10 Tips about Your Eames Chair Cushion

They made the Eames Lounge Chair with comfort and elegance in mind. Eames Chair Cushion is also 90% better when it comes to its ergonomic design to suit body types of the general population, taking into consideration different body sizes and heights.

Hence, their chair was manufactured to offer comfort and luxury to whoever uses it.

They produced it way back in 1956 and are still in continuous production up to this day. There has been replication made, but it does not reach the high standards that they know an Eames Chair for.

There are also various tips on how to care for your Eames Chair from caring for the leather, metal, and wood.

The cushion on the other hand also needs cleaning and some maintenance as it’s the part of the chair that bears the weight of those who sit on it, the cushion can stand the test of time as it makes it not only comfortable but durable.

What are the Benefits of a Leather Eames Chair cushion?

10 Tips about Your Eames Chair Cushion

  • Long-lasting. If you invested in one of the more beautiful lounge chairs and got one that has a leather cushion, this by far is a wise investment for you (30 to 40% more expensive than an ordinary lounge chair in the market). Leather has a natural patina that as it ages becomes more beautiful.
  • It is something that you will enjoy for a long time. It is also a better option compared to fabric because of the classy and elegant look it adds to your home.
  • No temperature issues. Some people think leather is hot on the body. That it somehow absorbs heat when it’s summer and absorbs cold in winter. But that is not the case, as leather warms your body during winter and during summer, authentic leather stays cool. Having it out in the sun is another thing, though.
  • Easy to maintain. Because of its usual durability, the leather is easy to clean and needs some wiping off of dust from time to time. It doesn’t need too much maintenance, such as brushing, scrubbing, or such. As with any chair, any spills or food spillage should be cleaned soonest time it happens for hygienic reasons.
  • They make it to be durable. It can stand the test of time. Leather is a durable material used for different chairs, and with an Eames Chair, you are sure of the quality of this product. It is another matter though if your pet chewed on the leather cushion, but as it is, you can enjoy it for a long time.
  • It adds elegance and sophistication to your home. Having an Eames Chair gives not only you an excellent investment but also gives your home the needed character.

Having a classy chair as a focal decor in your home adds a much-needed character. The leather quality of the cushion is something that you and your family can enjoy while relaxing or having a fun night of simple conversation.

So how do we take care of the Chair Cushion? There are some tips available to help you in caring for the chair’s cushion. It is easy to follow and will not take too much of your time to perform. Read on.

10 Tips about Your Eames Chair Cushion

Dust it

If you have a portable vacuum that you can use, that is also better for removing the dust on the crevices and angle of your chair. If you only have a soft upholstery brush, that can also do the task.

Then that is fine too. You can check especially the corners as dirt and build-up usually stick to these areas.

Use a mild liquid soap

If you have an organic dishwashing soap, this should be better than the harsh soap available in the marketplace. You can mix one part of this soap with one part of water and then moisten a soft, clean cloth with the soap solution.

Wipe the surface of the leather cushion of your chair with it. Make sure you clean every corner and dry the cushion with another clean cloth after. Make sure you are using a clean cloth to dry the cushion as the dirty cloth will leave dirt on the chair after.

Air dry

It is best if you have your Eames Chair air-dried before you sit on it. Otherwise, the moist will stay in the crevices of the cushion. You may also put it near a window for a few hours to let it dry by itself.

You can also get a fan to air the cushion, you can aim the electric fan on the chair for an hour or more.

Wipe off stains as soon as you see them

Any spots or spills should be wiped off immediately so they will not stick to the cushion. Sometimes these spills will harden, and you will have a hard time removing them afterward.

It is the same with any water spills since it also needs to be dried off. If in case you are having difficulty removing stains on your cushion, you can get the help of a professional cleaning service because they have the best materials for the job and will make the removal of hard stains faster.

Wipe with leather solution

Sometimes chairs absorb the sweat and smell of those who sit on them so you should also know such and do the cleaning to remove off smell from your cushion.

There is an available cleaning solution for leather cushions in the market. They can do the job of removing stains and removing the unpleasant smell efficiently.

Some users buy a covering for their Eames Chair, but this will just cover the beauty of your chair and just negate the reason you buy a beautiful and expensive chair in the first place.

Check for any

Wear and tear on your cushion. Even if the Eames Chair is made to be durable and has a history of longevity, also check parts of the chair, most especially the cushion for any wear and tear, sometimes you will see a tear or two.

We can also see some wearing on a leather cushion, always inspect each part so the earlier you fix it, the lesser the damage will be, and the faster you can do something about it. If the tearing is bigger than expected, you may need to call a professional to repair it.

Do not use any solution with harsh chemicals on your seat cushion

Some users think using Clorox wipes to clean the leather cushion will disinfect the chair at the same time. But this is not the case because using harsh chemicals can do some damage to your cushion.

Frequent use of these harsh chemicals can make your leather cushion brittle in the long run. It is not also advisable to clean your chair with a solution containing pine oil or lacquer thinners, as these cleaners can cause discoloration.

Do not clean your Eames Chair by spraying water on it.

It is by far the most damaging thing you can do to your expensive chair. If you feel that simple dusting and vacuuming do not do the job of cleaning it, leaving it soaked in water is also not the solution.

The next thing you can do is to get a clean cloth put on some mild soap solution and wipe the dirt that you see clinging to your chair.

Spraying it with water and putting on some cleaning solution may be the fastest way to damage your Eames Chair replica. Do not leave your chair with any water pooling on it.

Do not put it in the sunlight.

It is not advised in any way for you to leave your chair to dry out in the sun. It will do irreversible damage not only to the finish but also to the chair cushion.

If you also had its place where there is direct sunlight, you may need to move it to different spots now and then.

You may also place your chair where there are blinds to protect it. Sunlight can fade dyed leather in 4 to 6 months. It will dry up the cushion and lead to cracking.

Do not overclean

This also happens to some owners thinking that cleaning it as much as they like will prolong the life of their prize chair, but that is not the case.

The prime quality chair means you don’t need to wipe it often with a cleaning solution or damp cloth to remove dirt and such. You can dust it from time to time, yes, but you can not do it daily or as much as you feel like cleaning it.


Yes, you need to take care of your Eames Chair cushion, but it also applies to the whole Eames Chair. We should also apply care and maintenance to it.

The legs and base of the chair also need cleaning, such as the wood needs dirt removal, and the aluminum also needs to be shined once in a while.

There is also checking the screws and parts of the chair to ensure that it is all in its proper order. As we know, sometimes screws loosen, and this may keep your chair from working as well as it should.

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