The Best Bathroom Shower Faucets for Hard Water in 2024

Whether you are looking to renovate and upgrade your existing bathroom or you are building a new bathroom, or bathroom door you will need to look for the best bathroom fixtures that suit your modernized bathroom. Not only will these fixtures look great but they will also be durable and serve you for a long time.

One of the fixtures to get if you want to save on your annual water bill that comes from leakages and drips is a bathroom faucet. However, with the market flooded with a mass Delta Vero collection of bathroom faucets, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

In this article, I will review the best bathroom shower faucets for hard water in the market. Read the detailed reviews to know what to go for. But before I review the bathroom faucets, let’s discuss the process of choosing the right one.

The Best Bathroom Shower Faucets for Hard Water in 2023

Our Top Pick
1. Delta Faucet Lahara 3538 CZMPU-DST
Key features:
  • Features an elegant design with a sleek bronze finish
  • It’s easy to assemble and install
  • The diamond seal technology improves the performance
  • Has a Delta lifetime-limited warranty

When it comes to bathroom faucets, you want a product that offers a modern style while also providing reliability. You never get it wrong with a Delta product. The Delta Lahara faucet provides a mix of style and functionality with unique and innovative features.

It requires a 3-hole mount installation and can work with any size ranging from 4 to 16 inches. The spout measures close to 6 inches, which provides ample space under the faucet to make it easier to wash your hands. The faucet also features two handles that make it convenient to control the flow and water temperature.

The faucet is designed to prevent leaks using a patented Diamond Seal Technology that stands out. This unique technology uses a diamond valve that works without lubrication and is meant to minimize leaks caused by any wear on seals. It’s an innovative feature that will ensure that the faucet performs like new for life.

Delta makes it easy to install the faucet using a pop-up to complete its assembly. Another reason why you should install this faucet is that it’s WaterSense labeled. This means it consumes 20% less water than other models, meaning you will end up saving a few bucks without reducing its performance. Apart from lowering bills, it is also environmentally friendly.

Best Choice
2. Delta Faucet Lahara Single-Handle Faucet
Key features:
  • Features an elegant design
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Replacement parts are readily available

Remodelers and plumbers alike recommend this excellent faucet by Delta. With a brilliant finish, the Delta Faucet 538-RBMPU-DST blends with the modern fluid design that brings elegance to any bathroom space. It won’t corrode, tarnish, or discolor and can withstand all the scouring rigors of steel wool.

The Delta Lahara single-handle faucet also uses ceramic disc valves with a diamond coating to ensure durability and trouble-free performance for years. What’s more, Delta used the all-brass frame that’s durable and complies with low lead standards to keep household water safe for your health.

Regarding installation, this faucet employs the same plumbing standards using 3-hole with 4” configurations, so mounting it should be a breeze. The assembly design features a standard three-hole position for added convenience. There is also a detailed manual for those who can do a DIY installation.

Despite its simple, sleek design, this faucet is eye-catching with straight lines that should blend beautifully with any design you have in mind. It looks great on most sinks, whether modern or traditional. The faucet can help you save on water bills because it uses 20% less water than other models, without affecting its efficiency.

Best Value
3. Delta Faucet Lahara Centerset Bathroom Faucet
Key features:
  • Has an elegant design
  • Well-built to last long
  • Easy to install

Looking for a center set that offers durability and improved performance without affecting its aesthetics? The Delta 2538-MPU-DST ticks all the right boxes of the best bathroom faucets. The flagship feature of this faucet is the Diamond Seal Technology, which comprises a valve embedded in diamonds. This ensures no leaks and improves its appearance.

Technical prowess aside, this faucet from Delta ranks highly on the list when it comes to style. The handles look beautiful, and the spout itself has been designed to look appealing in any bathroom. All three pieces of this center set appear as one solid block that has a superior soft pattern that mimics the rolling ocean waves. The chrome finish also adds to its exclusive appeal, making it great for contemporary and modern décor.

