How To Choose Bathroom faucets

How hot is the water coming out of the pipe? – this is what the user of the washbasin, shower, and bathtub at the bathroom faucets set, Just because they are so technically important, the fittings deserve much attention in bathroom planning and renovation.

How to choose bathroom faucets choice is not easy, because there are functional differences and many different designs. More than before, they are used as design elements. The selection is really hard.

How To Choose Bathroom faucets, Based on The Material?

How To Choose Bathroom faucets

The body of the mixer, which is used for the bathroom, is usually made of metal. However, other materials are possible, such as.

  • Brass is the most popular material. It is favorably distinguished by its strength and resistance to corrosion. If the manufacturer wants to make the appearance of a brass bathroom faucet more attractive, it is possible to coat it with another metal, for example, nickel. Among other things, a bath mixer made of this material can be quite heavy.
  • Alloy steel is used less frequently due to the fact that this expensive material is not particularly practical. The service life of the steel bath mixer is poor.
  • Plastic and similar materials are necessary for the manufacture of small parts of the mixer, for example, handles. To choose the right bath faucets, you need to know that the coating of such parts can be different. There is a chrome, nickel, or enamel coating, and inexpensive designer models – even gilded. We advise you to choose a faucet for the bathroom, the details of which are coated with chrome. This material is one of the most durable, does not cause allergies, and is practically not erased.
  • Ceramics can also be a good material for some parts of the mixer. The main thing is that a quality alloy is used in production, otherwise, the mixer may break in the future, for example, due to high temperature.

Surface-Mounted or Concealed Fitting?

This question is only in a large-scale renovation of the bathroom or in a new building of the house. In the concealed fitting, the whole technology disappears to mix the water in the wall, more than the spout and the two controls are not visible.

The flush-mounted fitting speaks that it is space-saving and usually also looks more elegant.

But the place is needed where the mixer tap is. Mostly in bathrooms, there are so-called pretexts, in which pipe services, cisterns of toilets, and others are installed.

In the cavity behind the wall, there is also a concealed fitting. If there is no pretext, a bigger piece has to be cut out of the actual masonry – that’s not always possible, but always a lot of effort.

In such cases, it must, therefore, remain with the surface-mounted fitting. That does not have to be a problem, there are a variety of models for every taste and budget.

Incidentally, the distance between the pipes coming out of the wall is standardized so that these fittings can be easily exchanged. That this is much easier in the case of technical defects in the surface installation, is obvious.

One Regulator or Two?

Everyone knows how a mixer tap, also called a two-handle mixer, works: turn on the cold water and slowly add more and more hot water until the desired temperature is reached. You should not do it the other way around, you burn your fingers too fast.

The disadvantage of the system is definitely that a lot of water has flowed away until the right temperature is reached. This is faster with the so-called single-lever mixer. Water quantity and temperature are regulated with a handle.

Anyone for whom saving water is an important issue chooses this option. Today, the single-lever mixer is the standard solution for washbasin.

The two-lever mixer, on the other hand, dominates those who want a nostalgic component in the bathroom. Especially with the classic cross handles, this looks perfect.

Thermostatic Valves Provide Security:

How To Choose Bathroom faucets

The thermostatic valves are particularly comfortable – water quantity and temperature are preset. This saves water and energy but is a little less flexible. Also available are thermostats with a hot water lock set to 38 degrees to ensure safe protection against scalding.

This is an important consideration, for example with children in the household. A thermostatic mixer keeps the water temperature permanently constant – of course, that is comfortable in the shower.

Today, thermostatic valves are often installed in doctors’ practices or hospitals, while in the private sector, they do not yet have the distribution that one might wish for reasons of resource conservation and safety.

Incidentally, there are also so-called safety valves that always deliver cold water first, regardless of the position of the one-hand controller.

Which Bath Mixer is Better To Choose Based on The Type?

Dual Valve:

Which Bath Mixer is Better To Choose Based on The Type?

The most in-demand are bathroom faucets with a single lever that controls the flow of water. They are a little more expensive due to the complicated design, but they are of undoubted convenience.

However, two-valve models continue to be popular because they are optimal for classic bathrooms. Often, it is the criterion of interior compliance that helps people answer the question of which bathroom faucet is better to choose.

Technically, the operation of such a bathroom faucet is carried out due to the axle box, which includes the supply of cold water – on the one hand, and hot – on the other.

However, the use of a two-valve bath mixer requires periodic replacement of the gasket: this part wears out, which leads to leakage of the tap.

The conventional two-valve mixer is not easy to use. Each valve in it can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is why setting the temperature of the water supply can be quite problematic.

More modern dual-valve models are equipped with two special valves with a rotary mechanism. Thanks to the ceramic plates with holes connected to them, adjusting the water temperature becomes simpler and takes less time. Such a mechanism rotates approximately 180 or 90 degrees in various models.

