Little Giant Velocity Vs Revolution

Little Giant Velocity Vs Revolution

Everyone knows that Little Giant manufactures some of the highest-grade ladders. Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution means that we are comparing two of the most famous and well-liked articulated ladders from the Little Giant.

No matter if you are a homeowner or if you are working on a construction site or even if you are a landscaper, little giants these two ladders would fulfill all your requirements.

Many differences separate them from each other. They have some individual specifications that allow them to enhance their performance at different stages.

Different sizes and weights define where these ladders should be used and how you can transport them. Frame position, foldability, material quality, and extension adjustments are also different in that should be contrasted.

Little Giant Velocity Vs Revolution: Specifications & Comparison

If you want to know which one is the best between Little Giant Velocity and Revolution ladders then this is the right place.

We have gathered all of their specifications and key features to show you their comparison. But you should know all of the features of these two ladders for a proper comparison.  

Little Giant Velocity Ladders High-end Specifications

Little Giant Velocity Vs Revolution

The little giant velocity ladder is the prime choice for both household works and industrial contemplate purposes. This ladder comes in four different heights – 13, 17, 22, 26 feet. 13 feet is the smallest ladder size among the most popular and durable ladders. The size options are perfect for different household purposes.

Even in the smallest heightened ladder of little giant velocity, you will get options to increase and adjust its height.

As it comes with tripling lock dual-pin joint locker hinges, it would be very easy for you to adjust its height ad configuration. Thus, you can use it in different circumstances easily.

It also comes with some premium features, like an extension stairway, and you can also achieve a step ladder. If you want to climb a rooftop with this ladder, then you can also adjust it to 90 degrees. Trestle and scaffold ladder figures are also available with a little giant velocity ladder.

No matter how light your ladder is, it would always be trouble to carry it. So, little giants have built this ladder with tip and glide wheels.

These tips and glide wheels would make it easy to move the ladder by sliding it from one place to another. So, you don’t need to put too much effort into moving this ladder and it won’t even scratch the surface.

The little giant velocity ladder is made of military standard aluminum. Military aluminum is a T5-grade aluminum. This type of aluminum frame is lightweight, tough, and stress-resistant. Despite its light-weighted frame, it has a massive weight capacity of 300 lbs which makes it ideal for anyone to use.

The aluminum used in this ladder is specially used for aircraft parts so, they are reliable. Little Giant Velocity also meets all standards and conditions from OSHA, ANSI, & CSA so, it must be completely safe to use.

Little Giant Revolution Ladders Specifications

The little giant revolution ladder seems like another model of velocity, as they both have almost the same features. But Little Giants Revolution is built for further intensive works such as heavy construction and other industrial purposes. Little Giant Revolution ladder comes in 3 sizes – 17, 22 & 27 feet.

The Revolution ladder comes with a light wave lume aluminum formula, which makes it more stable. This combined design formula makes it less bulky and easier to move than any other ladder.

It has trestle brackets so you can choose this as the ideal choice for painting purposes. Household adjustments and construction-oriented tasks also get easy with this ladder.

As the revolution ladder is made for intensive tasks, definitely it is a bit heavier than normal homework ladders.

But transporting this ladder is much easier than other lightweight ladders because of its tip and glide wheels. You can move it very comfortably without any heavy force.

This ladder has a unique feature that very few ladders can offer. It has a pair of ratchet levelers that enable you to set up its legs height individually.

Such a magnificent feature allows you to adjust its leg height differently and makes it stable on uneven grounds. If you are working on uneven ground or even if you are working on hilly surfaces, this ladder is the best choice for you.

Military-grade aluminum of T6 grade provides the most durable ladder frame. This durable frame can also withstand up to 300 lbs of weight capacity pretty easily.

Though these ladders were tested in 1200 lbs pressure successfully, the manufacturers still strictly prohibited exceeding the weight capacity for your safety.

Revolution ladder’s safety and sturdiness are ensured as it meets all conditions of OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards.

Feature Comparison Of Little Giant Velocity & Revolution

Looking at the specifications, Little Giant Velocity & revolution have some similarities and differences. We have separated their similarities and differences so that you can make a proper comparison. Read out the similarities and differences properly compare the ideal ladder:


– Little Giant Revolution and Velocity are both articulated type ladders. Thus, both of them can be adjusted with a stepladder, extension stairways, 90 degrees, trestle, and scaffold positions as you want.

– For comfortable transport purposes, both little giant velocity and revolution ladders offer flared legs with tips and glide wheels. As the 13-foot model of the little giant velocity ladder is very small in size, it doesn’t come with any glide wheels.

– Both of these ladders use rock locks for easy height adjustments and safely locking the adjusted height.

– Both the Little Giant Velocity and revolution ladders spreader system is optimized with hinge locks. These locks are very reliable for locking the adjusted spread position.


– The little giant velocity made of aerospace-grade T5 aluminum while revolution is made of military-grade T6 aluminum with lite wave technology. Revolution ladders’ aluminum quality is better than velocity.

– Little giant velocity ladder hinge buttons are made of plastic. Revolution comes with advanced MAG4TM hinges with magnetic pulse buttons, which are significantly better than velocity buttons.