The Delta 2538-MPU-DST is a double-handle faucet with a center set construction, which means that the sprout and handle have been set to a shared plate. The faucet is ADA-certified and comes with a WaterSense logo to show its very water-conscious. It has a flow rate of 1.2 GPM, which enables it to use 20% less water than other models without interfering with its performance.

What’s more, it’s easy to install this faucet using the triple-hole system installation. The holes are 4 inches apart, and you get an instruction manual and all the accessories you need to set it up. Delta provides a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured of excellent performance for years to come.

Best Budget
4. Delta Mandara Widespread Bathroom Faucet
Key features:
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Has an elegant look
  • Two handles ensure convenient control

Delta is a big name when it comes to the production of bathroom faucets. Another of their best bathroom shower faucets for hard water is the Delta Mandara faucet. Starting from design to functionality, this faucet scores high, making it a great product for those looking to improve their bathrooms. Its polished design is brilliant and will complement any bathroom.

The faucet features two handles for convenient adjustment of water temperature and volume. This gives you full control of water flow to your desired level. Delta Mandara delivers up to 1.2 gallons per minute. Besides, it has the WaterSense criterion label for conserving water without necessarily sacrificing performance.

It features the triple-hole system of installation, which is quite easy to install. The faucet also includes the matching finish drain assembly to make your work easier. Delta also provides users with an instruction manual in case you want to do the installation themselves.

The faucet is relatively durable and has been beautifully designed too. Considering its price, it’s a real steal because of its integrated features and utility. Customer reviews also show satisfaction from users, so you might want to give it a try.

Best Seller
5. Moen 6610ORB Brantford Bathroom Faucet
Key features:
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Offers easy installation
  • Competitive price tag

For homeowners looking for a traditional design in a bathroom faucet, the Moen 6610ORB is eye-catching and will compliment your bathroom with its classic look. You can agree when the manufacturer says that its architectural features transcend time. But what makes it excellent besides looks?

This faucet offers twin lever handlers to control water volume and temperature conveniently. This feature makes the Moen Brantford faucet convenient to use for many different functions.

Despite the simple design, it’s built to last, featuring highly durable metal that will serve you for a long time without needing a replacement. Better yet, the construction material has an oil-rubbed bronzed finish that provides the antique warm grey metallic look.

This faucet, just like other faucets from Moen, meets the WaterSense criterion with a steady aerated stream of 1.2 GPM. This makes it ideal for everyday tasks, such as hand washing.

Best of all, it’s ridiculously easy to install thanks to its sleek design, and a 4-inch center set design. The faucet is built to last, and if you find yourself with any manufacturing-related issues, Moen will be happy to change it for you.

Best Smart
6. Pfister LF049YW2K Ashfield Widespread Faucet
Key features:
  • It does not corrode
  • Installation takes a few minutes
  • Has an attractive finish

Pfister, originally known as Price Pfister, was founded in 1910 with its first product being a garden faucet. After a decade, they expanded their line to include kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets.

Since then, this faucet brand has been using the latest technology to make elegant products, the reason why they have made a name in faucet manufacturing. The Pfister Ashfield is one of their best bathroom shower faucets for hard water that has been designed with style and functionality in mind.

It weighs about 5lbs. And measures 14.6 x 9.6 x 3.2 inches. It features a flow rate of 1.2 GPM, which complies with WaterSense and ADA. It can save hundreds of gallons of water in a year for average households.

It has a metal construction with a brushed nickel finish, which adds to its elegant style. Also, the finish protects the faucet from corrosion.

Like most bathroom faucets, it has a three-hole configuration that can be installed on sink decks directly. Unlike most traditional pop-up drains, this Pfister model offers easier and quicker installation using Pfister’s Push & Seal drain. The product comes with Fast Connect, which reduces the time for installation significantly and ensures no leaks.

Besides easy installation, it assures durability and quality with its leak-proof seals. It is also safe for your health as the company uses lead-free materials. A common complaint that customers have is that water settles on the opening of the spout because the faucet is not angled to face downwards.

