How To Use Dryer Sheets – You Need to Know

Have you ever had those times when you thought you’ve lost your hankie in the dryer, and only to find out that it clung onto the cloth of your sweater?

Or maybe you’re planning to wear a freshly laundered dress, only to feel a rigid texture instead of the soft texture that you expected?

These are the prevalent side effects of the washing and dry cycle that’s going on in the laundry. When all these happen, clothes tend to stick together because of the static electricity. But dryer sheets make a huge difference.

Adding a dryer sheet to your laundry routine can help you make your clothes fresh and fragrant-smelling all day.

Dryer sheets are designed with an anti-static property, which means that these laundry staples can provide more use than just solving your typical laundry problems. However, how to use dryer sheets, discuss below:

How To Use Dryer Sheets?: Top 10 Ways

How To Use Dryer Sheets

Beyond the laundry room uses dryer sheets

The use of dryer sheets is not limited to laundry purposes only. However, its utmost purpose is to solve your laundry dilemmas by preventing the static electricity to your clothes once tossed in the laundry, whilst making sure that your clothes are left fresh and soft.

Today, there are two (2) main types of dryer sheets in the market. The first one is made with a polyester substrate, which is a non-woven base. While the other one is made with cellulose ingredients which allow you to recycle it as a paper product after usage.

When applied to clothes and activated by heat, these dryer sheets transfer their silicon-based fabric softeners to your clothes–making them soft and smelling fresh all day.

Not to mention, dryer sheets can come in two varieties, one is scented, and the other is unscented. You can grab your preferred scent for your go-to freshening hacks, and you can buy the unscented ones to aid you in other tasks.

Scrubbing away stubborn food from pans & pots

Tired of the seemingly endless hours of scrubbing away stubborn food residues on your scorched pan? Then try to consider using a non-woven polyester type of dryer sheet to lessen your struggle.

You’ll only be needing to place the dryer sheet in your pan and fill it over with hot water. Leave it overnight to soak.

This hack works because the dryer sheet contains silicone coating that helps with the softening process of the stubborn food in the pan. For the next morning, you are having to use a dryer sheet to wipe the stubborn food away from the pan.

The polyester woven sheet’s texture will help remove stubborn food residues without harming the finish of your non-stick pans.

Calm your fluffy friends during a storm

Most dogs are terrified of the sound of thunder. The primary reason for this is because they do not know what it is, which causes them to think its something dangerous or threatening.

During a thunderstorm, rubbing your fluffy friend’s coat with a dryer sheet (preferably an unscented and plant-based one,) will help to calm to pet during the storms.

Dryer sheets help by reducing the static electricity in their fur. By using an unscented and plant-based dryer sheet, you can be sure of your pet’s safety against the toxic ingredients that some dryer sheets may contain.

Removing pet’s fur from clothes & furniture

Most pets, primarily dogs and cats, tend to shed a lot of damaged and old hair, and it’s completely normal. However, cleaning up these shedding in your clothes and furniture can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have an on-the-go and busy lifestyle.

But thankfully, dryer sheets are here to save the day. With its anti-static properties, it will help you remove your fluffy friend’s hair from sticking through your clothes and furniture.

This hack is simple, you’ll just be needing to rub the sheet over your clothes or furniture to loosen and remove the fur. You can also use these dryer sheets (new or used,) to remove dust or fur from shelves, windows, books, and the likes.

Deodorizing shoes & quieting squeaky soles

Shoe odor builds up primarily because your shoes are considered to be a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply -causing that foul odor in your running shoes.

If you currently have smelly shoes, don’t worry because you can use dryer sheets to get rid of the shoe odor once and for all.

By just simply adding a dryer sheet to your desired shoes, you can get rid of the dirty and smelly odor of your shoes.

You can also use dryer sheets to end the squeaky noise at the bottom of your shoes by simply rubbing the dryer sheets at the sole of your shoes.

Getting rid of the static cling

There’s probably nothing worse than arriving at your office or workplace, only to realize that one of your panties or socks got stuck on the back of your clothes.

If you ever get caught in this kind of situation, it is best to use a dryer sheet to reduce static, and in order to de-cling that stubborn panty or socks that clung on to your clothes.

Make sewing and needlework effortless

You can get more of your dryer sheets by incorporating them into your sewing and needlework routine. With the help of dryer sheets, you will lessen your frustration over the threads that tend to get knot up as you stitch.

By just simply running the thread between your folded dryer, you can keep your cloth tangle-free during hand sewing and/or needlework.

The silicon in the material of the dryer sheet eases the process whilst keeping the fabric smooth and fresh. Using a dryer sheet also helps with strengthening the stitch of your thread.

Deodorizing your gym bags & luggage

Sweaty workout clothes and used towels can leave your gym bag and luggage with an unwanted odor. But luckily, dryer sheets provide an answer to this prevailing problem.

By just simply tucking in a piece of dryer sheet inside your gym bag or luggage before you put it away will help add a fresh scent and eliminate the nasty odors left in your bag.

But before doing this, make sure that you remove all your smelly workout clothes or used towels from the bag first.

Through this deodorizing process, your gym bag or luggage can return to its original scent or even a more fragrant one without being forced to buy purifiers to eliminate the awful and sweaty scent.

Clean gadgets & electronic screens

With the right material, you can clean your gadgets and electronic screens without worrying. You can take advantage of your used dryer sheets to clean the screens of your mobile phone, laptop, TV, and other gadget screens.

Because it is made with silicon materials, dryer sheets can be used as heavy-duty wipes that will pick up the left dust and remove the static from your gadgets and electronic screens.

However, it is important to take note that you should not use a dampened dryer sheet, because the moisture may harm your gadget or electronic screen when used.

Removing the sludge from an iron or dryer drum

Melted gum, adhesive stickers, crayons are just some of the much sticky stuff that may be placed in your dryer. This can be worrisome since it may bring damage to the interior finish.

But don’t be wary because the next time you encounter such, all you have to do is wet a piece of dryer sheet (preferably use a non-woven polyester) to scrub the stubborn gum or sticker away without harming the interior finish.

A dryer sheet may not clean the inside of the iron, it can still keep your iron tidy and clean by removing the left scorch marks in your iron. All you have to do is simply dampen a piece of dryer sheet and rub it at the bottom of your iron.

You also have to make sure that your iron is not hot during that time. Then place your iron in a low setting and run it a few times to remove anything that’s left in your iron.

A word of caution when how to use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are indeed useful and handy, especially for those on the go and busy people.

However, you should also take into consideration the ingredients of the dryer sheets that you have, because some of the dryer sheets in the market contain harmful ingredients that are not disclosed on the product’s label.

So, it is advisable to use a plant-based dryer sheet in order to ensure your safety.


While dryer sheets play an important role in people’s laundry routines, these woven sheets of fiber can also be used in a myriad of ways in our day-to-day lives.

As a matter of fact, it can be used in cleaning electronic gadgets and furniture, deodorizing your bags and shoes, calming your pet, removing the static from clothes and electronic screens, and so much more.

Despite its enormous amount of usage, dryer sheets are often left unappreciated, and their uses are often swept under the rug.

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