A Functional Guide for California King Bed Frame Dimensions

Do you know an average person sleeps more than twenty-six years of life? But what about the seven years that every person spends in order to sleep peacefully?

Everyone knows about the importance of sleep in a person’s life. That’s why our beds are our favorite buddies.

We can’t imagine a peaceful sleeping session without a comfortable bed. However, every person has a specific physique and sleeping style.

Are you considering the California king bed as an option for your room because of its size? Obviously, your current search would be about California King bed frame dimensions.

So, here’s an attempt to satisfy your all queries regarding California king frame dimensions.

California King Bed Frame Dimensions

Do you know California king bed frames have less width than king-size frames but with extra length? Usually, taller people prefer beds with more length. In addition, couples also prefer to sleep in a narrow place to stay near to each other.

However, you need to measure the space of your bedroom to welcome a new bed frame. Nothing is more exciting than getting a new bed frame that satisfies all your needs.

Did you know? The furniture segment experienced sudden growth after 2007. Because with the passage of time, people tend to focus more on their comfort and convenience than ever.

So, that’s why the furniture industry is raising its standards day by day to meet all demands. Most bedroom items that may including bed frames, mattresses, closets, and dressers are highly preferred by consumers.

California King Bedframe Dimensions

The bed frames are made of metal or wood. A wood frame will give a classic look while a plastic frame provides durability. These frames usually come along with headboards, footboards, and slide panels.

But some bed frames may come as stand-alone. So, the basic purpose of a bed frame is to provide a base for the mattress. Here are the most accurate King bed frame dimensions.

Room size

Firstly, you need to measure your room size. Because there are many other bedroom accessories other than beds that occupy space.

So, in the end, you need to maintain everything within your room. According to the California bed frame dimensions, the room size should be 13 feet by 13 feet.

Length and width

Secondly, California king bed frames have a width of four inches less than king-size. But more in length by four inches than king-size bed frames. So, the width of the California bed frame is 72 inches. Meanwhile, the length of the California bed frame is 84 inches.

Personal space

The California king bed frames provide 36 inches of personal space. So, the majority of couples appreciate this space as they can sleep close to each other. Rather than couples, it’s also perfectly suitable for single persons who are taller than six feet.

Mattress size for California king bed frame

In order to get a California bed frame, you also need to buy a new mattress. Obviously, any other size mattress will not fit perfectly. So, you need to buy a California king mattress.

The mattress dimensions for the bed frame are 72 inches by 84 inches. The mattress dimensions for the California king bed frames in centimeters are 183cm by 213.5cm.

Headboard widths

Headboards provide back support to sit easily on the bed and also provide a classic look to your room. Headboards need two inches of space on either side of the bed. The headboard’s width for California king bed frames is 74 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between mattress size and bed frame size? Are both equal in size?

In many cases, the mattress size is the same as the bed frame size in dimensions. But some bed frames also have a headboard and footboard along with shelves on the headboard. So, fancy designs occupy more space and their size exceeds almost five inches than the mattress size.

What is the standard bed frame height?

Basically, the standard bed frame height ranges from eight to eighteen inches. It depends upon your bed frame type too.

However, there are various bed frames in the market that have detachable legs for ease. However, these could result in a layer of dirt on your mattress’s lower side.

Can we use a bigger size bed mattress than a bed frame?

The bed frame and mattress size should be equal. Because the mattress size is less than the bed frame that could result in the mattress sliding off due to extra space.

As well as, if the mattress size is more than the bed frame then it results in reducing the durability of your mattress.

What’s the size difference between the California king-size and king-size bed frame?

If you’re comparing the size of California King with king-size, then the King size is bigger. But if you want to know which one has more length.

Then it’s California king. It offers 84 inches of length with a width of 72 inches. Meanwhile, a king-size bed is 76 inches by 80 inches.

Can headboards be wider than mattresses?

The answer is yes. Because headboards usually show a width of four inches than beds. Many headboards are available with shelves that occupy more space.


Did you know? Sleep is the best meditation. So, in order to sleep peacefully, you need a comfortable and durable bed. However, bed frames are available in multiple designs with headboards and footboards.

But you need to consider your room size in your mind before buying. And if you’re a taller person, then a bed frame with more length will be your priority.

Instead of relying upon a normal-sized bed frame that may result in striking your head to the headboard. Prefer a bed frame with more length.

Moreover, California king bed frames also provide couples with less space but more quality moments to sleep close to each other.

Furthermore, you also need to consider your lifestyle and room size in your mind before buying. Lastly, you should keep all California King bed frame dimensions in mind for a wise investment.

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