Best Style
7. WOWOW Bathroom 2-handle Faucet
Key features:
  • Has a classic appearance
  • Easy to install
  • Made using high-quality materials

Looking for a faucet that you can install in a few minutes? You can never go wrong with this WOWOW faucet. This is because it comes with a 3-hole of 4” centers with a high arc design that ensures easy installation. Overall, it’s a tool-free installation faucet that will require you just a few minutes to set up.

The faucet has two handles that ensure easy movement up and down and ensure easy control of water temperature and volume. The high arch spout offers ample clearance beneath, making it suitable for household use, such as handwashing.

Moreover, this is a high-end faucet made of premium quality materials, including stainless steel and zinc alloy construction. It means you can rest assured of durability since the faucet is built to last.

It is corrosion resistant featuring a brushed nickel finish, which also brings about an attractive look to suit your bathroom. The company also offers a 3-year warranty, which shows that the product is of high quality.

Also, the spout is made of an ABS aerator that can help you conserve water. The aerator can be taken down directly without any tools needed. Lastly, the ceramic disc designer brings about a smooth and efficient water flow. The faucet is cost-effective, considering its reliability and classy finish.

Best Design
8. ESNBIA 12 Inches Brushed Nickel Shower System
Key features:
  • It has a desirable and classy design
  • Comes with clear installation instructions
  • It is solidly built making it durable
  • Provides a high-pressure massage experience
  • Maintains consistency in terms of water pressure and temperature
  • Backed by a lengthy warranty
  • The shower head measures 12 inches square, making it refreshing

This best faucet system combines a mammoth handheld showerhead with a commendable flow rate. To be precise, it features an astonishing 12-inch showerhead with a flow rate of 2.5GPM. This means that you get maximum water coverage when you are under this shower, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Esnbia Brushed Nickel Shower System also features a pressure balance valve and, thus, can offer water pressure and temperature consistently. In addition, it also comes with a handheld feature so that you can be able to switch from an overhead shower to a handheld shower for a customized splash.

Another notable feature is the adjustable brass ball joint, which allows you to adjust your showerhead to splash water at a better, more comfortable angle.

In addition, this showerhead comes with a durable 59-inch hose, which offers not only more reach but also longevity. Speaking of longevity, I can say that this shower is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and rust. To add icing to your cake, this shower system has an elegant, shiny nickel finish.

It also comes with a detailed manual that illustrates and explains the installation process more straightforwardly. Therefore, you will not have to call a plumber to have it installed as you can do it yourself. What’s more, it is compatible with most other types of pipes.

Overall, I can term the Esnbia Brushed Nickel Shower System as one of the best shower systems that guarantee you consistent temperature and pressure even when water pressure is low. It also comes with an NPT1/2 connector, which is considered standard for many types of pipes.

Best Choice
9. Delta Faucet Vero 14 Series Single-Function Shower
Key features:
  • When you purchase this best shower head, you can enjoy a lifetime limited warranty. This makes it worth the money.
  • The Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge protects your shower from delivering inconsistent temperature changes
  • It is easy to clean thanks to the rubberized holes that are easy to wipe away. You can clean calcium and lime build-up easily with cotton clothing.
  • Replaceable body delta faucet parts
  • It is one of the best bathroom faucets for hard water

Designed to make your showering experience relaxing and massaging, this shower faucet by Delta is designed for people who are looking to elevate their bathroom appearance and make it look contemporary.

The fixture features an attractive square rain design that will make you want to spend more time showering. To enable you to get great value for the money, this item has solid brass construction and bronze finishes making it classy.

It delivers a drenching rainfall experience to enable you to enjoy a luxurious showering experience. What’s more, while other showerheads tend to gather unsightly build-up of water plaque and minerals, this showerhead prevents this problem from occurring by having soft rubber spray holes that do not hide mineral residue in them. This means that you can simply wipe away mineral deposits and residues to give it an instantly newer look.

