Ultimate Guite to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

Blowing dry natural hair silky straight becomes too costly. But how does it feel when you know the exact method of how to blow dry natural hair silky straight? It will feel marvelous, beneficial, and wondrous.

That’s why I wrote the whole process in the simple steps below for your easy understanding.

How to blow dry natural hair silky straight?

Why should you spend your money in the parlor, when you can do it in your home? If you don’t know, then don’t panic; because I have a magnificent whole method. For your convenience understanding, I specify the whole process in short steps, so look at it below.

Wash your hair first (Shampoo for better result)

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

You can’t start the process when your hair is oily or dirty. So, wash your hair and try to wash it with shampoo. The reason is that shampoo works better to make your hair silkier.

Assemble essential tools

As I commanded you before, what things you should assemble while blowing your dry natural hair silky straight. Consequently, arrange those tools and accessories in one particular space.

Dry your hair with a towel

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

It’s time to dry your hair naturally with a towel. Don’t force too much with your hair with the towel. A force can be a reason for breaking hair. Don’t dry yourself wholly, just remove the water from your hair.

Use the comb

Now take the wide comb that I suggested to you. Don’t push the comb in your hair, hardly just use the comb gently. Try to separate your hairs from each other, so you can remove your fingers in the middle of the hair.

Next, apply the hair protectant

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

Now take some hair protectant and apply it right on your hair. In this step, you can apply the hair protectant individually one part and then another part. If you do this protectant will adjust with your hair perfectly.

Now Dry your Hair with a Hairdryer

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

It’s time to move out of the bathroom to your mirror. Take your hair dryer and use it at a high volume so hair can dry quickly and absolutely. Remember, your hair shouldn’t be wet that’s why make it super dry with your hairdryer.

Pin your upper hairs

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

Start separating your hair take a few hairs in your hand and pin those hairs with one clip. Do it all over your head and don’t leave any side without pinning hairs, especially the upper.

Use a round brush and round up your hair

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?


After pinning the upper hair clip, take your round brush or boar-bristle brush. Use it continuously all over your hair from up to down. Round your hair politely with this brush and press it down. This process will straighten your hair altogether.

Tools you will require before blowing your hair

Blowing and straightening your hair is a mind-blowing idea, but it will be horrible if you do it without any tools. You can blow dry your natural hair silky straight using no tools.

But unfortunately, without tools, blowing can cause and damage your hair badly. Besides a hairdryer and a hair straightener, arrange some crucial tools and accessories.

Here, I have some tool suggestions for you so you can assemble them before straightening your hair.

Wide comb

Literally, we use a thin comb for daily usage, but when it comes to straightening your hair, a wide comb is a perfect solution. Because of this, a wide comb can separate your hair more comfortably than a thin comb.

Boar-bristle brush (Round Comb)

The boar bristle brush is also known as a round comb. Except for it, you will never complete the silky straighten utterly. So, you must arrange this comb or brush as your important tool.

Heat protectant gel

As we both know, we have to burn our hair with a hair straightener. That’s why heat protectant gel is heavily needed. This gel will protect your hair from burning completely.

Anti-frizz serum or Hair oil

Well, another important gel that must be required for blowing dry natural hair. It keeps the silkiness and straightness for a long time.

Now use a hairdryer while using a round comb

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

Make your dryer with a root position and start rounding your hair with a round comb. While rounding your hair place the hairdryer right 2-2.5-inches behind the comb. Bear in mind, that over-hit can damage your hair seriously. That’s why I keep the hit volume mid-level.

Repeat until the hair gets hard and dry

You shouldn’t stop until your hair part gets hard and dry. Probably, you have to repeat the process 2-3 times. But it depends on how curly or silky hair you have.

Do it section by section

You separated your hair section by section before with the clips. After completing one side, it’s time to apply the same technique to other hair parts.

Apply straight serum

The serum is one of the necessary liquids while stringing your hair. It seems worst when you do hard work for your hair and that does not even last for 1 day. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair silky straight for a longer time, apply the straight serum to your hair.

Use hair straightener

How to Blow Dry Natural Hair Silky Straight?

You are in the last step, so take your hair straightener to whatever types you have. After that, hold on tightly and press the machine from up to down. Do the same process with every hair part. That’s It your hair is ready as silky straight.

Final Verdict

People thought the process of how to blow dry natural hair silky straight is tough to understand, but I don’t think so.

I tried to clarify the whole method most easily. I hope you learn this stringing process effortlessly and will find this article beneficial.

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