The Ultimate Guide to Building a DIY King Size Bed Frame

Many probably know or surmise that a person spends a third of his life in a dream. Which by itself implies that the place of our sleep should be convenient and comfortable.

So first of all, for this, you need a good king size bed, with a mattress that will ensure proper posture and maintain the body during sleep. In this article, you will know how a DIY king-size bed frame is made.

Do-it-yourself furniture items are gaining more and more popularity. These unique things are made, taking into account a specific interior, and fit perfectly into it.

Of course, you can order a bed in individual sizes and with the clear wishes of the manufacturer, but the price will be quite high. Therefore, the article will focus on how to make a king-size bed frame with your own hands.

The average person spends almost a third part of his life in a dream, and his activity in the waking state, which means success in business and personal life, depends on a good rest.

The quality of night rest largely depends on the comfort of the body position during sleep, which a comfortable king-size bed should provide.

How To Build a DIY King Size Bed Frame?

How Do We Build a DIY King Size Bed Frame?


To start making a bed, you need to prepare everything you need:

The king-size bed can be ordinary or with a lifting mechanism. Their manufacturing technique is slightly different from each other since a product with a lifting mechanism has an additional box for storing things and a lifting frame for a berth.

To determine the size of the bed, you need to consider the size of the mattress, which is planned to be purchased. To make a standard double bed with your own hands, such materials will be needed.

  • Frame 4 boards 240x30x2.5 2 boards 205x30x2.52 boards 148.5x30x2.54
  • Support beams 3 boards 3x10x1040 3 boards 3x10x10202
  • Decorative finish 3 boards 2,5.5.240 2 boards 2.5x5x157.51 board 2,5.5.202
  • Legs 1 bar 10x10x1040 6 bars 10x10x10.5
  • Rack bottom 19 boards 2.5×7.5×240 19 boards 2.5×7.5×148

When choosing a material, many are faced with wood of different qualities. Experts recommend choosing high-quality wood only for the structure. If there is not enough money for quality material, you can purchase chipboard or plywood.

If you plan to make a bed with a lifting mechanism, then a little more materials will be required. Since, in addition to the mainframe, it is also great to make a lifting frame for a berth.

For its manufacture, you can use metal building material. The drawing should include not only building material but also the type of lifting mechanism because its installation plays a big role.

Tools that will be required:

  • Roulette;
  • Pencil or marker;
  • Brushes;
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood putty;
  • Varnish, stain;
  • Glue for wood;
  • Self-tapping screws (30, 50, 60 mm);
  • Measuring square;
  • Drill;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Clamps;
  • Grinding machine;
  • Stapler;
  • Hacksaw

When cutting parts according to the dimensions of the drawing, you need to mark them as accurately as possible.

  • A drill/driver with a cartridge of 10 mm or more.
  • We glue the edge ourselves.

Straight construction angle, preferably with a measuring line

  • Dumb knife.
  • Fine sandpaper.
  • Drills 5 and 8 mm in diameter.
  • A cutter with a diameter of 35 mm is standard for loops, but in this case, it’s just the one we use often.

Preparatory Work

How Do We Build a DIY King Size Bed Frame?

A DIY king-size bed has several advantages. First of all, it is the opportunity to choose the required size, design, and shape of legs, as well as the quality of the finished product, so that the bedroom turns into a masterpiece.

  • Design, which can be a classic or with a lifting system;
  • A drawing that helps in the preparation and manufacture of parts;
  • Sequential action plan.

Drawings and Schemes

No work of interior items is complete without drawings and diagrams. And the king-size bed frame is no exception. Having decided on the type and size of the king-size bed, you need to make a detailed drawing.

The scheme allows you to buy the required amount of building materials of a certain size or order their manufacture in a furniture workshop. The drawing is also used throughout the construction process.

Fastening of Supports for a Rack Bottom

Supports for laying rails are mounted as the frame. How is it done?

  • In the supporting boards, it is necessary to drill holes for the thickness of the screws, in increments of 25 cm;
  • For fastening the boards, it is better to put the frame on its side and draw the line at a distance of 5 cm from its bottom.

For mounting the boards, put the frame on its side

  • Before attaching the supporting boards, they must be lubricated with wood glue;
  • Mount along the edges of the frame using 50 mm screws;
  • For stability during the drying time of the glue, the supporting block must be pressed. For this, you can use clamps.

The frame with the bar was fixed until completely dry

  • The middle support board is mounted parallel to the two previous ones, at the same height, by drilling holes in its ends;
  • The remaining holes from the fasteners must be sealed with putty and cleaned with sandpaper after drying.


Fastening of Supports for a Rack Bottom

Making legs with your own hands is the easiest step in the entire construction process.

