How to Make a Frozen Margarita with Mix in 4 Easy Steps

No, you cannot spend the whole summer without having a glass of margarita, can you? Now you can make the beach like a frozen margarita at home! Do you want to know how to make a frozen margarita with the mix?

The method is easy! Get the ingredients ready and blend! But today, we will deal with the smallest details of the process so that your margarita is just like the restaurants.

Let us check the easy steps to make your summer cooler!

How to Make a Frozen Margarita with Mix

Step by Step Process How to Make a Frozen Margarita with Mix

Margarita is a piece of heaven when you are tanned! May your margarita be fresh and you be energetic! Have a look at the easy tricks to make it!

Step 1: Collecting the Ingredients

First of all, you have to start collecting the ingredients you need for making a frozen margarita with a mix. Here is a list of ingredients in perfect condition so that you can make a better margarita for yourself this morning! Let us learn about the details of the ingredients.

The Machine

best frozen margarita machine
Frozen Margarita Machine

Yes, it is always better to prepare your margarita in a machine that is specially designed for margaritas. So, first of all, get the best-frozen margarita machine from the market. You can also pick up a blender in this case if you do not want to invest in a margarita machine. In most cases, the margarita machines are highly powerful. As a result, they can blend the tough ice in a better way than the blenders.

However, if you plan to settle for a blender, you have to search for a sturdy and powerful blender. If your blender is not powerful, the margarita will be chunky. The blades of the blenders are seen broken while blending the ice! The blenders that are suitable for making ice-frozen fruits or smoothies, you can pick up that one for this case.


How to make a frozen margarita with a mix but without ice? NO! You can’t make it! Yes, ice is the reason you are calling it FROZEN! The next thing you will need for making the frozen margarita is ice cubes. You can use any sort of ice you get! Take some ice from your freezer. Also, ice tray ice will work for this. If you don’t have ice in your home, you can go to the grocery store and get some ice!

But we recommend you settle for pre-crushed ice. If you want to get a perfect consistency, you can rely on the pre-crushed ice as these are the best for making a smooth thick margarita. On the other hand, if you pick up a blender for the procedure, the best thing is to get some pre-crushed ice because the blender can easily blend the ice this way!

Lime Juice

Yes, margarita can be made with so much stuff but almost 90% of people prefer the standard lime margarita! So, get some lime juice as soon as you can! We suggest the readers get a fresh margarita so that you can make a better glass of frozen margarita. However, if you do not find it, settle for the store-bought bottled lime juice; it will surely do the job for you!


Another necessary ingredient for making frozen margaritas is tequila. Any good quality tequila will improve the taste of your margarita, so choose wisely!


People mostly like to add some syrup to their frozen juice. Orange liqueur is an amazing option for this. It is enough to add sweetness. However, if you don’t feel satisfied, for extra sugar, you can add simple syrup. This step is completely optional!

Additional Ingredients

Go for kosher salt if you can. Adding the sea salt will work too! Lime wedges will help you garnish the glass!

Step 2: The Blending

Once you have made the right choice of the ingredients, you are ready to blend the whole thing! Hold the juice blender or the margarita machine in your hand and start adding the ingredients.

First of all, you have to add some ice along with the tequila. Then, add the lime juice with it and start blending. Don’t forget the simple syrup if you are up for it. Keep blending the ingredients until you see that the drink is smooth.

However, do not keep it inside the blender for a long period. Certify that the margarita is icy. Check the margarita and check the thickness. If you want to add thickness, you have to add more ice to the juice and start the blending process again. If you want to make it think, adding a bit of water to the mix will work.

Step 3: The Rimming

First of all, you have to get your hands on the salt and start pouring the salt onto your plate. Here, make sure that the layer of salt is even. After pouring the even layer of salt, you have to emphasize the lime wedge. This is an optional step. But if you want to enjoy the beach like a frozen margarita in this tough sun, you can garnish the juice deliciously.

Now, take the glass where you are going to serve the margarita. All you have to do is wet the rim of the glass. Take lime juice for wetting that portion. The lime juice will be the adhesive for adding salt to the glass. After wetting it, you have to take the glass upside down and dip the glass into the salt you had prepared beforehand.

In some cases, people like to keep the salt on the outer portion of the glass and not the inner part. In that case, dipping it will be unnecessary. You have to roll the glass on the slat, keeping a 45-degree angle in this situation. Once you see that the salt is added to the whole rim of the glass, you are done!

Step 4: Pouring the Margarita

Yes, you are almost done! All you have to do now is pour the margarita from the machine directly into the glass. Get the glasses and prepare them, just as we have mentioned above. Now, pour the drink into the glass.

Sometimes, people like to serve frozen margarita in another pot so that they can serve them when they needs it. If this is the case, serve it in a larger pot and also serve the decorated glasses. Pour it inside the glass and enjoy your favorite drink!

Wrap Up

Making a frozen margarita with a mix is not so tough, right? All you have to do is get the ingredients ready. As the process is easy, you have to make sure that take an intensive look while you are picking up the ingredients.

Also, don’t forget to make sure that the blending is perfect and not too thin. Nobody likes a thin margarita! Check out our sites for more amazing recipes for everyday!