Bath Tissue Vs Toilet Paper – What is the Difference?

Many people think that bathroom tissues and toilet papers are the same. The thing they are right about is their disposal after one use. Now we can briefly discuss the bath tissue vs. toilet paper.

It is very important to understand their differences so that you can make the right use of them. From colors to functions, types, material impregnations, and stability of the material, there are a lot of differences.

They are simple and easy to learn, but the information will make their use better for you.

Bath Tissue Vs Toilet Paper:

bathroom tissue or toilet paper

Bathroom tissues and toilet tissues are different products. The main bath tissue and toilet paper difference are that the former is soft and the latter is hard.

There are so many other differences as well that all of us need to know before starting their use. Here we will share all of them in detail.

Color and Design

The bathroom tissues come in different colors while toilet paper has just one color in every type of range. Even you can find different designs in bathroom tissues, but toilet tissues are only in white or cream color.

Their use is very simple and you dispose of them in the flush after use. This might be the reason why their design is not given due importance.

Also, you place them in the corner right beside the flush area. This makes them even less desirable for design.

For bathroom tissues, there are a variety of things done to make them look pretty. For instance, dyes are in common use these days. This is done to ensure color coordination between everything present in the bathroom.

Many manufacturing companies also give them particular names like aloe vera perfumed bathroom tissues, etc. So, additional materials are present in such tissues to give benefits to users.

Different Types

The bath tissue and toilet paper is very obvious. There are different types of toilet paper that are different from the types of bathroom tissues.

The bathroom tissue types are mainly made with a material that is virgin paper or recyclable material. As far as virgin paper is concerned, its material is wood pulp.

However, if it is made with recyclable material, that requires different papers that were previously underused. The bathroom tissues made with this material can be made by using half the amount of energy. It is different in such a way that they are not soft and are of low-grade quality.

The toilet paper is also of different types. They have a whole range that varies in softness. You can buy the harsh ones for industrial and prison use to the luxurious soft ones.

They even contain lotion and soft waxes to give a nice scent and comfortable feel to the user. Their prices also vary according to the type.

The manufacturing company also decides the price of toilet paper. This is because different companies use different additional things to make toilet paper perfect for use.

Function or Uses

tissue vs toilet paper cost

Both bathroom tissues and toilet paper have household functions, but their use is possible in different areas.

Toilet papers, as we all know, are in the toilet for cleaning urine and poop. Their material is such that it helps in cleaning those areas without leaving any residues.

However, bathroom tissues have sophisticated use. You can use them to face to dry after washing. Also, some people make use of them for dabbing on the body to get rid of water after a bath.

They use it instead of a towel because the chances of germ transfer are negligible in the case of bathroom tissue.

Scent Impregnation

In toilet tissues, there is no impregnation of any type of material. Even if you think of a scent that adds a nice smell to it, there is no such concept in these tissues.

The focus of these tissues is their easy dissolving powder in the water. This is to ensure that they could easily pass through the sewerage system. Thus, do not cause any plumbing issues for you.

However, in the case of bathroom tissue, the focus is also on the scents and design rather than just the material. They have the impregnation of lotions that have nice scents or perfumes that give a nice smell.

One thing that is taken care of in all of this is that the scents or perfumes do not harm the skin of use. This is why you should always buy from a credible manufacturing company rather than any local one.

Chemical Binder

We know that facial or bathroom tissues have chemical binders in their material. This is to ensure that they retain their shape and structure until you swipe them on the face.

They should not dissolve in water immediately because this is not desirable. It should take time so that you can clean the face properly.

However, in toilet paper, there is n chemical binder in the material. Rather, it is made sure that they do not contain any such material.

They have to dissolve completely in water within 4 to 5 minutes. This ensures their safe entry and disposal from the sewerage system.


Many people do not know what exactly bath tissue and toilet paper difference is . They usually consider them the same.

Even some people use the same name for each one of them when they go to buy them in the market. It is a wrong practice, and one should know the basic difference between the two.

Only if you understand that they are different from each other you will be able to buy the right product for the right purpose.

We are sure that this information is of great help to you in this regard, and you will never confuse them ever again.