Another thing that makes this showerhead stand out is its consistency in terms of water pressure and temperature. You will rarely experience sudden temperature changes as it delivers consistent water pressure and temperature thanks to the Monitor Pressure Balanced Valve Cartridge that comes with this showerhead system.

Therefore, even if you are concurrently running other appliances that use water, you will not experience fluctuating temperature changes.

Adjusting water temperature is also easier thanks to the sleek, single-handle design that gives you total control over your showering temperature.

Best Overall
10. Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set for Bathroom
Key features:
  • This shower set is made of premium-quality material and thus durable
  • It offers a relaxing, comfortable showering experience
  • Comes with a high-flow tub spot that allows you to fill your bathtub within a short time
  • The connectors, NPT1/2 inches are compatible with most shower systems
  • Easy installation
  • HIMK offers an extended warranty for this model

Made using top-quality materials, this best shower faucet systems model by HIMK is impressive and great for modern bathrooms. It features a classy oil-rubberized bronze finish that ensures your bathroom looks modernized and sleek. This premium finish also ensures durability and makes the showerhead corrosion-resistant.

This showerhead features Pressure Balance Valve Cartridges that monitor water pressure balance to prevent sudden changes in water pressure and temperatures. For example, when one is taking a shower, and another person is running water out of a tap, you will not detect any changes in water temperature, as is the case with most other showerheads.

In terms of size, this showerhead has an 8-inch diameter. This transforms your showering experience as you will get a luxurious, rainfall-style water flow for a relaxing, massaging experience. What’s more, the showerhead is made of top-notch material for reliability and durability and has a premium color finish that resists tarnishing and corrosion. You can, therefore, enjoy a great shower experience.

What’s more, this showerhead has 3 spray settings, which means you can adjust the spraying pattern of the shower. This is great since different people will find different water spray patterns relaxing.

It also comes with a tub spout that is made from high-quality brass. You can use this tub spout to fill your bathtub.

What’s more, this showerhead system comes with a 16-inch shower arm that is made from high-quality brass with an oil-rubbed bronze finish to create a highly reflective metallic look. Also, you get a rotatable bracket holder that can rotate 360 degrees to meet the needs of different showering angles.

Another feature worth mentioning is that it comes with a 59-inch shower hose that has a tangle-free design. This is designed to make showering more versatile as you can use it for bathing kids and pets. The hose is explosion-proof and abrasive-resistant.

Finally, it comes with standard NPT1/2 inches connectors that are compatible with the majority of existing shower systems. What’s more, all the parts and hardware needed for installation are included in this shower system packaging.

There you have them- the 10 best bathroom shower faucets for hard water in 2021. Now, let’s talk about more details about choosing the right shower faucet.

Benefits of a High-Quality Shower System

The better and improved showering experience

Having a quality shower faucet can tremendously improve your showering experience by providing consistent water flow that massages your skin.

Having a quality shower faucet that has all the necessary features, including those that balance the water flow rate and perfect temperature, will ensure that you get relaxing showering moments. Also, well-designed shower faucets make your bathroom look modern and classy.

Lower bills

Most traditional showers do not have energy efficiency features, but modernized shower faucets can be set at predetermined temperatures as well as flow rates to make them efficient at energy usage without compromising on water flow rate.


Cheap shower faucets are often not long-lasting and thus are susceptible to hard water damage. The best shower faucets are made of metals such as chrome, brass, or nickel and thus tend to be durable. While these shower systems may cost more money, their durability makes them worth the money.

Different Types of Bathroom Shower Faucets for Hard Water

There are different types of bathroom faucets in the market. The type of faucet you choose depends on your needs and preferences. Here are the types of faucets you can think of;

Centerset faucets

This is among the most popular types of bathroom faucets, and it combines the handle and spout in one device. They normally feature double-handle controls that are 6 inches apart. Designed for sinks that have three holes spaced about 4-inch apart, most of these faucets are mounted on a sink or countertop.


