Ultimate Guide To Use Surface Cleaner Pressure Washers?

A surface cleaner pressure washer is a pretty awesome accessory for cleaning flat surfaces such as any wooden floor, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

You can clean flat surfaces easily with pressure washers. Because of the water pressure, dirt, and stubborn rust can be cleaned effortlessly. This accessory is not too hard to use if you follow the right instructions.

In this article, you will find a few amazing steps to make your pressure washer surface cleaner work.

But if you’re planning to work on a painted surface, then don’t, hire an expert to do it for you cause it can be dangerous, and you can easily do damage to the surface.

The dust of paint can easily affect your health. We recommend you not to pressure wash old or painted surfaces if you’re a beginner.

How to Use Surface Cleaner Pressure Washers?

How To Use Surface Cleaner Pressure Washers?

Cleaning dirty surfaces can be pretty tough and exhausting. It costs around $50- $100 per hour depending on how dirty the area is. Charges can be different in other countries. You can sweep a God amount of area, and it will not satisfy you with the result.

It’s pretty time-consuming, and hard if you try to sweep a large area by hand. A clean environment is really important for all of us.

Using a surface pressure washer makes cleaning a huge amount of area easy. If you value your time, it saves your precious time and energy as well.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are about pumping the pressure of water that flows from the attached hose, which can be powered by gasoline or electricity.

There are cons and pros for both of the washers. You should know about the cons and pros before you get one for yourself.

Gasoline pressure washers:

Pros: Gasoline-powered pressure washers are great if you are not near or cannot use electricity. You can work with that anytime you want doesn’t matter if you’re far from electricity or not.

Pros: Had pressured washers are popular for providing a wide range of PSI and GPM which helps you to clean the surface faster and also these are more efficient than electrical ones.

Cons: Even though gas-powered surface pressure washers are more efficient than electrical ones, you have to change the fuel periodically if you do not use proper, fuel then your machine can give you bad output.

Cons: Gas-powered pressure washers are louder than electrical pressure washers.

Electrical pressure washers:

Pros: Electrical pressure washers don’t produce any harmful emissions, if you have to use them indoors, you can work with electrical pressure washers easily. All you have to do is use hearing protection and a reliable way to remove the water after you’re done working.

Pros: Electrical pressure washer machines do not require periodic oil changes as long as you’re near any electrical supply you’re good to go.

Cons: An electrical pressure washer will not be able to provide you with a gasoline-powered service. If you are planning to clean a large area, electrical pressure washers will take a long time to get your work done.

Cons: Electric pressure washers can be only used if you can give them an electrical supply. If not, then it’s useless. In short words, electric pressure washers are not as portable as gasoline pressure washers.

Is buying a pressure washer worth your money?

Pressure washer

Buying a pressure washer is totally worth your money. If you’re trying to keep your property clean and neat, and also save your valuable time and energy in the cleaning process, you should get a pressure washer. It’s basic to use and reliable. If you maintain the machine it will go a long way.

Before you start:

Make sure to wear hearing protection and safety glasses before working with your pressure washer. If you have sensitive hearing then, it can cause problems in your ear.

Make sure to pre-clean:

Before using a pressure washer, make sure to remove any debris, rocks, concrete chunks, and pretty much anything that can disturb the motion of the pressure washer.

Pressure washers are heavy-duty machines to maintain their stability. You should not ignore this step cause, chunks of hard materials can damage the surface of the machine, which may break your machine at some point. Do not skip this step before using your pressure washer.

Connect the water supply:

How To Use Surface Cleaner Pressure Washers?

After you have pre-cleaned the area, you have to connect the water supply to your pressure washer, and to the hose and connect the surface cleaner. You must know the connections, it is a pretty basic wand assembly.

After you have connected, be sure to re-check all the connections. If you do not connect everything correctly, then it can cause trouble when you turn it on.

Turning on the washer:

How To Use Surface Cleaner Pressure Washers?

Now start the water supply and turn on the pressure washer. Check if there’s any leakage. Now remove the safety lock and press the trigger gun. Do everything slow and steady, do not rush stuff.

If you notice there is a spray bar under the cleaner, that bar makes the water burst out at high pressure, which provides a circular motion that makes it glide on the surface. It cleans every bit of dirt and grime from the surface it touches.

Start cleaning:

Now, move slowly with the motion your pressure washer is providing you with. If you’re not used to it then hold the wand with two hands till you are comfortable with the machine. Move forward and start cleaning the area. It should glide on the surface easily.

It is essential to keep the machine moving to clean the area evenly. If your pressure washer is being disturbed along the way, check every connection if you follow the instructions everything should go right.


Floor pressure washer machines are awesome for surface cleaning. It can be used on wooden deck concrete floors, driveways, and many more if you’re looking for something that can provide you with long-time service, and an amazing, result then you should get one of these machines.

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