When thinking about how to choose a faucet in the bathroom, consider buying the usual two-valve models. However, remember that they are rapidly being replaced by slightly more expensive single-lever models, which have a number of advantages.

Single lever Mixer:

How To Choose Bathroom faucets

It is the bath faucets of this type that is now the most popular. The single-lever mixer is equipped with only one handle, with which you fully control the water supply process.

You can increase the pressure of water by moving the handle from the bottom up, and also make the water colder or hotter by turning it to the right and left.

A single-lever bath mixer may be based on a ball or cartridge. Due to the technical advantages, cartridge faucets are especially popular – today you can find them in any plumbing store.

You should definitely look at this type of device if you have not decided which bathroom faucet to choose. Reviews of people using faucets with one handle clearly indicate the practicality of this design.

Thanks to it, you can quickly and accurately adjust the comfortable temperature of the water, as well as quickly turn it off.

In addition, the original mechanism of the bathroom faucet, which is called the joystick, is one lever. The handle for adjusting the water in it is located vertically, and not horizontally, as with standard ones.

This kind of mixer is less common, but there are no special obstacles to stop your choice on it.

Cascade Mixer:

How To Choose Bathroom faucets

If you don’t know how to choose a good bathroom faucet, which will also become a real decoration of the room, a cascading model is ideal.

The mechanics of regulating the water supply in it are about the same as with other single-lever mixers.

In fact, such models are distinguished only by the fact that water flows as if by a waterfall, and not by the stream that is usual for us.

The external design of such a bathroom faucet is given great attention, some models are even equipped with a backlight.

Thermostatic Mixers:

How To Choose Bathroom faucets

This modern type of faucet allows you to program the desired temperature once and no longer spend time regulating it. In this case, the mixer does not depend on the pressure in the water supply system.

If we are talking about which bathroom faucet is better to choose, reviews about this type of device suggest that thanks to them it becomes much more comfortable to take a shower.

Two knobs are used to control the water supply: the first is responsible for the pressure, and the second – for the temperature.

After you adjust both of these parameters, the mixer will automatically supply water with the specified characteristics.

A thermostatic bath mixer is the best choice for families with small children. The principle of operation of the device eliminates the possibility of a burn.

Comfort and safety are guaranteed even during interruptions in the operation of the water supply system.

Contactless Mixer:

This type of bathroom faucet does not have a handle. Responding to an infrared sensor, the mechanism starts to supply water when you bring your hands to the tap and stops when you remove them.

It is worth choosing a contactless mixer because of its ease of use and the possibility of saving water. Non-contact faucets are especially popular among owners of public institutions.

Such a mixer can be connected to the power grid at home or to the batteries of the heating system.

Combined Mixer:

Such a bathroom faucet is equipped with a rotating gander and is designed to simultaneously adjust the water in the tap and in the shower.

Due to the design features, the combined mixer is the most vulnerable. For those who are deciding which mixer to choose in the bathroom, this option is not the best because of its fragility.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Bathroom faucet:

 So, which parameters should you pay attention to first for choosing a reliable bathroom faucet? Such as-

  • When studying the appearance of the mixer, pay particular attention to what material it is made of, what the handles are covered with, etc.
  • Good quality will please faucets made of a durable material such as brass and coated with chrome or stainless steel. Such models are the most reliable.
  • The quality may be indicated by the weight of the mixer. If the mixer seems very light, you should refuse to purchase it. The walls of the product may be too thin and fragile, and because of this, the product will quickly fail.
  • An important part of the bathroom faucet is the aerator – a mesh nozzle at the end of the faucet, due to which the water jet is diluted with air and seems denser. When the mixer has an aerator, the pressure of the water and its flow rate will be less. To choose a quality bath mixer, pay attention to models with a removable nozzle. This will make it easy to replace in the event of a breakdown. It is also important that in the future you have the opportunity to purchase a similar aerator in a plumbing store.
  • You can say the same about the inside of the mixer (cartridge or crane box). It is important that similar parts are on sale. Then, if necessary, you can do without replacing one component instead of buying the whole device.
  • When buying, do not forget to ask what this model of bathroom faucet is equipped with. It is worth choosing a device with a larger basic configuration because thanks to additional details the mixer can last longer. Often, buying a more expensive model, which is sold complete with useful parts, will be more economical than cheap. Common consumables for the bathroom faucet include cartridges, wall mount adapters, additional hoses, and decor parts.
  • When wondering how to choose a bath faucet with a shower, consider several important points. A distinctive feature of such devices is usually a spout of a relatively small size. Watering cans for the bathroom are small and large, with the ability to choose the operating mode of the shower, with different mounts. In particular, the watering can be attached to a bar, to a mixer, or a separate holder. You can also choose a device that is mounted directly in the bathroom.

Final Words:

When arranging a bathroom, the issue of choosing reliable bathroom faucets is very relevant. Each of us wants to purchase a durable device that will not require frequent repairs, parts changes, etc.

To do this, you need to responsibly approach the choice and consider the mixer from all sides.

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