How To Keep Fitted Sheets From Coming off Bed

Are you fed up with the fitted sheets because it is often come off the bed mattress? Do you want to keep the sheet fitted on the bed mattress so that you can sleep peacefully? If yes, then you have hit the right link.

Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. It is one of the common issues with the fitted sheets. They come off the bed mattress now and then. Your waiting is going to end with this article.

Here you will know how to keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the tips that can help you keep your fitted sheets tidy.

Ways to Keep Fitted Sheets from Coming off Bed:

how to make a fitted sheet fit tighter

Pick the Right Size

Many people complain that their bedsheets are sliding off but they don’t look at the size of their sheets. If your bed sheet keeps popping off the bed mattress, then it may be because of the size.

Before buying mattress sheets, make sure it fits the size of the bed. If you buy a sheet that is too small to fit, it will come off the bed mattress anytime.

Besides coming off, the sheet fabric will get stretched as a result, it will harm the fabric. The quality of the bedsheet will be reduced. If you sit on the bed, the bed sheet will slide off in the corner.

On the other hand, if you buy a bed sheet that is too large, then it may become loose. The sheet will bunch up and will pop off the bed mattress easily.

So, keep the size in mind while going to buy a bed mattress. Measure in advance so that it creates no mess.

Flat vs Fitted

Well, this is a kind of personal choice. Some of us find it easier to manage flat sheets, whereas others think fitted sheets are perfect. The people who think fitted sheets are perfect give priority to less work to control the sheets.

The flat sheets do not ping off the bed corners. Flat sheets are made without using elastic. So they stay on the bed without getting stretched.

However, sometimes we see that the loose parts of the flat sheet come off the bed and bunch up or even slip off your bed.

In this regard, fitted sheets perform better. If you go for a fitted bed sheet with a deep fitting that can cling your sheet to the mattress.

Using Mattress Protector

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When using a fitted sheet, you have to keep in mind that you should use a mattress protector too. And the protector should not be too thick.

Having an extra thick protector can cause strain on the fitted sheet. That will make it come off the bed mattress edges easily.

You can avoid this by having a high-quality mattress protector. It will give strength and reduce the chance of your sheets getting out of the mattress corner.

The mattress protector will keep that in its place and the sheets will not slide off. Your sheets will remain as it is.

Use Bed Suspenders

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Well, this is an interesting way to stop your bedsheets from coming off the mattress. If you are looking for a cheap way and don’t know how to keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed, then you can obtain this.

Use a bed suspender for your mattress. A bed suspender is also known as a gripper. If you don’t know what it is, let me explain. A bed suspender is an elasticated strap that is adjustable to the bed.

You can fix them to each corner of the bed and feel free about the bedsheet. These will protect your fitted sheets from popping off the bed edges. The straps go under the mattress and keep your bedsheet secure the whole night.

Change the Fabrics

Sometimes we do everything to keep the fitted sheets there in their place, but nothing works. In that case, you can try another thing. The reason may be the fabric of your sheet.

The linen you bought could be the catalyst in all of your unpleasant experiences regarding bedsheets. If you are using satin or silk as your bedsheet, you should change it now.

You can opt for a pure cotton bed sheet. A high thread count cotton bed linen is not as slippery as satin or silk.

Rather cotton fabric is extremely soft and relaxing to the touch. There will be no lack of comfort. While buying fitted sheets, consider the best bed sheets for purple mattresses.

Changing your bedsheet fabric would be a better idea to solve this frustrating issue.

Tuck Properly

Now you may say that you are using the proper type of fabric. Still, your fitted sheets are coming out of the edges. What to do in that case? My question to you is “Did you tuck the sheet properly? You might not have.

No matter which fabric you use, tuck the sheet accurately. Tuck and tuck repeatedly. Make sure that you have tucked each corner properly. When you sleep, your body may not be in the same place, which causes the sheet to pop off. But tucking properly can reduce that chance.

Tucking every edge is called the hospital corner which was mainly used in hospitals. But people have cordially accepted the technique because it is an effective way to keep fitted sheets in their place.

Using Zipping Sheet

Though it is applicable for the baby bed sheets. Some babies pull out the sheet corner from underneath the mattress. For adults, you can use drawstring sheets.

The use is simple, and the result is awesome. That will tighten the bedsheet under the mattress. So it will remain as it is.

Using nonslippery Rug Gripper

A rug gripper can keep your fitted sheets from coming off the bed mattress. You may be wondering how it is possible for a fitted sheet!

However, there is an available rug gripper that will allow you to keep your fitted sheet under the mattress. Your fitted sheet will be there as it is. No need to worry about it.

Using Double Sheet

Use an extra sheet under the softer sheet. That will keep the upper one in the right place. If you are using a silk sheet or any other softer sheets, they are likely to come off.

In that case, you can place a rougher sheet under the fitted sheet. One such name is the flannel sheet. We all know the flannel fabric has the quality to keep your sheets from moving.

Avoid Bed Making Mistakes

You may keep blaming the bedsheets, fabric, or any other thing. But the reason behind the fitted sheets coming off may be the way you make your bed. Here are some bed-making mistakes you should avoid so that your sheets stay as they are.

  • Putting fitted sheets wrongly: If you are putting the fitted sheet wrongly, then no one can keep it from sliding off. Try to keep it correct.

  • Buying low-quality fitted sheets can be another reason. Your pesky bed sheet is creating trouble because this is not a good product. It will keep doing the same. So, buy a high-quality fitted sheet. While buying sheets, keep in mind that you should not buy a low-quality product.

  • Making bed right after waking up: A possible reason you were tossing the whole night is mites or bed bugs. They need a moist environment to survive. When you wake up the atmosphere is moist which causes the mites to remain on your bed. So do not make beds right after waking up.

  • Tightening the bed too much: If you make the bed like a soldier, tighten up every corner, you cannot even sit on it. The corners will start popping off. So keep the sheet a little loose so that when you sleep or sit on it, it doesn’t start sliding off the bed.

  • Do not iron bedsheets: Some people cannot tolerate a messy bed. So they iron it. This will not solve your problem. Keep the wrinkles of the bed there. Because the wrinkles of a washed bedsheet are a trend now. So do not iron your bedsheet.

  • Sharing covers: In the winter when you and your partner start fighting over a single sheet, it creates the chance of getting the fitted sheet to come out. So, do not share, rather use a separate cover for each.

  • Do not sleep with just a duvet. During the wintertime, it can be a reason for fitted sheets popping off.

Final Words

I hope these ideas help you get out of this pesky issue. I have discussed almost every possible way to get you rid of this problem.

Now you should have a firm idea about how to keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed. However, you might have your way of doing it. But I hope these tips help you.

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