The Best Way to Stab People With a Hobo Knife

The use of a stabbing knife is a good option when it comes to self-defense. Many people do not find it comfortable to carry it in their pocket, but it is a tool that can protect them.

It is nothing more but an extension of your arm that can keep the attacker away from your body. It is legal and smart to use it for defending yourself against any danger.

Stabbing Folks with My Hobo Knife

best knife for stabbing

If you dream about stabbing folks with a hobo knife, then you are on the right track. It is a great tool to keep the attackers away.

Also, you can move it quickly and stab someone. The injury that the attacker will get through it will give you time to escape from the location or get help.

Here we will learn a lot about using hobo knives for self-defense under different situations and at different locations. You will be able to detect the attack and defend against attackers in any situation.

When Attacker lunges at You?

When the attacker lunges at you, you must attack with a stab on the hand. It is the first thing that comes towards you when they lunge. So, make sure you make it useful for them with a hobo knife attack.

Even then, if they become successful in grabbing you, then stab on their knee, thigh, or right into the stomach.

For people who are not very much trained in this, and do not know how to attack with a knife, they should keep moving. This will make it difficult for the attacker to keep a grip on you. You will be able to avoid the attacker in this way.

When Attacker Grab You from Behind?

Well, stabbing folks with a hobo knife is very important when the attacker grabs you from behind. You can take out the knife from your pocket to attack the hands of that person.

It can save you from serious trouble because the attacker can abduct you in such a situation. When you run away after attacking them, there are rare chances that the attacker would come before you.

Try to run as fast as you can, and only stop where you find people for help. Do not step back at any cost because it could prove to be deadly for you.

When the Attacker is Carrying Knife?

best type of knife for stabbing

In case someone is having a knife and asking you to give all the money that you carry, do that immediately. Do not argue or do anything else.

However, if someone tries to grab you, or force you into the vehicle, it’s time to fight back with the knife. You have to take it out and do your best. Make sure you run away at the fasted speed after this. Do not stay at the location anymore.

When Attackers Abduct You?

Attackers usually try to abduct people at places where there is no one around. Therefore, you have to take care of yourself by carrying a hobo knife with you. It’s better to ask someone out for jogging, walking, or even when you go for parking your car.

If you thoroughly understand your environment, it will help you a lot in dealing with any sudden situation. Try to stay conscious all the time, especially in unpopulated places.

As soon as you find something dangerous or feel unsafe, run away immediately. If you do not find time to do so, then you should have the training of using a hobo knife for self-defense.


There are situations when you face an attacker with no weapon. Even then, the person will not step back after seeing the knife in your hands. In such a situation, you must know how to escape and defend yourself.

We are sure that our information about stabbing folks with my hobo knife is going to be of great help.

Try to get basic training for it, and use it accordingly when a dangerous situation arises. A little practice now and then can make you a master of this skill, so do that as well.

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