If you are looking for a faucet that combines the old-fashioned style and delta modern shower faucet, then the bridge faucet may suit the bill. This faucet requires one to have two holes in a bathroom countertop and is usually mounted on the bathroom countertop. This makes it easier to clean the faucet.

Spreadfit faucet

This uses three separate pieces that stick out of your sink surface, which include the main spout, hot water spout, and cold water spout. This design makes it ideal for a modern bathroom and adds a bit of class to your bathroom.

Sprinkle faucet

This type of faucet features a unique spout. Instead of the classical cylindrical spout, a sprinkle delta bathroom sink faucet has a rectangular-shaped spout. This gives it a unique appearance.

Single-handle faucets

This faucet features a handle and a spout that regulates water flow as well as its temperature. Advanced units feature a control panel that allows you to set your desired water temperature. If you want to save on your water bills, this is the unit to go for.

Widespread faucet

This faucet is installed in a sink with three drilled holes. It has separate handles and a spout and is normally installed below the sink.

Wall mount faucet

If you want to place your faucet on a wall, this is the unit to go for. It is fixed on the wall and not on a sink deck like the rest. They feature a long sprout and need a drive assembly and a wall-mount valve for installation. Ensure that you check your sink to see if it will be compatible with a wall-mount faucet.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of faucets in the market,

Important Features of Bathroom Shower Faucet

There are basic features you should always check in a shower faucet;


These are components installed behind the wall and play a crucial role in determining the longevity and performance of your faucets. Valves can make your bathing more comfortable. Some of the types of valves you can find in faucets include;

Pressure-balancing valves. This helps to keep the water temperature stable, especially when water pressure drops. For example, when a washing machine starts or a toilet is flushed, you will not experience a change inflow.

Thermostatic valves. These adjust the hot and cold water ratio and thus help to maintain the desired water temperature.


Handles come in different types, and you should get a faucet with a handle that matches the rest of your bathroom. Consider balancing between ease of use and desired style when choosing faucets.

Some of the common handles in faucets include knob handles, lever handles, and cross handles.


Different models come with different heights and styles of spouts. Make sure to consider the type of spout a faucet has and see if it will suit your bathroom before ordering.

How to Install and Maintain a Bathroom Shower Faucet

If you just ordered a new bathroom faucet, you have to make sure all the necessary parts are available. If there is any pre-assembly needed, you need to do that as per the directions given by the manufacturer.

Here are the installation steps;

Step 1- Clean the countertop

You need to clean the area where the new faucet will sit. Fix the rubber gaskets into the right faucet’s components, and push them through the mounting hole in the counter or sink. Thread the mounting nut and washer into the tailpiece drop the valve assembles into their respective holes and tighten.

Step 2- Connect the valves to the faucet’s spout

You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer since different types of faucets have different connection procedures.

Step 3- Install a drain pop-up

A pop-up mechanism is a crucial part of a sink drain tailpiece. You have to remove the old drain tailpiece and install the new one as directed by the manufacturer.

Step 4- Fix the lift rod into the hole using an extension rod

And Connect the water supply pieces and tighten the nuts using a wrench. Connect the cold and hot water supply tubes to the vales on the wall.

That’s it!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

There are several things you need to consider when buying the best shower faucet for hard water including;

Style and design

This is the first thing to take into account. Faucets come in different designs, including.

Classical design

By classical design, I don’t mean the traditional swan’s neck faucet that was used by the grandmothers. I’m referring to the models with modernized features but have a look at the traditional faucets. These faucets suit traditionally styled bathrooms and are normally the centerpiece of the bathroom. It can have one or two handles.

If you go with a classical faucet, ensure that you have an old-fashioned sink.

Modernized design. Faucets with modern designs fit modern bathrooms. They feature a curved or straight spout and have one or two handles. They can be centerpieces in the bathroom but can also augment another piece, such as a sink.

Hybrid design. They can be used in modern and traditional bathrooms, but they rarely have a classical look. They feature one or two handles and can have different finishes.


