How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank?

Dissolve the toilet paper is one of the crucial things to do for every homeowner. Toilet paper solidification can cause several complicated issues for the septic tank as well as your toilet.

It could cause toilet jamming, blockage, clogging, and various types of issues. Most of the toilet paper comes with easily dissolved features, which are pretty comfier to disband.

But myriad types of cheap toilet paper don’t disperse utterly and perfectly.

Sometimes it affects the toilet drainage system and sometimes it affects the whole septic tank. In this case, I think you should know accurately how to dissolve toilet paper in a septic tank appropriately.

Let me explain more about dissolving toilet paper and other essential questions about it.

Step to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank?

Before starting this article, I talked with numerous toilet paper manufacturers and experts. Opportunely, they suggested to me some of the easy steps for dissolving toilet paper in a septic tank.

Not only have these septic tank issues in your home but over 96% of people faced this trouble with their septic tank.

Don’t worry, because you’re in the right individual place to learn how to dissolve toilet paper in a septic tank conveniently.

Particularly, I’m going to divide the whole process into small steps, so you can understand and apply it effortlessly. Here’s everything you should know about it;

Step 1:

Arrange some accessories like a stick, safety gear, eye and mouth protectors, and paper dissolver. These are the neediest accessories that are most usable while dissolving toilet paper.

Because of septic tank is unhygienic and full of toxic gas, that’s why safety gear is most important in this case.

Did you ever hear about paper dissolver? It’s a paper-vanishing formula that could be either a powder or liquid formula. Therefore, try to gather these accessories before starting toilet paper dissolving.

Step 2:

Open the septic tank lid, but before you touch, it make sure you wear hand gloves. Take the stick or hoe or extirpator. Now start stirring the whole dirt and find out the toilet paper from it.

But be careful while stirring because there have huge chance of falling right on the septic tank, which will be unfortunately worse for you.

Step 3:

As I recommend to you before about dissolver, it’s the only way to dissolve the congeal toilet paper from toilet drains and septic tanks. After gathering the toilet paper, sprinkle the dissolved powder or liquid right on those papers.

Step 4:

Do the same process all over the septic tank (If possible). For instance, dissolves will dissolve other unnecessary objects too.

Step 5:

If you aren’t comfortable with dissolver, then you will have only one alternate option. The only way you can dissolve it is by taking it out from the septic tank. For this process, it will be better for you if you get support from an expert septic tank cleaner.

Which Toilet Paper is Dissolving Toilet Paper?

Dissolving toilet paper has huge impressive demands all over the world. Because of their efficient and rapid dissolving specifications, these papers take only 1 minute to dissolve adequately.

The top and renowned toilet brands are Scott, Tushy, Freedom Living, Fire Belly, Thetford, and Thetford. These 5 are the most spectacular brands for easily disposable toilet paper. Assuredly, these toilet papers will be beneficial and worthwhile for you.

Is There Any Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Of course, there are myriad types of bamboo toilet paper. Organically, Tushy branded toilet paper is made from bamboo.

The manufacturers of Tushy paper process the bamboo fiber uniquely and that paper is eco-friendly. It is renowned for biodegradable, plastic-free, and eco-friendly toilet paper.

Why Is Toilet Paper Easily Dissolved?

As a matter of fact, toilet paper is normally made of trees and trees are an eco-friendly object. Like other paper which dissolved quickly, toilet paper dissolved more rapidly than ordinary paper.

The reason is; that toilet paper comes as thin as hair that’s why water dissolves them promptly. You don’t have to disappear them additionally, because they can’t endure water. As a result, they can’t even last for 10-15 seconds after touching water.

Final Verdict

Overall, we had a huge informative conversation about how to dissolve toilet paper for a septic tank. I hope this step-by-step method will help you to understand the process of dissolving hard toilet paper. For now, thank you so much for spending your amazing time with us.

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