How to Remove Scratches From Glass Cooktop (4 Easy Methods)

The scratches on your black glass cooktop can hurt your heart! What can do you about it? When you use a glass stovetop, it can easily get scratched! If they bother you, it is better that you remove them!

Today, we will discuss how to remove scratches from the glass cooktop, making the cooktop shine once again just like it’s new! There are tons of methods of taking off the scratches; we will talk about the ones that work!

Let us begin the easy steps to make your kitchen fulfill!

How to Remove Scratches From a Glass Cooktop

Methods of Removing Scratches from a Glass Cooktop

It is not always possible to settle for a scratch-resistant cooktop! And when the cooktop is not resistant to scratch, there are chances of scratches all over it! Here are some methods that can help you get rid of it! Have a look!

Baking Soda

How to Remove Scratches From Glass Cooktop
Baking Soda

The first method we are going to talk about removing scratches from the glass cooktop is the baking soda method. This process is easy to complete and mostly available in the kitchen.

  • First of all, you have to make a baking soda paste. For this, take a container and put some baking soda in it. After that, add some water and start mixing. Make a wet paste out of the soda and water.
  • Once the toothpaste is ready, work on the application of the paste. Start applying it on the glass cooktop. In this situation, make sure that the cooktop is not hot and completely cool. Use your fingers for adding the soda paste.
  • After adding it, start buffing. However, certify that you are gentle when it comes to the buffing part. Go through every scratch and buff it off. For the process, use a soft cloth. If you don’t want to buff, you can go in a circular motion and scuff the scratches!
  • In this position, take off the paste. You will need a damp cloth for doing this. With it, wipe off the paste. You are done!

Nail Polish

Nail Polish
Nail Polish

Nail polish is not only amazing for the nails! Yes, nail polish can be incredible when it comes to hiding the scratches from your glass cooktop! Here, you will need the clear polish and add some glass polish with it to hide it well! However, this method is only for hiding the scratches and not removing them. So, before you go for it, keep this in mind.

  • Make sure that the stove is switched off and is ready for the work. Also, it should be cool when you start your work. Examine the scratches and take a look at the points where you are going to use the polish.
  • Now, take the nail polish in your hands and start covering the areas that have scratches and you have selected. Use the nail polish brush and cover up the damages and scratches carefully.
  • After you are done applying the nail polish, move forward to take off the additional nail polish. Wipe off the extra part. Here, you have to be quick, otherwise the excess nail polish will dry down. As a result, it will stick to the stove. You don’t want that! So, wipe it off before it is dry.
  • Now that you have taken off the extra part, the added part will dry down. It usually dries down fast. But as you are working with a glass stove, we recommend you waiting for a while before you jump to the next step. Wait for about 30 minutes for it to dry.
  • Once the nail polish is completely dry, search, for a pad. Ensure that the pad you are using here is non-abrasive so that it can keep the glass body of the cooktop free from future scratches. With the pad, start buffing the areas where you have added nail polish. Cover every area and provide 30 seconds in each of them.
  • After you are done with buffing the areas, you are almost ready. Now you have to ass some glass polish to bring back the shine. Add some of the glass polishes to the buffing pad. Give a touch-up to the parts where you have applied the nail polish!


Methods of Removing Scratches from a Glass Cooktop

In the step of how to remove scratches from glass cooktop, toothpaste is a method that you cannot avoid! People that go through severe phone screen scratches already know how useful toothpaste is for removing the scratches from their phones. Yes, it sounds strange, but toothpaste can make it work better!

  • First, get your hands on whitening toothpaste. In this process, you won’t need a lot of toothpaste. Take a small amount of the paste. Add it to a soft cloth.
  • Now, search for the damaged areas and apply toothpaste there. After applying toothpaste to all the areas, you have to rub the area. While you rub, be gentle! Go in a circular motion while rubbing. One minute of rubbing is enough for removing the scratches.
  • After you have rubbed the areas for a while, get a cloth and wet it. Take the damp cloth and take off the toothpaste. Yes, it is time to take off the toothpaste with the help of the cloth. All you have to do is wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Now that you have wiped off the toothpaste, start to wipe the glass cooktop. Here, do not use any damp cloth. Instead, get a dry cloth and start cleaning it. There will surely be leftover liquid. All you have to do is remove them. This process might require repetition. For a better result, go for it.

Ceramic Cleaning Cream

Cooktop Cleaning Cream
Cooktop Cleaning Cream

You can use a ceramic cleaning cream for the process. It works like a metal polish. It will help in buffing out the scrapes. However, it will only work for small and shallow scratches.

  • Get your hands on some cleaning cream and add a small amount to a soft cloth. Now, all you need to do is start buffing! Go through the scuffed areas and buff the scratches off. Clean it in a circular motion. Each scratch will take more or less 30 seconds for the process.
  • This method takes time. So, repeat the previous step to get the perfect result. Going through the same step once or twice again will ensure perfection. Once the scratches are disappeared, you are done!
  • After the scratches disappear, you must get your hands on another cloth. Ensure that the cloth is dry. Take off the polish by wipe the area carefully. After wiping it once, repeat the process once again. But this time, settle for a wet piece of cloth!

Wrap Up

Never worry much about how to remove scratches from glass cooktops because we are at your aid! We are here to help you out by telling you the easy tricks to remove scratches from your glass cooktop! All the methods explained above work amazingly!

Try the methods and check out the blog for other necessary tricks for taking care of your kitchen! Your kitchen and the cooktop will shine if you stay with us!