The whole manufacturing process:

  • Prepared timber with a cross-section of 10×10 cm must be sawn into 6 bars 10.5 cm long

Preparation for Legs

  • Fastening is carried out to supporting bars
  • For the strength of the frame, two additional legs are attached under the central support, at a distance of 50 cm from the edges of the frame
  • For their decoration, you can give them any shape. You can see off one of the corners at a distance of about 3 cm from the bottom, at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • At the end of the work, they must be sanded.

Fixing all created elements:

  • As mentioned above, the legs are attached to the supporting boards of the frame. To do this, use 60 mm screws. For each leg, you need to spend at least two.

Before screwing in the screws, you first need to drill holes, thereby reducing the risk of splitting boards.

Preparation for The Assembly

First of all, it is necessary to process the ends of the sawn parts, that is, glue them with an edge. The edge is applied with an adhesive base to the end and is heated by an iron, heated to three-quarters of the maximum. Just stroke it.

The edge that has not had time to cool down must be ironed with a dry cloth, carefully pressing the edges for better contact. Excesses and scraps are removed with a knife, the edges are processed with sandpaper – but carefully so as not to damage the laminate.

Head Assembly Scheme

Drilling for confirmations is not too difficult, but there are certain standards. At the end of the part, we drill with a 5 mm drill to a depth of 60 mm, in the plane – with a drill of 8 mm, through and through.

The marking for drilling is easy to calculate if you have at least three elementary school classes. The figures show how I made this bed, so it is quite problematic to make a mistake.

Assembly and finalization

It is not so difficult to understand how to make a king-size bed of your design yourself, and it is much more difficult not to miss the finishing touches.



The process of making a king-size bed with your own hands begins with the mainframe. A product with a lifting mechanism is also made from its base, which consists not only of four boards but also of the bottom.

Frame Assembly

  • In prepared parts, it is necessary to make holes for fastenings with a drill. The diameter should correspond to 30 mm screws that are used to fasten the boards;

Prepare holes for fastening

  • To clean the ends of the boards with sandpaper or a grinding machine;

We clean the ends of the boards with a grinder

  • Open them with glue for wood;
  • Insert self-tapping screws into the drilled holes, fasten the boards with a screwdriver or screwdriver

We fasten boards with self-tapping screws

  • After bonding, remove all excess glue with a damp cloth;

Remove excess glue with a damp cloth

  • In the end, it is necessary to check all the corners of the structure, to make sure that they are straight, using the construction square;
  • After the drying of the frame, it is necessary to paint it. The color of the stain is chosen solely from the personal preferences of the owner;

Finished frame after painting

  • If the frame is made in the form of a box, it is necessary to make a bottom, which can be solid (from plywood), or slatted.

Decorative Elements

Decorative elements play a large role in the decoration of the product. Thanks to them, the bedroom will sparkle with new colors. One of the options for the decoration elements is wood slats, five by 2.5 cm thick, which should also be included in the drawing.

Manufacturing process:

  • It is necessary to make the required size of rails from prepared materials;
  • Prepared slats must be sanded, and painted with a stain, the color of which is chosen from personal preferences and room design;
  • After drying, they are coated with water-based varnish;
  • After opening the first layer of varnish, it is necessary to polish the rails from the appearance of all kinds of bubbles. Next, apply two more layers of varnish;
  • The painting procedure must also be carried out.

How To Comfortably Place a Bed in The Interior

If there is enough space, then equip a pull-out bed under the podium, and on top place a cozy sitting area with a coffee table, to which steps lead. In a small room where every square meter is expensive, make a bed on the podium.

Build-in drawers for storing bedding, clothes, and other items

For bedding, place a tall, narrow drawer with a top-hinged lid at the head of the bed. It is convenient to store pillows and blankets in the daytime and at night – a cloak.

Gather a beautiful decorative back and beat to the wall above the head. Place the night lights on it. This will give your bed an aristocratic chic and comfort.

Choose the material and determine the price

Metal is too expensive, requires a specially equipped workshop, and a welding machine, has a large specific gravity, and poorly retains heat. Good furniture can be assembled at home from quite affordable lumber, without overpaying for it.

In the modern market of goods and services, you can find absolutely everything, but many people prefer to make an interior item on their own, without the help of specialists. A king-size bed frame can become a real decoration of the bedroom interior.

To make such a bed, you need to familiarize yourself with the general recommendations, make a drawing, and plan sequential actions.

A drawing is needed to calculate the necessary materials, and funds for their purchase, and compile the sequence of installation works.

Making a king-size bed frame is not that easy. You need to know the basics and have skills too. After that, the king-size bed frame will be a walk on the pack.

The bedroom should create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, which is achieved with the help of design and furniture attributes.

A good bed is needed not only for the design of the room but also to ensure a strong, comfortable sleep, which can be achieved with a properly selected bed.

It can not only be purchased but also made with your own hands. DIY king-size bed frame will be easier to make after you go through the above tips.

Having fulfilled all the requirements, the king-size bed will last a long time, performing all the intended functions.

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