Tips For Cleaning Windows with a Squeegee?

With the modern home designs today that include glass windows, sliding glass shower doors, glass ceilings, glass partitions, it is no wonder that cleaning tools are important to help maintain houses with such design.

One of the most helpful and convenient tool there is today is a squeegee cleaner, which is a flat tool used to clean any window made of glass or any other surface that are smooth. It is also not expensive but gives quite a top cleaning performance.

Although there are other uses of squeegees from re-icing skating rinks, its use in the screen printing industry, cleaning whiteboards, cleaning shower doors, and bathroom tiles, its primary use now is cleaning windows and smooth surfaces.

We cannot compare its use to using a clean cloth or a scrub, as its efficiency is quite uncommon to other cleaning tools that are available today.

However, how to clean windows with a squeegee. We can know from this article. It is also effective in cleaning car windows and not just the windows of your house. Let’s go.

How to Clean Windows With a Squeegee?

Prepare needed materials

You should prepare the materials you need before climbing on your window. This way, you will have all that you need and will not waste your time getting it one by one.

Mix the water and soap solution

Mix the water and soap solution

If you don’t have a ready cleaning solution that is available in the market, you can make your own by using one tub of water mix with 1 part of soap or even dishwashing liquid.

Mix it completely, and make sure you are not putting too much soap in the water, as this will just make it difficult to remove afterward.

Spray bottle or sponge

How To Clean Windows with a Squeegee?

If you are not more of a spray bottle user, then a sponge will be your next option. Having a spray bottle is also easier, as you have the solution with you in a bottle, that you can just clip for easier access.

Get a safety ladder if you need to

Do not clean a window that is too high for you to reach because you will leave the rest of the window while cleaning only what you can reach. Having a ladder will ensure that you get to clean all the areas thoroughly.

Keep your window clutter-free

Remove unnecessary items that are on your window

If there are items near the window that can get in the way while you are cleaning, it is best to remove them. It would be safer for you, and you will not knock things over while you are cleaning.

Dip the sponge or spray the window with the cleaning solution.

How To Clean Windows with a Squeegee?

If you are using a sponge, dip it in the cleaning solution that you mixed, then wipe it on the window, making sure that you have a bit of liquid in the sponge for the best effect while you go scrubbing every area

If you are using a spray instead of a sponge, you can spray on the whole window area without missing any spot.

Squeegee the window

how to clean outside windows you can't reach

Start from the farthest corner of the window, going downwards. Do it in one motion first if you are doing it from the top going downwards, repeat the process until all the water in the window has been wiped.

Dry the squeegee blade

After a few strokes, remove the excess liquid from the blade of the squeegee by using the clean cloth. This will remove excess water plus cleaning solution from the squeegee. Wiping the blade will also remove the dirt from the squeegee blade.


In the same motion, repeat the process until you have wiped the water and removed the dirt from the window. It is important to double-check that you have not overlooked any spot. Go to the next unclean window and do the same procedure.

What are the materials you need to prepare for washing your windows?

  • Bucket of water
  • Cleaning solution or
  • Soap and water
  • Clean rug or cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Safety ladder (if required)
  • Absorbent microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • Spray bottle

Wipe off the extra water that is still clinging to your window

Use a clean cloth or rag to wipe excess water on the edges of the window. Squeegee cannot remove water from the edges, so you have to do this manually.

Some suds may still be present, so a clean rag will help remove this from your window. Some water that is left on the cleaned windows may cause streaking on the glass.

What you have to look out for when cleaning your window with a squeegee

Make sure that the water plus cleaning solution is not too dirty

Replace the water plus cleaning solution once it is no longer clear, there is dirt, and there is discoloration in the water because the dirt mixed with it from cleaning the windows. Get clean water plus add the cleaning solution after you have cleaned an area or two on your window.

Sometimes the window is also too dirty, which will require you to replace the cleaning mixture before proceeding.

Always have a ready clean cloth with you

Having a clean rag in your pocket or nearby is important, as this is how you will wipe the edge of the blade of the squeegee to remove excess water and dirt.

Not doing so will cause you to repeat the cleaning process without too much improvement on your window. Microfiber rags may be the best option when choosing a clean rag to use.

Do not use an “overused” squeegee

Using a squeegee when the rubber or the blade is already overused will make you work harder because you will not have a clean window at all, but there will be an unclean appearance, and streaking will also appear as the squeegee can no longer remove the excess water plus dirt.

Replace the squeegee rubber or blade from time to time

There are rubber replacements for squeegees that you can purchase so that when the rubber is no longer working as it should, you can easily replace it with another.

Just remove the screws, or if a clip holds the rubber in place, you need to remove it to be able to place a new rubber or blade.

No ladder insight

If you don’t have any ladder to use for hard to reach areas, you can buy a squeegee with a long handle or buy an extendable handle to attach to your squeegee. This way, you are sure that even the far reach areas are getting cleaned and maintained.

Always use gloves

Every time you need to clean the house or when you need to clean windows, you need to make sure you are also protecting your hands. With the continuous scrubbing and wiping of windows, there is a tendency for blisters to appear on your hands. It is best to be safe.

Do not clean windows during extreme weather

Cleaning the window if there is snow, or it is windy, or there is strong rain is not an ideal time to suddenly think of cleaning your window.

Besides, it is dangerous most especially if you are cleaning the glass window outside, it is also not going to do your window any good.

If there are also powerful winds that may cause an accident while you are up and cleaning your window, think twice about cleaning it.

Choose a good quality squeegee

Cleaning Windows with a Squeegee

Always compare products when you are purchasing any. Not just the price, but the quality should be of utmost importance to you. There is a low-priced squeegee that will only last you a few months or a few uses.

Also, the rubber is not that sharp, hence, streaks will appear in your windows as the squeegee is not any good to be used for proper window cleaning.

If there are stubborn stains on your window, remove them first

Some windows may have stubborn stains that cannot be removed with a simple cleaning solution and may need some scraping to remove it.

We can remove some dirt with a common household item such as vinegar, as it will help lift the minerals and caking dirt and grime.

You may need to do this before cleaning your window with a squeegee and cleaning solution. The squeegee cannot remove hard stains or crusty dirt on its own.

By removing it before cleaning with a squeegee, you will have no stress with the step-by-step process of cleaning.


Squeegees are not only used on the glass window, but we also use them on any flat surface. It is most trusted, as it does its job of cleaning efficiently. There are many styles and brands that are out for sale in the market. Choose correctly.

Many people are already using cleaning windows with vinegar and squeegee to clean their windows, where some even have 2 or 3 types of squeegees in their possession. So we have learned how to clean windows with a squeegee from this article.

A good shower squeegee will not cost you too much, but buying a good quality squeegee is a good investment that you will certainly enjoy for many years to come.

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