You also need to consider the finish of your faucet, as this will set the mood in the bathroom. You can find faucets with different finishes, including stainless steel and chromed finish.

These are the most popular finishes, but there are others as well. Some of the unique finishes you can consider include oil-rubbed bronze, which is a highly fashionable finish for a modern or classic bathroom. There is also a polished brass finish that looks amazing in a classical bathroom.


The size of a faucet is also another important thing to consider. You should make sure that the faucet fits the size of your sink. A larger faucet should suit a larger faucet. However, do not exaggerate by getting an oversized faucet as it will look awkward.

Maintenance needed

It is important to mention that finishes are better at concealing spots than others. Therefore, if you don’t intend to clean your best shower faucet systems now and then, you need to go for a finish that doesn’t reveal hard water spots easily.


What Is a Bathroom Shower Faucet?

Shower Faucet

A bathroom faucet is a unit that permits water to flow out of it. It has an on-and-off feature as well as a mechanism to control the flow of the water. A bathroom faucet can upgrade your bathroom massively, especially when you choose one that fits your bathroom style and décor. These devices come in different styles and types, including centers, single-handle, wall-mount, and much more.

What to Look for in Best Bathroom Faucets for Hard Water?

There are several things you need to look at in a bathroom shower faucet including;

Spout arc height

Bathroom faucets come with a spout height rating that helps one determine how tall your spout will stand from your tub.

Material and finish

One of the most popular materials used for making bathroom shower faucets is brass. The main reason for its popularity is because it is durable and thus will serve you for longer. Therefore, ensure that the material of your faucet is durable. Also, consider its finish. The options here include stainless steel, brass, chrome, and nickel. Brass is the most stylish.

Type of handle

A faucet can be a cross handle, knob, push-button, lever, or joystick. You can even find touchless electronic handles- those that shut off automatically when you are done using them.

Type of valves

Different faucets have different types of valves, including compression, which uses rubber showers, cartridge washer-less, ceramic disk washer-less, and cartridge washer-less. With this in mind, you can now choose the right bathroom shower faucet for your needs;

What is the best material for making bathroom faucets?

The best bathroom fixtures for hard water are made of brass. Even though they are pricey, they are the most recommended by home remodeling professionals. Zinc, stainless steel, and tempered plastics are also good. Make sure that you consider the finish to ensure it goes with other bathroom fixtures.

Which is better- One-handle faucets or two-handle faucets?

A two-handle bathroom faucet offers more control as compared to a delta bathroom faucet single handle. In addition, a two-handle faucet allows you to control the water flow rate better.

How long does the bathroom shower faucet last?

If well maintained, modern faucets can last for up to 15 years, but this depends on several factors such as frequency of use and water quality.

How often should one replace faucets?

If you cannot figure out the exact lifespan of your faucet, just check for leaks and malfunctions. Also, if the finish has scratched a lot, it is time to replace your unit.

Is it hard to replace a faucet?

Replacing an outdated faucet is not as difficult as many people think, especially for most models. You can even complete the project with just a basin wrench and a few other tools. This should not take you long. In most cases, the manufacturers provide installation procedures on their models.

Final Words

I’m certain that you are now able to find the right model for your bathroom after reading about the bathroom shower faucets for hard water. Remember that it doesn’t matter how pricey or cheap a faucet is; if you want to find the right one, you must think about your bathroom needs like toilet tissue, shower cleaner, toilet brush, hand soap, bathroom ceiling, and bath mat.

Finding the right model is about determining the faucet that fits your bathroom design and style rather than the features it has with a matching look of exhaust fan or light.

Also, keep in mind that the finish of the bathroom faucet you choose dictates the finish of other fixtures. Some finishes are more common than others, and thus you should factor that in before making a purchase.

Check out the model of your existing sink to avoid drilling through marbles to install a new faucet. For instance, if your sink only features one mounting hole, then go with a Centerset model.

That’s all I have for you in this post. I hope that the information in this post has enabled you to choose the best shower system.