How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner can make everyone’s life easier. It is a plug-and-use device that requires less effort to operate. There are also automatic vacuums called robotic vacuums you can leave to clean a certain area by themselves.

But what can you do if it suddenly stops working in the middle of vacuuming your living room, bathroom, and other areas in your house? Are you going to just stop midway from cleaning and removing dirt and dust?

Well, you can’t. Most especially if you have dirty floors and more – if you have dirty carpets. A dirty carpet can bring a lot of health issues for you and your family.

Do not fret because there are many ways to clean carpets without a vacuum and keep your family’s health intact. Let’s go.

Here are 10 Tips on How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

Using a broom

How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

Sweeping your carpet is also possible if you do not have a vacuum. A broom can be your ally in picking up surface dirt. Sweeping the carpet with a traditional broom with short, quick strokes is possible.

You have to see the portion with more dirt and focus on sweeping it more. Distinct types of broom are out in the market, choose the type of broom that can also double as a carpet cleaner. You can do this by checking the bristles used in its manufacture.


How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

Carpet brushing is another of your options. The bristles can easily lift soil, dust, dirt, and any other pollutants from your carpet. Make the brushing by area if you have a big-sized carpet.

If you would rather do this outside than inside the house, you can throw the dust and dirt away from the carpet or collate the dirt afterward.

After brushing, you may need to shake off the carpet and then repeat the procedure.

If you are doing this step, make sure you have a mask on so you will not inhale the dust.

Lint rollers

How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

There are lint rollers available in the market in different sizes. These are used to remove dog fur from the bed and sofas, but it is also a brilliant choice for when you don’t have a vacuum to clean your carpet.

There is an available extra-long lint roller that you can buy, and it is double or triple the size of your regular lint roller. It is also sticky and can lift most of the dust, and dirt besides pet hairs.

You may buy those that already have many sheets included in the set plus a refill.

These rollers are not just used on carpets, but on the sofa, bed, and even in your car.

This is your best option when you need to clean your carpet that has dirt. These rollers come with either a short handle or a long handle for ease of use.


Beating Carpet

This is the oldest trick in the book where you roll your carpet and bring it outside where there is enough space. It can either be on your lawn or driveway, even your garden if there is a space to do the task.

Again, you need to have protective gear with you cause you don’t want your carpet cleaner you inhale all the dust and dirt that comes from it. A face mask should help.

You can either use a carpet beater, broom, or a long rod.

We can use this option for carpets of manageable size.

If you can carry your rug or carpet easily, then it is best if you hang it outdoors and beat it area by area. If this is not doable, lifting one section at a time while it is on the floor is how to do the carpet beating.

Deep cleaning

Mix a solution of vinegar with one part of water and put it in a container with a spray tip. Spray it on your rag or carpet portion by portion and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then you can blot using another clean cloth.

Baking soda is another option as it is a great cleaning substance and will remove the funky smell from your carpet.

This DIY cleaning can only help your carpet as much and can stay clean for just a time, but still, you have to take care of the cleaning by hiring professionals to clean your carpet as they will have a tool to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Dry cleaning

You can do this yourself if you are someone with knowledge in DIY and if you have the tools and cleaning solution.

There are products in the market that can be used to pretreat your rugs and carpets. This compound treats your carpet and breaks down stubborn dirt and grease.

Dry cleaning is considered less expensive, and you can do it yourself, which lessens your spending.

Drying time also takes 30 to 45 minutes. You may opt to rent a machine for dry cleaning or use powder cleaners that can also give a dry cleaning effect on your carpet.

Said products absorb the musty smell and remove dirt from the fibers of the carpet.

If you do not have a vacuum, you can just brush the leftover residue from the cleaning product used or use a broom.

For easy-to-carry carpets, bringing them outside is another option so you can shake off residues.

Check stains and remove it

Vacuuming can help with lifting dust and other particles from your carpet, but without it, you can still clean your carpet manually. There are stains left on your carpet which can be juice stains, oil, and such.

What you can do with this issue is to clean it on the spot and the soonest time you see it. This will make it easier for you to keep your carpet from smelling. By also doing so, you are making sure that no particles will stick to it, which makes it harder to remove in the long run.

There is an available cleaning solution in our kitchens, such as baking soda, borax, diluted vinegar, dishwashing soap, and water. We can make use of these products and will not cost much to purchase.

Using a carpet sweeper

How To Clean Carpet Without a Vacuum

There is an available carpet sweeper that is considered more advanced than the traditional broom. It has a firm and durable bristle that can clean your carpet and rugs and remove dirt. It is also no fuss to use and with just a back-and-forth motion on your carpet.

There are also newer designs of carpet sweepers that can also be used as a rake for your carpets, which can easily remove pet hairs not just on your carpet but on your furniture.

Shake off dust and dirt

If all else fails, a simple shaking of your carpet outside will do. It will loosen embedded dirt that is hanging in the carpet’s fibers.

This is the simplest option, as it is how it was done ages ago before machines proliferated in the market. It requires a bit of your time and will not cost you anything.

With this simple step, do not forget to protect yourself by using a face mask every time you need to clean and remove dust from your home.

Let your carpet stay out in the sun, or air dry it

Letting it stay out in the sun for 15 minutes to half an hour is not bad if only done as needed and not frequently. A good dose of sunlight is not bad for your carpet.

Sunlight is a natural microbe killer and odor eliminator. Mold and bacteria will also not thrive on your carpet with this option.

Can you get sick with a dirty carpet?

A dirty carpet can bring a lot of health issues like:

  • Allergies because of pet hair, mold, dust, and dirt
  • Skin irritation
  • Other respiratory illnesses
  • Weaken the immune system

The carpet just has too much dirt on it. Mostly 70% of people walk on the carpet with their shoes on, and there are more than a hundred thousand bacteria lurking on it.

It can also get you sick because of the unseen dirt that clings to the carpet which triggers allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Cleaning your carpet is the key to making sure this will not happen to you or your family.

Leaving your dirtied carpet lying around will also cause your home to have a funky smell, like a dirty carpet will emit a different smell, which will cling to your sofa, curtains, bed, and your entire house.


Although there are effortless ways of cleaning your home, it is imperative that you can still do the cleaning without machines or other devices. There are still traditional ways of cleaning your home using whatever simple tools you have.

Carpet cleaning can be a bit of a task for some if there is no vacuum cleaner available, but you need to be mindful of the consequences if you don’t clean your carpets.

You just have to make do with what you have to face the task head-on.

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