– Velocity ladder joint hinges locks are triple-locking-dual-pin locker hinges. Revolution ladders win this round also with its exiled aluminum quadrant locker system, which is significantly better than the velocity ladders lock.

– Revolution ladder comes with ratchet levelers that give up to 8.5 inches of adjustment to each leg for stability. The disappointing fact is that the velocity model does not come with this feature.

– Both of these ladders have trestle buckets option but Revolution comes with a trestle bucket included in the package. You need to buy it differently for the velocity ladder.

Pros & Cons of Two Foremost Ladders Little Giant Velocity & Revolution

Little Giant Velocity Vs Revolution

Comparing the best ladders from Little Giant would be a bit tough for you if you don’t know their pros and cons. You should know what they are good for and what they are bad for to know where and why you should use one of them over another.

 Little Giant Velocity Ladder


  • Little Giant Velocity is the most convenient ladder for households.
  • Can be used in small spaces and low heights with its available 13-feel model.
  • Comes with molded plastic covers for hinges and locks. The plastics are electricity-safe and they don’t get too cold in winter.
  • It is much lighter than any of its competitor ladders.


  • Does not come with ratchet levelers. Thus, you can not use this ladder in uneven surfaces.
  • Uses a triple-lock instead of advanced quad-lock for hinges.
  • Does not come with lite wave technology which makes it more bulky and unstable.

Little Giant Revolution Ladder


  • One of the best ladders for intensive household work, DIY projects, and industrial tasks.
  • Available with advanced technologies for simpler, affluent, and versatile working.
  • Its metal parts are more durable and smooth for adjusting height and configuration accurately.
  • This ladder is less bulky than any other ladder as it comes with lite wave technology.
  • The most convenient ladder for professionals.


  • Revolution ladder does not offer any low-height ladder for small places and household work.
  • This ladder is not as light as other ladders to carry and place easily.

Which Ladder Is Right For You?

After comparing Little Giant Velocity and Revolution Ladder, we can say that both of these ladders are the best in their platforms.

So, preferring the best ladder for you is dependable on what reasons or purpose you are going to use the ladder. Here are the purposes that are supported with these ladders

Why You Should Have a Little Giant Velocity Ladder?

If you are thinking about using a ladder for household purposes then Little Giant Velocity is the best ladder to use. Little Giant Velocity Ladder has different size options starting from 13 feet which makes it suitable for household works.

Little Giant ladder’s weight capacity is 300 lbs but its advanced A-type body frame is very much light weighted (starting from 25 lbs).

Velocity has foldability options and they are electrically safe. You can also use them for rooftops, gardening, and small construction tasks. Most importantly, velocity ladders are more affordable and cheaper than revolution ladders.

Why You Should Have a Little Giant Revolution Ladder?

The Revolution ladder is made for complicated purposes and heavy tasks. So, it is reliable for both professionals and non-professionals. You can also use it for complicated household tasks such as gardening, roof repair, landscaping, and wall painting.

This ladder is built with tough quality military-grade aluminum so, its body frame is more durable and long-lasting than velocity ladders.

Thus, you can use this ladder for construction sites and warehouses. If you want a ladder for professional purposes, but if you don’t have enough space then this ladder is the perfect choice for you. The only problem is that revolution ladders cost way much more than little giant velocity ladders.


Are Little Giant ladders made in the USA?

Ans: Yes, little giant ladders are made by Lincoln Electric Co. in the USA. This company has eight robotic welding stations spread all over the USA. They also have a 250,000-square-foot factory in Springville. But sadly, nowadays little giants also manufacture products from China.

Are Little Giant Ladders OSHA Approved?

Ans: All ladders of the Little Giant brand are approved by OSHA & ANSI. They are approved only because they meet all standards and conditions applied by OSHA & ANSI for safety and reliability.

What is the OSHA standard for ladders?

Ans:  According to OSHA standards for ladders, all perpendicular clearance between steps, rungs, and cleats of the ladder must be 7 inches. This standard clearance is changed in elevator pit ladders.

Which is better aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder?

Ans: Fiberglass extension ladders are more durable than aluminum ladders. Fiberglass is also safe from electricity. Aluminum ladders are affordable and their durability is also more than enough, so aluminum ladders are more preferred for a good value for the money.     

How much weight can a Little Giant Ladder hold?

Ans: A little giant ladder can hold from 300 lbs to up to 375 lbs depending on its model. Even though the manufacturers have strictly advised to avoid exceeding weight capacity, the ladders are tested with 1200 lbs extreme pressure while manufacturing.    

Are Little Giant Ladders any good?

Ans: Little giant ladders are precisely good. In addition, this brand is the most popular ladder brand among both professionals and non-professionals.

Both of their aluminum and fiberglass ladders are durable and comfortable with different size options. They also set the market cost at an affordable rate while offering a good value for your money.


Now that we are at the bottom of the discussion, we are sure that you have understood the comparison of little giant velocity vs revolution.

Both of the ladders have consisted of some corresponding alikeness and differences.  All their differences, along with their pros and cons, make them remarkable for individual purposes.

Our best recommendation for non-professional works would be the Little Giant Velocity. Whereas, if you have professional purposes, then Little Giants Revolution is the winner if its price doesn’t bother you.

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