Easy Guide on Cutting Square Glass Bottles

Glass is made of sand, a natural resource, and thus, they are recyclable. Glass can be melted and turned into different objects with different shapes and functions.

But, instead of dumping glass bottles in the bin when you’re done with the contents, you can find out how to cut Square glass bottles at home.

Square glass bottles like a Jack Daniels bottle are just as easy to cut as any other bottle shape. They are also commonly used by manufacturers because they are easy to stack directly next to each other to save space, thereby allowing for more compact and efficient storage.

Also, they stand out and are great for transportation reasons because they don’t roll around like round bottles, as others might.

Materials and Tools to Cut Square Glass Bottles

  • Glass bottle.
  • Hot and cold water
  • Candle and ice blocks.
  • String and acetone.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Dremel wheel, rotatory cutter, glass bottle cutter.

How to Cut Square Glass Bottles

How to Cut Square Glass Bottles

There are five ways to cut square glass bottles. But before we proceed with the methods, you should understand that there are three unique steps in cutting square bottles.

The first involves creating score lines on the bottle. The second step is when you actually separate the bottle. And, the last step is sanding the glass bottle to give it a neat finish.

Scoring The Square Glass Bottle

how to cut a glass bottle without breaking it

To create score lines, you need steady hands when using the regular slim hand-held glass cutter. You have to hold the bottle down while you cut by turning the bottle around against the glass cutter.

You can simply use a more advanced glass bottle cutter like an Ephrem bottle cutter with an adjustable frame or Dremel wheel.

You’ll place the glass on it and turn until you hear a crunching sound. Now, these are five methods you can learn and adapt if you want to know how to cut a square glass bottle easily: Soldering iron, hot water, string, oil and water, and candle and ice.

Cutting The Square Glass Bottle:

Soldering iron

  • Fill the glass bottle with water to the level you want to cut. Follow the line with a marker. Then, pour out the water.
  • Use any glass cutter to cut around. Do not apply too much pressure so the bottle won’t break in your hand.
  • Using the soldering iron tip, heat the scoreline in one position for 8-10 seconds before moving to another area close to the first one.
  • Repeat all through along the scoreline. Once the crack starts, follow the crack with the soldering iron. Then you can separate the two parts of the glass bottle.

Note: This is stressful and time-consuming. This technique works with any shape of a glass bottle.

 Hot water

how to cut a glass bottle without breaking it

  • Make a single neat line around the bottle with a glass cutter. A single line is important to avoid multiple splitting.
  • Prepare your hot water and pour it on the bottle, turning it around and focusing on the scoreline. Ensure you heat the glass bottle as evenly as possible on all sides.
  • Dip the bottle inside a basin of cold water. The glass bottle should separate at the scoreline.

Note: You can repeat the process if a part of the bottle didn’t come off with the top or chip away the remaining piece of glass attached to the scoreline.

This might be because you had made multiple lines with the glass cutter, or the bottle itself could have invisible mini lines that could change the direction of the split not letting it cut evenly.


  • Wrap a string 5 to 6 times around the bottle.
  • Tie the string and then cut off any loose ends.
  • Remove the string and soak it in alcohol or acetone.
  • Slide the soaked string back into the bottle to the point you want to cut the glass bottle.
  • Light up the string in flames and spin the bottle, giving it time to heat the bottle on all sides adequately.
  • Place the glass bottle in cold water. There should be a separation at the point where you tied the string.

Oil and water

  • Pour water into the glass to the level you want to cut and place it in a metal basin.
  • Then, you pour water into the basin up to the same level of water in the bottle.
  • Put oil into the water in the metal basin until the water’s entire surface in the basin is covered by oil.
  • Next, heat a metal blade right until it turns red.
  • Dip the blade into the water and oil mix in the basin.
  • You will hear a crack, and your bottle has split successfully.

Note: Heat is transferred from the blade to oil very fast. The oil gets hot, and since the water is cold. It causes an expansion that causes the glass bottle to crack at the water level in the glass bottle.

 Candle and Ice

  • Heat the glass bottle on the flames of a lit candle. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a candle, though, if you can find another source of the fire.
  • After heating the glass bottle evenly, cool it with ice.
  • Repeat until the bottle splits into two pieces.

Note: The idea behind this method and other methods involving heat is to allow physics (thermal stress) to do the work of cutting the bottle for you.

Sanding The Square Glass Bottle

Now that you’ve known how to cut square bottles, you should know that sanding the final product of the separation is also important.

No matter how smooth the bottle’s edge looks, there is still a need to sand it. Place the rugged surface on sandpaper to smoothen the edge.

Wet sand it with 60-grit sandpaper, and you can use 280-grit sandpaper to finish it. The final result would have no sharp edges and have a glossy surface.

Note: You can use a square glass bottle for many purposes. Its shape is appealing, and it can make a nice container for your tools, and pencils. It can also serve as a flower vase, a candleholder, or even as a big drinking cup.


Cutting glass can be a fun process that also serves as a stress reliever, but make sure you keep your kids away before you start. Some glass bottles are fragile and easy to break.

Others aren’t. Knowing the different methods on how to cut a square glass bottle will help you decide which one to go for which will save you stress and time irrespective of the thickness of the square glass bottle.

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