How to Restore Shine to Fiberglass Shower?

Whenever you walk into a jewelry store and look at the diamond jewelry, the shine was breathtaking. The brilliance is incomparable with any other object on Earth.

Well, if you bemoan that your fiberglass shower can’t sparkle with that brilliance and shine, don’t worry, it can. You can indeed learn how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower in this article.

How to Restore Shine to Fiberglass Shower?

how to make a dull acrylic bathtub shine

You know that Google is a good resource to use when trying to learn how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower. If you type these keywords into Google’s search engine, you’ll literally see several hundreds of thousands of articles offering excellent advice in a few nanoseconds. It may be tempting to read through many of these articles.

However, you’ll find that most of these offer similar pointers. These are the subject of this article.

Clean up after yourself:

The same concept of cleaning up after yourself that your mother and teachers taught you years ago applies. This is especially true when trying to get your fiberglass shower to shine with the brilliance of a high-quality diamond.

All you have to do is shampoo down and rinse your shower door after each shower. This simple act will dissolve any soap, dirt, and grime residue.

However, as you will learn by reading further, that in itself is not enough to ensure that your fiberglass shower always gleams and sparkles brilliantly.

Vinegar is good for more than just cooking:

Ah yes, that amazingly sour and somewhat rancid substance is a common kitchen staple. It has many more uses outside of cooking various recipes in the kitchen.

Did you know that a combination of vinegar and borax does the trick in terms of making your shower door look as good as new?

You may find it hard to believe, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive cleaners. The trick lies in mixing both common household ingredients into a pasty substance.

You then apply this liberally to every part of your shower. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your shower down after about an hour. Remember that vinegar is highly acidic. It may eat through the rubber parts in your shower if you leave it on for too long.

Now you don’t need to call the plumber:

Plumbers are the universal handymen when it comes to repairing bathrooms. Now, if you ask a plumber how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower, he (or she) will tell you that one trick of the trade lies in applying a paste of equal parts of borax and vinegar to rusty areas of your shower door.

You’ll learn from this professional that the general rule of thumb is to let the paste sit for an hour. You can ‘moisten’ the paste-up with extra vinegar if it starts to dry and crumble.

Remember that the paste is useful only if it remains moist for the entire time that it’s on your shower door (and shower in general!) Of course, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the applied areas. Once again, failure to do so can result in unsightly and potentially damaging corrosion.

Clean your shower out completely:

how to restore fiberglass shine

Now, before you apply any substances to your fiberglass shower door, you should know that the advice that applies for how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower only works if your shower is thoroughly cleaned.

This includes all items you would normally put in it. Good examples are shaving cream, razors, and shampoo.

Keep in mind that since you’re going to do a thorough scrub down of your shower with vinegar, borax, and strong shampoos you don’t need to clean your shower out until it sparkles.

  • Note now is a great time to do some ‘spring cleaning.’ Make sure to informally inventory all items in your shower. Discard any and all items that are either expired completely used up, or no longer used. Extra items create clutter, which attracts dirt, grime, grease, moisture, soap residue, and ultimately the mildew that can take the sparkle out of your fiberglass shower.
  • The next step in this advice regarding how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower is to roughly wipe your entire shower area down with a warm soapy washcloth. Doing so will remove all of the dried-up dirt that can collect in different areas of your shower. This dirt looks unsightly and takes away from the shine of your fiberglass shower.
  • It’s also an excellent breeding ground for dangerous and potentially deadly bacteria and germs.

Air dry out your shower:

Yes, you can use a fan to do this. However, if you want to do it right, you will want to open all doors and windows in the area of your bathroom where your shower is.

This act will force dry air from the outside in. The main benefit of this is to dry out any moisture that would potentially grow mold and mildew.

These two scourges definitely take the gleam out of fiberglass showers.

You’ll notice that having a fiberglass shower that’s sparkly clean lifts your spirits whenever you take a shower.

There’s also a hygiene component that’s very important when you shower. A dirty fiberglass shower is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.


Learning how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower is not rocket science. Indeed, there is no magic involved when learning how to restore shine to a fiberglass shower.

All you need to do is have some tenacity to research the Net (this includes Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo!) for advice.

From there, it’s just a matter of being disciplined to clean your fiberglass shower out regularly and using your imagination and creativity.

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