilet paper holder installation
  • Toilet paper holder using mastic
  • Toilet paper holder with brackets
  • Toilet paper holder attached with a suction cup
  • Toilet paper holder installed using cement
  • Toilet paper holder attached with nails
  • Toilet paper holder with self-adhesive hooks

Removing Toilet Paper Holder Attached with Glue

Usually, the glued-in toilet paper holder is made of ceramic. It does not go with screws or brackets. Some use a kind of adhesive or a super-glue to keep the toilet holder in place.

It is not ideal to peel it off the wall using a knife or any pointed tool since you can damage the wall underneath, and the painting on the wall can be scratched as well.

You can remove the holder using a hairdryer or a heat gun to heat the adhesive behind the toilet paper holder as you heat, the adhesive liquifies.

Once you have achieved to soften the adhesive, you can use a putty knife to slide its blade at the back of the toilet holder to easily detach the holder from the wall.

After you have detached it, you can now clean the wall by removing excess adhesives. Make sure that you carefully remove the adhesives and not damage the wall.

Removing Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Ceramic recessed toilet paper holder

How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder Easily?
Ceramic recessed toilet paper holder

This toilet paper holder can sometimes be a headache to remove, and you can’t just pull it off the wall for fear that it will damage your wall further.

There are recessed toilet paper holders that don’t have screws in the backplate, and this type is those installed in the early days and mostly made of ceramic, which makes it impossible to put the screws on them. The reason they don’t have screws is that they are plastered into the wall.

You can tear it off the wall (if you have ensured that there are no screws). Then you have to repair the wall, just like a drywall repair job.

Another option is to cut around it, and use a chisel or any tool that can peel it off the wall.

Metal recessed toilet paper holder

How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder Easily?

If you have a metal recessed toilet paper holder, it is almost always screwed to the wall, either by a single or double screw.

You need to find the screw placement so you can remove it with a screwdriver.

Removing toilet paper holder attached with brackets

Toilet paper holders with brackets can be mounted on drywall, side of a table or vanity, or on a tiled wall. You will need tools like a small screwdriver, screw drill/remover, Allen wrench, or even a jeweler’s screwdriver. Check which of the tool is appropriate to use depending on the screw used.

Usually, there are two screws on both, and hidden underneath. Loosen and remove the screws that are securing each of the mounting plates and carefully pull off the brackets.

Removing toilet paper holder attached with mastic

This holder is mostly installed on the tiles. There is no other way, as the tiles underneath will have to be replaced. They embed the nub of the base of the holder in the tiles and then sealed using grout around it.

First, cut the grout loose with a grout removal, but a hammer and chisel can work. Pry the post loose to remove the grout. A Dremmel can do the trick. Some use a box cutter to cut around the edges till the toilet holder is off from the tiles.

Since it may damage the tiles at this point. You will need to smoothen the gap where the toilet paper was attached. A Dremmel can do this task.

You may need to re-tile the spot where the toilet paper holder used to be if you don’t have plans of replacing toilet paper holder.

Removing toilet paper holder attached with a suction cup

This is the easiest type of holder to remove as it is suctioned to the wall or any surface, and you can move it to any other location.

Some homeowners use additional adhesives to make sure that this holder will not just fall on the floor after some time, most especially because of the splashes of water, which may slowly seep through the adhesives.

There is no other way of removing toilet paper holder from the wall, but just by pulling the attached part of the wall.

This is the same reason other users prefer this toilet paper holder because it is just easily replaceable with another adhesive hook if needed.

Remove excess adhesive left sticking on the wall on the wall to keep the wall dirt or stain-free.

Removing toilet paper holder attached with concrete or cement

Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder is ideal for those who would like to enjoy this holder for the years to come. It will also not bend, fold, or fall on the floor at any time.

There are different ways they attach this type of toilet paper holder. Some use screws that are made specifically to carry heavy weight, such as this concrete toilet paper holder, while others use cement to glue it on the wall.

You need to double-check the installation, though, because incorrectly installing this toilet paper holder may cause accidents in the long run.

You can either remove the screw with the correct tool or if it were glued to the wall with cement, you may have to peel it off the wall with some hammering, the use of a chisel, and pointed tools so the attached part will separate from the wall.

Refinishing the wall may be needed afterward to remove bumps and rough patches left on the spot.

Removing toilet paper holder attached with nails

They mostly use this type on a wooden wall or area. Although some homeowners use screws, others prefer using nails to attach the toilet holder directly to the wooden wall, as this is the easiest to do, and less tool is needed. They have to nail and hammer the holder in place manually.

It is easy to remove as you have to pull it off the wooden wall using the hammer. You need to repaint the portion where the removal may have caused some scratches.

Removing toilet paper holder with self-adhesive hooks

Used by those who are not keen on using this device as much and who don’t like to be bothered with step-by-step installation guidelines.

This toilet paper holder doesn’t cost much, is easy to purchase, easy to install, and easy to replace. It is the easiest because they rarely last long.

This toilet paper holder gets damaged and breaks easily and is not ideal for those who want to have a long story with their toilet paper holder.

This toilet paper holder is mostly attached with self-adhesive hooks, where you peel off the covering of the adhesive on the back and then attach it directly to the wall.

There is no other tool needed, just some clean cloth to wipe the spot where you will attach the toilet paper holder.

It is also easy to remove since you will pull the holder away from the wall, and it is done.


A person spends over 30 minutes per day inside the washroom, some people even take longer. But almost everyone needs toilet paper to do their daily thing or ritual inside the bathroom.

They will surely reach out for toilet paper every time. A toilet holder is a must in every bathroom as we use it to keep it clean and dry.

A toilet paper holder has distinct styles and designs and will depend on the restroom/bathroom where it will be used, but the most important thing is that a toilet paper holder should be easy to remove and in the same way, should be easy to install.

After reading this article, you get to pick some ideas that you might use for your future reference when you know how to remove a toilet paper holder easily.

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